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Mother's Day means exactly what is says in the world of chastity

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, May 14, 2017.

  1. Today is Mother's Day and my wife informed me that I will remained locked while I provide her with an orgasm or two. Usually my wife will play with me to tease me but today, it is all about her. How about you?
  2. Wife said she just wanted to have an orgasm but she got let me out of my cage and played with me until I got hard. I am always more erect and horny after 2-3 weeks of denial than I am longer terms. She was having a great oragsm and pumping me and I thought she was going to me cum because I bought her a 65" Samsung TV for mother's day. She usually watches in the living room and I watch in my man cave/office. We get together at 7 to watch TV together but she is gone 3 nights a week. She loves the TV and I got the one with all the latests features like 4K resolution and it interfaces with all of my audio and video devices with a smart voice activated remote. No more having 3 remotes, at least, laying on the table. I can even cast whatever is on our iPads to the TV and watch porn that makes BBC even bigger; 65 inches to be precise.

    So she is getting ready to cum and jerking me off fast and then she came and let go of my penis one stroke from a full orgasm. She saw that i was struggling to hold it back and started laughing but then ejaculated all over her legs, myself and the sheets. My ruined orgasms are usually for voluminous than a full one. Did not feel anything but the hot semen hit my leg. What a waste of an orgasm. My wife thought it was funny. In fact she thought all the things I was saying about how I know how to play her and that she will end up letting me cum on my birthday next munch. She laughed real hard with tears running down her face. I like humor in the bedroom and am a bit of a comedian. She just said that I no longer could play her and I will just have to wait. I know she wants me to wait until the end of October but I never went that long before. She claims that she is now immune to my pleas and begging. We shall see.