Lie back and think of England...

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    'Lie back and think of England...'
    This is the one... where Nikki and foofoo are finally alone together, both still feeling rather frisky, and foofoo learns just what Nikki's girl-friends think of him and a heck of a lot else for a chaste virgin...
    (NB: This editions is new & extended by over 12,000 words)

    Enjoy @

    Reader Warning:

    I like inverting sexist stereotypical gender roles imposed by patriarchal societies around domestic tasks and so-called "womanly duties." It irritated the heck out of me growing up and what my brother got away with not doing and still does, so, my eBooks are grounded in the conviction 'Real Women Don't Do Housework' - however, of course the chores still needs doing, so what to do...
    Well, after a sliding doors random meeting in the street with a male sub, the protagonist in my eBook series, Nikki, takes a contemporary and alternative take on a Cinderella-derived use of a submissive beta-male to get the housework done; sans any crystal balls, royalty, Fairy Godmothers, cute speaking animals or indeed rags.
    Instead, the resulting ‘happy ever after’ Nikki facilitate for the sub, entails an austere, almost Puritan lifestyle of diligence, discipline, and chastity, grounded in devoted service through completing his menial chores day after day, seven days a week; there of course being no rest for the wicked
    His only let up from his work schedule coming in the form of his recitals, performed in front of Nikki's special invite-only friends, for his chance to earn an orgasm.
    Kept as little more than working-livestock, Nikki’s Modern Day Cinders, is subject to strict behavioural expectations and providing the highest standards of cleanliness about her home and belongings, which if not completed to her satisfaction, resulted in atonement of the corporal kind. While a casual observer or fly on the wall could very well conclude the original Cinderella had it far easier, despite his trials and tribulations being legion, for the lucky sub, his special arrangement with Nikki means he gets to live out his wildest dreams; even the ouchie ones…

    Oh, a final point, much like Coca-Cola recommend a Coke is 'best served chilled' I always recommend my femdom chastity sph erotica stories are 'best read locked' for unsupervised male subs
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