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new chapter - locked april

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by yanmaslanka, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. It's been a while since I posted here. Mostly because I've been busy with my work, but also nothing really interesting happened with my chastity lifestyle. Well, not until April.

    Since me and my GF didn't live together until 1st April, She wasn't that much interested in chastity. Don't get me wrong - we both enjoyed that, but living apart it wasn't easy for us to keep this lifestyle. Yet She kept promising (or threatening, maybe?) that once we move in together, She'll have my penis locked properly.

    So finally we moved in together on April 1st to a nice apartament. We spent the last week of March packing, transporting stuff, and getting the place ready for the big housewarming party ... Yet there was one big suprise for me. It was right before party that my GF said to me: "You know what would be nice? Having You locked in chastity for the party" Needles to say I was, and with the party over, I hoped that She'd release me and we'd have sex. Partially it happened - She wanted me to please Her while still locked. "I didn't lock You up just to release You after just few hours" She said.

    I have to admit, this time She locked me "properly", as She likes to say. It's 17th April, we live together for over two weeks and She hasn't let me come even once. I've been out of the cage several times, but just for cleaning and checkup. I gotta say, I didn't expect Her to be that strict about it, but we finally live together and if She wants me locked, then locked I will be.
  2. Isn't this what you've always wanted? For her to take control of her property and your Orgasms. You have a fantastic women there treat her like the queen she is and you could be in for the ride of your life. Enjoy your new lifestyle.
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  3. I am enjoying this:) She also has a lot of fun. When we play together She keeps teasing me, saying that I please Her very good with my fingers, that She likes to have exclusive cumming priviledge ... what's not to enjoy?
  4. You're a lucky man. That's what we're all after. Submit to her and give her what you said you would. If she's going to play the game then be willing to follow the rules. Don't be one of those guys that gets what he asked for and then complains about it, give her her head, and follow her wherever she leads you.
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  5. Just as it should be, her in control, you are only there to submit and comply with her wishes without question whatever they may be
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  6. It sounds like your girl friend, now key holder, has been doing her homework and knows exactly what she wants. Now she has given you what deep down you have desired too! She now has the control, hope you enjoy the journey.
  7. Enjoy the ride it is a fun one.