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Now is not the right time for me to be caged

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Joshers2005, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Hello, I am here to announce some breaking news that may be good or bad:

    I have made the proper decision to leave the world of chastity and no longer be caged until I find a spouse or significant other to hold my key. No matter how long I am locked up, I still have the temptation to madturbate and grab the key, even if it is hidden in a safe with a unique password. I also expected my penis to stay fully supported to the end bars which is never happening no matter how much I adjust the device. The true reason for this is because my base ring size is never correct on less I get a 38 mm ring which is only available if I go custom and spend $200. Yes, everybody is here to tell me that the higher price will be worth it in every way. Sadly, I tell you that unless I find a spouse that also is enthusiastic about going custom which is highly impossible, I am not going to spend that much money.

    On top of that, I thought that there would be no pain in anyway and full comfort. I cannot handle that much pain that a knock-off device is giving me... you get what you pay for.

    I bid you a good farewell on your future journeys and I wish you the best of luck. I will be deleting my account later this week.


  2. I'm sorry that your frustrated and unhappy. Going it along must not be easy. I just hope you find happiness in your life no matter what. Life is to short to be unhappy. All the Best
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  3. Thanks for the support that you have given me. Even though I am leaving the site and ending my journey, I am not throwing out my cage & belt. I will still be wearing it once and a while and maybe my penis will act better and not slip off the end bars. Like I said, I am not deletibg the account today as things might go better soon.
  4. But if things do not go better soon in the next couple of days, I will be deleting the account.
  5. I don't know you but hope you reconsider deleting your account
    I know it's hard to go alone as I'm doing it too
    The thing is that if everything were easy well that's bs
    So I'll just said good luck in finding that perfect partner. I have hope for both of us

  6. Thank you for your help and I may reconsider it but probably not.

    It is only this week that I officially discovered my actual answer of why I have been having all of these issues, thanks to the help of many other members here and pieces of the puzzle finally coming together:

    I actually have a 50mm Base Ring that is too large (as I need the belt for it to stay and the penis leaves the end bars when I sit) and I have an another 45mm Base Ring that is too small (my second testicle aches in order for me to force it through, I have only 6mm of extra space to pinch and squeeze my penis through with or without lube, and when it is on, it hurts like hell as the pressure eventually effects off my blood circulation when erect). There is no 48mm Base Ring, and the basement is the most important part when it comes to measurements. 3mm can make a big difference in my experience with everything.

    Therefore, I am in a dead end and it is game over unless I go custom. It is also the reason why I'm constantly fiddling and why I might just quit in general.
  7. I just want to let you all know that I trashed every cage I spent and I cannot take it anymore. I am done. Sorry to say this, but...

    I was not meant to be caged.

    I have NO self-control and NO will-power. Before I take another step, I need to spend a lot of time strengthen my mind, will-power, and self-control, which is one of the most important parts of chastity. I don't mean to sound negative, but it is the truth. Therefore, I bid you a great farewell and wish you the best of luck.
  8. Nothing is impossible. I married a virgin when I was into BDSM. She was new to sex so not into BDSM. Long story short, she discovered that she is bisexual, moved her girlfriend into our life for 30 years where we did almost every fetish in the book. We got into chastity 5 years ago and here I am 66 with a few thousand threesomes and many S&M sessions under my belt. If you asked me if this was possible with a virgin wife, I would have said no way.

    However I understand your frustration. I try to alert new members with fantasies of self locking. It just is not the same without someone you love holding the keys. I could not imagine why I would deny myself orgasms. They feel great and are free. I do so now because it makes my wife happy or else I would be spanking the monkey every day and twice on Saturdays. :)

    One word of advice that ends many a marriage or leads to cheating. Do not marry the first girl who has sex with you regularly. Try to find a woman who is sexually adventurous. She might not be into any fetish but as long as she is willing to try, that is half the battle. As a fetishist all of my adult and most of my teen years, if my wife was not willing to try things, I would be one of the millions of husbands living their sex lives online and have a sad real sex life due to a wife who is not willing to try new things.
  9. What an interesting story and thanks for the advice. You did bring up something very important that I never truly thought about, which is the dangers of self locking. Yes, it is so much harder when you do not have somebody else in person to help you out. There is no true accountability, which partially explains why my journey in chastity has been going down hill from the start. I now think to myself: "what the use of chastity is there if it provides me almost no support for my needs?". I might as well wear the cage with no key at all.

    Honestly, I started creating my own homemade chastity device for continuing wet dreams without the urethra being blocked by my sheets. No matter what, the home-made devices was a piece of junk and a waste of money. Now I see that knock-off cages are just as similar in my experience; even the best knock-off cage for me with almost no pain did not do the trick as I still woke up with my urethra being blocked by the end-bars. I was thinking about trying to lock a masturbation sleeve to a base-ring, but that will not work as I will be spanking my monkey each morning with it. Anyways, it is game over for me and I should have listed to you in the first placed as you are right. I also wanted to mention that when I do leave this site, there is a chance that I never come back as there but like you said, nothing is impossible. One thing for sure is, I am glad I am stopping it before it becomes a fetish as my body never truly adjusted to a device/cage yet.
  10. Okay,

    I has been one week {7 days} since I officially quit chastity. Here is the scoop. I am no longer frustrated about having the wrong device and the worries about never getting a good device are gone. I am a bit shocked as I expected more of a cold-turkey challenge: my genitals missing the sensation of being locked and the urge to want to wear another device at times. No urges pertaining to the world of chastity for me. Matter of fact, I don't even think about male chastity anymore as my focus is on others things such as work and school.

    The only issue I now notice is that quitting chastity brought back non-stop masturbation. I am now spanking my monkey more than normal as I get the urge to masturbate each day and night. I am hoping this goes away and I spank my monkey once a week like I used to, but the urge is so strong and my will-power is so week. Even though I still masturbated during my 6 month journey in steel cages, I feel that having no cage at all is a culprit of these urges. Does that seem right?
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