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Looking for a online Keyholder

Discussion in 'Online chastity and self locking' started by milkyway83, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:27 PM.

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    Hello togheter,

    i am looking for a keyholder. Because i dont have long therme wearing practice i need one who pushes me into wearing my belt longer than 2 days.... My personal goal is at least one week. and i need a keyholder who is really teasing me with some mails, questions about my lockup and demanding pics (without face) for proving my lockup nearly anytime.

    I also do like some bondage (selfbondage) as a tease during a lockup.

    Would be glad to heare from a Misstress to become my owner (but also a male KH is welcome)

    I have a lockbox, some numbered locks (not suitable with my belts, but as a extra secure proof for the emergency key) and i have account at chastitylocked and emlalock for online chastity. (but i would also am willing to try new and different ways)

    Pecause i like active communication during the session i am able to use kik messenger.

    If you are interested in holding my keys and teaching me more practice feel fre to PM me..