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    This happend early march of 2021:

    Locked by myself and the keys taken over by my wife:

    For years I've been attracted to the kink strapon-play and chastity, the first is something my wife has been going with for a number of years, not very often but I'm lucky a few times a year that she grabs me nicely with an 8 inch strapon...

    Now the corona has fueled it all even further and I think I've almost looked at (and pulled) a real porn addiction myself.
    Almost every free minute that the wife was not at home I was scrolling on several of the well-known porn sites and helping myself, sometimes up to 2x a day.

    Now I have long had a fascination for chastity play on my own, you know freeze the key and only when I think I want to take it out of the bottle from the freezer.

    All nice, but over the years I actually just had the wrong chastity cage (tube too long, ring too big, padlock ticking, etc.) on Alie express I saw a “cheap cage, the dimensions of which corresponded reasonably with (what I actually realized much too late) had measured correctly.

    During blackfriday with all the discounts ordered on ali express and 14 days later already at home.
    It fit comfortably, and occasionally worn for a day and if it fit with my wife's bed/sleep rhythm, I also made it through the night, until the end of January when I wore it longer (7 days) for the first time.

    I felt great, I had created a lock via the chastity app which would run for about 6 to 8 days before I got the code to get the keys again, it had been a long time since I had felt so free in my head, just the thought that no matter how much I wanted my cock was locked and I just couldn't reach it to satisfy myself.
    After 7 days I had the code, lock it and immediately chop chop chop again to the hubs and tubes on the worldwide web to get my "twitch" on strapon and chastity movies and immediately that sh*t feeling afterwards, what only got worse the following days.

    I actually wanted to put my cage back on but that week/weekend it wouldn't work without my wife noticing and somehow I was quite ashamed of that, I wasn't very happy played with myself every day and our weekly Sunday I couldn't really enjoy sex, but I could please her, but then the last sprint to my orgasm was more like "then we've had that again" instead of enjoying it.

    Until our schedules allowed us to wear it unseen again (so we didn't go to bed or wake up at the same time).
    Lock activated again on chastity (perfect app by the way if you don't have a key holder).
    That week, after about 4 days, my wife noticed that I was much nicer, happier and more caring, so I was often asked if there was something I naturally denied, I felt wonderful that week.

    Now I had also been busy for weeks putting my feelings on paper and what everything did to me, to confess everything to my wife when the time came, also because I know very well that she has little of none interest in BDSM in the form of Mistress/slave.
    She has always done a bit of tying up and grabbing me with a strapon and she also enjoys it, but she's not a real mistress (luckily), Only the time to confess came faster than expected.

    Because of all the questions that week and what it all did to me (I was on duty at night and on the days and evenings that I was home I subconsciously put a very big focus on her, so much that it stood out) I was ready and dared I was going to tell my wife everything in the hope that she would understand and help me or not.

    Before I went to work she was already in bed because she had to get up early, I started her pc, and opened the letter on her computer and then put the pc to sleep, if she would turn it on she would so see it, I go to work (no turning back).
    After my shift I crawled into bed and at 12 o'clock I woke up and looked into a pair of blue eyes, my wife had taken a day off and had crawled in...

    She asked what that letter meant and after confessing everything she felt in my crotch and held out her hand for the keys… I had an emergency key and I handed it to her, a sick feeling (if you are going off the roller coaster) turned out in my stomach (again now as I type) and there was no turning back, that day nothing much happened but talking and that evening when I had the code of the other key again I gave it to her too.

    That day we talked a lot and luckily she took it positively and although she will still have to learn how to deal with it as she herself indicated.
    We also found out that the sex had been pretty bad for both of us lately. We found out that the familiar ruts and associated micro-cracks in a long-term relationship (12.5 years) had set in, luckily well in time for us to be able to do something about it.
    Over the past year we've been so busy renovating and that miserable corona that we barely communicated when we look back on it....
    Eating in front of the TV and binge-watching until bedtime is therefore not good for your relationship, you forget to talk to each other….

    The first 10 days…
    By Friday after I told them not much had happened other than a lot of talking.
    Saturday morning she removed the cage and we had wonderful sex where she tried to control my orgasm after I showed her all the corners of the bedroom with my fingers and tongue just because I had been dry for over 8 days and was super horny after she climbed on top of me so it happens….
    I did have the satisfaction of an orgasm again, something I hadn't had in ages.
    After this she left the cage off and we hugged again a lot.

    That evening on the couch I massaged her feet and calves.
    That night I slept badly I was horny and with difficulty I could control myself to go down on the world wide web and start jerking myself indiscriminately to porn videos of women taking their man anally with a strapon…

    That Sunday we had wonderful sex and my wife was tired and raw, something that hasn't happened in years……
    She even dragged me back up in the afternoon to give her another nice fuck….
    After my last orgasm that afternoon, the cage immediately went over and the keys were safely put away .

    I did get a Safety key inserted into a card (with a plastic numbered lock) for my wallet, in case it was necessary to take it off.

    It took some getting used to that steel cage around her cock, the horniness that I still had but couldn't take anymore, the peace in my head remained.
    Because of the peace and quiet we have grown closer to each other (as crazy as it sounds).
    My wife who is now in control of my orgasms and thus also controlling my libido.

    First a bit of aloofness came from me to her after sex, and when the weekend came again (and therefore time for sex) I would crawl back to her, actually only for sex i realized……

    Now I stay close to her and want to cuddle more, massage her feet and calves in the evening in front of the TV. And I also take on more household chores (vacuuming, dishwasher, etc.).
    I must say that I had to get used to it again after those 3 days that the chastity belt was finished.
    Now it's fine again and my body is already quite used to it, and it was the weekend again in no time.

    The next Friday we woke up together and for the first time I gave her multiple orgasms only with my hand while I was locked up, she found it difficult not to give me something she said, but she could get used to it…… ..
    Where she normally suffered from a dripping cave all day long after we had sex, that was not the case now (this will not work in my favor I'm afraid...)

    Sunday my hands and tongue services were needed again and I spoiled her wonderfully, it pinched quite a bit in my cage, she wanted more after a number of intense orgasms and took the cage off my ehh her dick, put a condom on it and go with the banana.
    I was actually hoping she would grab me with the strapon instead of letting me cum inside her (sounds crazy)……. Whoever asks is (apparently) skipped….

    It didn't last long, I was so horny that I came within 2 minutes, something that could often go up to 10 minutes or longer (maybe also a side effect of masturbating a lot) and I didn't really experience the good feeling of the week before, more like getting ready and done.
    And instead of cuddling for a long time, within 5 minutes of my orgasm, everything was locked up again and we started cuddling as her shriveled cock adjusted to its cage again…

    She admitted she was all about getting me to come soon (something I also said a week before that she should do as she sees fit)
    Now 10 days after confessing everything, having experienced 3 great (and 1 lesser) orgasms and having given a lot of love to my wife, it is slowly descending what it will all mean.

    Where I first had doubts about how she was going to take it.

    she starts to push me more and more often with the facts that I have little or nothing to determine in the field of sexual satisfaction.
    She starts to feel guilty that she would fail me to ebb away and she is increasingly taking on the role of key holder, although our relationship is certainly still going through vicissitudes outside the bedroom, stronger and deeper than 2 weeks ago (outside the bedroom), alone in our sexual relationship the power really shifted for 200% to what my wife wants and I have to follow that….

    She's already starting to factor my weekday household activities into what I get when we dive into the bedroom again.
    But the peace it gives me that allows me to focus my attention again on things that are more important than a porn movie on the tubes and the hubs and the 5 minute jerk off does me a lot of good.

    I will still have some tough days ahead, but then I know that I can go to my wife and that I will get some lovely hugs and a lot of love in return.

    To be continued….
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    Subspace, Domspace, and the devotions of the needful. Works wonders.
    On both of you.
    It is not crazy.
    Master called it 'The Freedom of Bondage'.
    Think about that seeming conflicting statement for a while,
    and you will feel its truth and meaning,
    since you are reorienting one of the essential pillars of life.
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