New Life (ch 1)

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    A New Life (chap 1)
    Carla and Ulrich's Story!
    A Bolus College Story!

    (I put this story after consideration into midnightx instead of sissytrain because it's a sequel to all the other Bolus College interracial books but it does have a lot of the usual chastity and femdom and sissytraining)

    The mid thirties blonde and her husband
    of the same age walked from the diner on route 1
    near Springfield accompanied by their two teen children,
    Wulf and Elsa, to their SUV.

    Ilsa took her hand, brushing his side with her big
    breasts and smiled and kissed his cheek. They had been
    separated for six months and this weekend was an attempt
    at reconciliation.

    "It was so nice of you to make this effort honey! The
    kids miss you around as much as I do!" He was about to say he
    really didn't have much choice since the court hearing but
    decided not to spoil the day.

    He sighed, the slim blonde man so much like his teenage
    son, and his luscious daughter so much like his wife; he did miss
    them as much as he missed his wife, but, so much history
    had happened also. It was Saturday and they had taken a
    a hike at a local park and stopped at a diner on the way
    back home, actually, his wife and kids' home. He rented
    a room at the Farm Coop building where he worked out of the
    city for the last 6 months.

    Wulf and Elsa looked at each other in the back seat
    and rolled their eyes. It had been very difficult to lose
    their father, but also a relief because of all the tension
    in their small house for so long. And now with the economy
    so bad, and the new dynamics of the family structure, plus
    the court ordered reconciliation trial before they could
    divorce, they agreed to meet for a weekend.

    Some young white couples invited to Springfield don't quite
    make the probation period together and the Lindstrom family
    began to fall apart as his lovely wife got involved with a
    black man who worked at the all black sports powerhouse college,
    Bolus University.

    Carla sat a little closer to Ulrich, biting her lip,
    wondering what to say as he drove them to their home and remembered
    chatting to a newcomer friend last week about her concerns
    about the possible reconciliation this weekend.

    Jan worked as a customer service officer in Springfield's
    only bank, and with her husband Terry had just passed probation
    and were now a settled couple in Springfield, something Carla
    and Ulrich thought would happen to them 6 years ago when they too
    came here for a much needed job.

    The two women had sat at the local counter in a coffee shop
    during lunch break.

    "Congratulations, honey, on your badge! And I saw your
    cute hubby come in the other day to the pharmacy and I would
    never have recognized him, or her I should say!"

    "Thank you, you know Laura thinks I might be jealous because
    she said he was cuter than I am!" Her husband had just had
    some cosmetic surgery and had a nice pair of 36 dcups among
    other things and now dressed full time as a female; and at home
    served as her, or actually, her and her blackbulls' maid!
    Carla knew all this and was so jealous and envious, and
    looking sideways at her husband, his silence and his set
    jaw in his equally pretty face, wondered if that would ever
    happen for her family.

    "I must admit even Terry is amazed how cute he turned out!
    And the dates he's getting asked to go on when we go to a Bolus
    game! It's like having a little sister come of age with all
    the makeup and boy advice, soo strange! But of course, all the
    white couples were screened for their psychological and physical
    appearance before a job offer to come to Springfield.

    Jan paused, "how's it going with Ulrich?"

    Carla pursed her lips, "Well, blended families are always
    difficult, I know. It's been hard for him, and hard on the
    kids, as well as me. I wish I had taken Sally's advice on
    dating more than one man when I came here, but Tyrone and I
    just, well, just hit it off during our third month here.
    Ulrich was doing fine until that. I think if I had dated
    other black men, he could have handled that. Plus of course,
    Ulrich was divorced with two boys, a little older than my kids,
    and that was another thing to adjust to.

    "I know, there can only be one man of the house!"

    "Precisely, even Sally's husband, sissymaid,(giggle), well
    he's the man of the house when no black bull is there!"

    "Whenever that is," Jan joked.

    "I know, not often, but enough so he doesn't have to have
    a black man with two big black sons over him all the time!"

    "Hmmmm, sounds delicious to me though!" she smiled.

    Carla smiled back, "it is! But I feel sorry for Wulf
    because his transition period when he came of age would have
    been easier if he had witnessed his father accept the new
    situation. I talked with Ulrich about that and he agrees that
    if I had two lovers he might have handled it better. Submitting
    to the BLACK MAN is easier than submitting to an individual black
    man as they say, for a white boy I guess!"

    "I think you might be right! But of course we don't have
    any kids so I can only imagine how teen children would react if
    they saw me and my husband double date with black men, both of us
    looking like women!"

    "Oh, that sounds soo nice though, I do envy you!"

    "Well, you have two lovely children that we don't, at least
    not yet, and I hear they are also very well adjusted to the Bolus boys!"

    Carla nodded, muching her biscotti, "Elsa more than Wulf, but I
    think he will be just fine!"

    "So, what are your plans for the weekend?"

    "Well, first, Ullie has agreed to be in chastity for the
    last two weeks as per the court ordered reconciliation program
    we agreed on, reluctantly I may say, but," she smiled, "that should
    help start things along, because know Ullie will be pretty darn

    "OOoh, good idea! It certainly helped with my Terry!"

    "Tyrone and the boys have agreed to move out on Saturday and
    if things go well, we'll meet them later at Sally's beach party!
    She said there will be other blended families there too!"

    "Really, wer'e going too! I mean Terry and me, plus my two masters
    of course!"

    "Nice, and your husband will be in drag?"

    "Of course, (giggle) he has to, he's got big boobs now, he'd look
    silly in mens clothes!"

    "Right! Of course, well, I'm hoping Ullie agrees to go with us
    too, I don't know if I can get him in a maid costume but I'll try!"


    Carla could tell riding with her hubby how horney he was already,
    and he knew the kids did too, but said nothing.

    "The lawn needs mowing," was all he said as he pulled up in front
    of the home he left tearfully and angrily six months ago, the emotions
    flooding him and the rest of the family.

    "I'm sorry dad," Wulf apologized. "Wev'e had a lot of rain!"

    Saturday afternoon, Ullie was looking around the bedroom
    for signs of his wife's lover but she had been pretty careful about
    removing all the evidence, but still he knew that whatever happened
    this weekend he and his two big strapping sons would be moving
    back in. He could feel the huge presence of them anyway.

    Carla was brushing her hair in the mirror, looking out of the
    corner of her eye at him snooping around. He was also taking
    looks at her cleavage in her scanty bra and panties.

    "Um, honey, " he finally had to ask, "Where does everyone sleep?
    I mean it only has three bedrooms, I mean when, you know, they
    come back!"

    She frowned first and then put up a smile. "There's been some
    changes, dear! Jamahl and Deon stay in the other bedroom."

    He looked at her, still not comprehending.

    "And we made over the little studio into Ilsa's bedroom
    so she has her own room now, because after all she's a grown woman!"

    "She's just a child!"

    "well, in Obean culture, she's old enough!" He was silent about

    "So where does Wulf sleep?"

    "Well, he sleeps on the couch on the porch usually. And of course
    Tyrone, well," she smiled, nodding at the bed, their bed, and he blushed,
    but also got hard, thinking of his gorgeous wife and her huge black
    lover in their old bed.

    "Oh, I see, but it's still not much space!"

    She turned around and smiled.

    "I know, but Tyrone and I have some plans, he's very good at
    remodelling, but we wanted to wait until, well, to see if your'e agreeable!"

    "You mean the job? The one I'm being forced to take to stay out of jail!"

    "Well, honey, your'e months behind in child support!"

    "They cut all my hours back, I can't help that! I told you and I told
    the judge!"

    "I know," she said sympathetically, taking his hand, "the economy is
    awful!" she lied. White males who accept Obeah rule in Springfield always
    manage to get work and a place to live. Those who don't are eventually
    forced to leave, they both knew that but she felt she had to keep up
    the pretense.

    "But Tyrone and I worked it out with the judge, I mean this is the
    only position we can offer. And we do need a housekeeper!"

    He groaned, "Oooh, but, it's sooo....!"

    "But, dear, at Sally's party tonight, you'll see how common it is
    and how it works so well. There's no shame in it. Many white households
    have a Black man at the head. Wulf and Ilsa have adjusted, and of course
    myself!" He groaned, that was a cheap shot, because his wife was the one
    who brought Tyrone and his sons into taking his place!

    "Look, honey," she said, sitting down with him on the edge of
    the bed, "you remember when you were excited by the idea, being my
    maid, helping me get ready for my dates?" He groaned, because it was

    "But now, well, it's like a fantasy come true in a lot of ways,
    and everyone is going out of their way to help you adjust. The men
    have moved out for the weekend, the children so want you to stay as much
    as I do! Sally's party is a perfect neutral place to practice and
    get used to the idea, plus you meet other white men, like we used
    to a year ago!" That was when his wife was doing her affairs outside
    the house and he waited for her return to eagerly clean her pussy with
    his tongue. Those were good days, but the pretending to be her
    sissymaid, and pretending to still be the father and man of the house
    all crashed down when his wife began bringing her lover and then his
    black sons over, first to use the pool, and then to stay over,
    and they began to take his place in front of his kids.

    She knew what he was thinking, as she pursed her full lips.

    "Look," she smiled, "why don't you help me get ready for the
    party tonight, help me and I will help you, we'll chose our outfits!
    We should anyway, the kids are already getting ready!"

    He groaned, "Oh, nothing too, well....!"

    "You can help choose," she promised, and he gaped as she slipped off
    her top, her still firm big breasts swaying, revealing of course the
    Queen of Spades medallion. He remained on the bed watching her choose
    some clothing, her luscious curves, making his chastity belted hardon
    hurt. She was dressing herself in her latest outfit, that Tyrone loved.

    "Um, is Tyrone and his boys coming over to pick um, us, up?"

    "No dear, " she smiled over her shoulder as his breath sucked in at
    the sight of her gorgeous curves, "they'll meet us there later, we thought
    it would make it easier for you!"

    'Meet us there,' he thought, 'and meet us back here afterwards,
    himself now in a sissymaid role!'

    "Who else is coming?"

    "Oh, everyone! Some African Rugby team visiting Bolus, big black Zulus
    I hear! My friends from work, you remember Jan and Terry, and lot of our
    old friends!" She giggled, "you might not remember Terry!"

    Standing in front of him, he winced as his cock tried to stand up,
    his balls now swollen inside the metal!

    "And just think, as soon as Sally thinks your'e doing well, we'll
    unlock your chastity belt, so you can look forward to that!"
    He groaned, because the unspoken was if he didn't go through with it
    tonight he didn't know when the damn thing would be unlocked.

    "What am I supposed to do tonight then?"

    "Well, first, we know the idea of being a maid is difficult to just
    jump into, especially at home with the kids and all, so Sally and the other
    maids will help you, and just do the things we used to do together!"

    "OOOOh, what do you think?" She smiled, holding up a french maid's

    "They don't actually wear that?"

    She laughed, "No, I'm just teasing, that's just for formal dinners!
    Tonight Sally said it was casual. Here's what you wear, and I'll help
    you with the makeup!" He gasped at the skimpy things she put on
    the bed.

    "Ouch!" He yelped an hour later.

    "Tsk I warned you not to let those nipple holes begin to close
    up, don't be such a baby!"

    "Do we have to do the lipstick?"

    "Dear, we talked about this. The more of a uniform and change of
    appearance you have, the easier it is to accept your new role here,
    and for the kids too!" she added. He gasped, seeing himself in the
    mirror as his now more assertive wife as always when she transformed
    him began to take charge, and it was so erotic to them both!

    "Pay attention, here, you do it, you know if this works you'll
    have to do it yourself, and Tyrone is a stickler for details!"

    "And if he finds a fault?"

    "Well, honey," she smiled, "in Obeah you know, the chief black
    man is in charge! And after him, his two sons, and then me,
    and then our children, and...!"

    "me!" She smiled and nodded.

    "I'm at the bottom in this house, go ahead and say it!"

    "Well, look in the mirror honey, your'e the maid after all!"

    "B-but, everyone can order me around? I know Tyrone, and well, you,
    but his kids, our own kids?"

    "Don't worry, honey! Sally showed me how it works in her house.
    her husband, Ralph when she has a party, well, he's not Ralph or father
    or daddy but Sissy!" She watched his face as he took that in.

    "Anyway, tonight you will get a better feel for it, (hopefully, she
    thought to herself!)"

    "I'm almost naked!"

    "Well, when you take the chastity belt off you put on
    a pair of panties! Same kind for all the maids, Sally has them!"

    "B-but, I can't go out, ride over there like this!"

    "Okay," she said, reluctantly, and took out a sheer lace

    "It's practically see through, and backless!"

    "Wait till you see what the other guests wear!"

    "What are the kids wearing?"

    "Oh, you'll see!"

    She had turned her shapely bottom to his face then.

    'Honey, don't you remember that cute tradition of what hubbies
    are supposed to do before their wives go out for their dates?"

    He groaned, remembering the first time she said that before her
    second date with Tyrone!

    Continued in complete illustrated story at

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