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MM jailbird for trade

Discussion in 'For Sale/Exchange' started by chickenwing2112, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. I currently have a MM jailbird that i suspect is a little bit big on the id.

    Cage length- 1 3/4"
    Cage diameter- 1 3/8"
    Base rings- 2"oval and 1 7/8"oval
    Includes 5 punishment pins.
    Security screw- only 1 key though.

    Looking to trade for a jailbird that is similar but with a 1 1/4" ID.
  2. Are you looking only to trade, or would you sell?
  3. Im only looking to trade at this time.
  4. Did you ever find someone to trade with?
  5. Bump. The 1 7/8" oval base ring has been reduced to 1 3/4" oval and is now a double base ring.
  6. Would you sell?
  7. Not until i can find what im looking for.
  8. Would you consider trading for a Watchful Mistress?
    1 1/4" ID
    1 1/2" length