Italian academic paper on hotwife/cuckold style

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    Brilliant find HTullio! I have seen a number of ancient Roman and Greek "pottery, sculpture and tile pieces" depicting the FLR life style but never a modern written paper explaining their cultural or relationship significance! Now we may have a discussion of historical FLR's and their life style, but I think we need a tech savy person to assist with the "software translator" unfortunately that is not my skill set. :(
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    A post after My academic heart... heh.

    I'm not Italian, but google document translate seemed to do a pretty decent job as I skimmed through. Figured since I'd gone that far, I might as well copy paste! Formatting's sloppy, but at least it's in English. :)

    Obviously this work is not Mine, and is posted here for discussion's sake. Nice find... should be interesting!

    Beyond monogamy.
    HotWife and the new family routes
    Marco Menicocci
    Independent researcher. e-mail:
    The wife-centered family is one of the emerging phenomena of our generation: a nucleus
    where, while the husband is unequivocally bound to be sexually faithful to his wife she can
    instead enjoy her broad-minded sexual freedom, often under the suggestion and initiative of
    her own husband.
    Husbands often find themselves offering justifications on this based on a
    physiological matter: they would not be able to fully sexually satisfy their wives and therefore, for
    love sake, they are willing to accept the marginal role that follows, enjoying what becomes a
    vicarious, voyeuristic pleasure.
    While hotwives can keep both a solid marriage and a care-free
    sexual freedom, husbands are now the ones giving their manhood and masculine role within
    the relationship.
    Men end up enjoying the lack of responsibility and the sexual disempowerment
    consequent to their renounce.

    wife-centered family,
    hotwives, sexual freedom
    Please cite this article as: Menicocci M., Beyond monogamy. HotWife and the new family routes. Antrocom J. of Anthropology 12-2 (2016) pp. 75-84.

    Experienced wife centered experiments
    The rapid transformation of contemporary society, following the profound innovations
    technologies in the field of information, the succession of economic crises, changes in the
    productive system, are strongly affecting the family institution by imposing changes
    to its forms and its functions. The high rate of divorces, the spread of non-marital unions
    and of de facto couples, homosexual marriages, the presence of children in the family up to a very old age
    advanced, the marriage in late age and the consequent delay in the arrival of the children, the divorced extended
    , the possibility of active sexual life for the elderly thanks to the progress of medicine, they are all
    phenomena with which the traditional family institute has to deal. It has been in progress for some time
    Western societies are loosening the rules concerning pre-marital sex. Currently, with
    a certain consistency, there is also a strong relaxation of the rules on extra-marital sex. 1

    1Jealousy seems to be an outmoded feeling and the word adultery , charged with negative values, is
    replaced, in women's magazines but also in scientific texts by the expression extra-matrimonial sex , more neutral.
    The Kinsey report of the 1950s found that a quarter of women had at least one extra-life relationship
    and that the age at which this happened was around 40 years. Only 8% were under 24 years. In 1974 the age
    average had fallen to 35 and the percentage of infidelity under 24 had risen to 24%. This indicates not that they are
    skipped the values of monogamy and fidelity as much as the moral of the double standard is dissolving
    between male and female infidelity (Bell & Dorthyann 1974; Brannon 1999; Hunt 2008).

    This is how new experiments arise and there is no shortage of attempts at innovation and adaptation
    family to the new needs of the members. Among these experiments it is worth paying attention
    on the phenomenon very recent and statistically marginal but that appears to be growing and that is revealing
    of some current trends: that of the hotwife or of the families whose sex life is wife centered . Yes
    deals with families in which the husband is held to rigid sexual fidelity while his wife, with fullness
    awareness and support of the husband, can freely join other men and enjoy a wide and
    satisfying sexual freedom. 2 They are couples and families, therefore, open only on one side and in which the
    monogamy is maintained only by the husband while the wife is no longer required to respect the oath
    double but it is actively and positively driven by the spouse to have relationships outside the
    marriage while remaining married. In these families all sexual life revolves around the wife,
    hence the definition of wife centered , the only one entitled to full sexual enjoyment while to her husband,
    that assumes in the terminology used the definition of "cuckold" or simply "cuck", it is only up
    a role of support, of active collaboration in the search for the pleasure of the wife with others.

    A new role for husbands
    The initiative to start the couple in the direction of hotwife is usually taken by husbands or not
    from wives. Even if there are no cases of brides that, after having committed infidelity and having revealed them
    the husbands then get the placet to continue their game, in most cases they are the husbands a
    to push wives to start a hotwife career . These husbands reveal to their wives that one
    of their deepest fantasies and of knowing them engaged in sexual acts with other men. It is a
    process that can last even years and often meets strong resistance from the wives.

    The justifications offered by husbands are mainly physiological: small dimensions
    of the penis, premature ejaculation, inability to maintain an erection, impotence and so on. These husbands
    they would not be able to satisfy their wives sexually and, for their sake, guarantee them
    a lifestyle capable of guaranteeing such satisfactions. In other words to allow the wives
    to have a complete sexual life these husbands are willing to take on a marginal role
    renounce the spouse's monogamy. These are however the justifications that can be read on
    forums dedicated to hotwife and are, therefore, all justifications a posteriori and, probably, in large
    part of the late rationalization. The decision to open the marriage to other male partners
    as a rule, it happens after several years of marriage and cohabitation and many couples have children born before
    the woman's start-up to the hotwife career . Evidently the questions of a physiological nature,
    even real, they have not been a hindrance to many years of life together and have not prevented it
    realization of paternity. Moreover, despite the forums host deliberate ostentations by various
    husbands of the limits of their sexuality - such as photographic performances of the small dimensions of their own
    sentences - it should be noted that not only do many men admit they have physiological conditions of the

    2This research is based on online observation at some sites and forums, indicated in the sitography, dedicated to
    hotwife and cuckold communities . These are public sites, accessible by everyone. Some require an inscription that is though
    free and anonymous and for which the only requirement, beyond the age of majority, is an email address. Active participation
    to discussions in some cases, and paying a small fee in others, would allow to observe more levels
    "Confidential", reserved for those who demonstrate a desire for a particularly active participation.
    Reaching these levels would have perhaps allowed to obtain more in-depth information, however it was considered
    appropriate to renounce this possibility. Participate in these levels explicitly declaring the scientific interest
    in fact, it would probably have induced a disturbing element in these sites, while participating without declaring it
    these purposes appeared ethically incorrect. So we limited ourselves to signing up for the public part, where required, without
    participate in any discussion, limiting our activity to mere observation.

    all normal but also that many wives recognize that they have nothing to reproach their husbands for
    regarding their sexual abilities.

    Therefore, the physiological limits, which in some cases are indisputable, determine for the
    husband the decision to break monogamy, as psychological motivations and, for some
    verses, cultural. However, we accept, for now, the official perspective and we note that these men
    they declare themselves unable to provide their spouses with the sexual gratifications they deserve and
    they push them to look for other partners that can satisfy them. Incapable, or thought to be such, to affirm
    their masculinity these men derive a vicarious pleasure from the sexual commitments of their wives. TO
    this vicarious pleasure contributes elements of voyeurism, the sense of pride deriving from the
    awareness of having an admired, desired partner and irrepressible sexuality. The story
    of the adventures of his wife, as detailed as possible, perhaps accompanied by photos and video clips, constitutes
    the main source of pleasure that can, but may not necessarily be added to, games
    sexual relations between spouses. It should also be considered the pleasure derived from the feeling of love for brides, for which husbands actually get pleasure from the awareness of contributing with their renunciation
    to the enjoyment of wives. To all this must also be combined an element of masochism, recognized
    moreover openly in various declarations of the husbands, which can be found in drawing pleasure from the feeling of
    jealousy and anxiety originating from knowing one's wife engaged with others as well as in humiliation
    implicit and explicit connected with the renunciation of the spouse's monogamy. It can not be, in every
    case, denied the sincere desire, arisen from a deep feeling of love, to allow the
    his wife to have a life more intense than that found within monogamy.

    A new role for wives
    Many women claim to have reacted initially negatively to their husbands' requests
    loosen female monogamy, believing that the proposal derived from the fact that the husbands had
    ceased to love them or that behind the insistence of pushing them to break the monogamy there was one
    contempt and a profound contempt. Many have initially found it difficult to understand how
    a husband might want to see his wife transformed into the arms of others and have
    interpreted the request as an excuse, by the husbands, to have also their relationships. A
    but I realized that what the husbands wanted was actually just to see their wife
    Satisfied by others, these women have embarked on a hotwife career starting to meet with
    lovers. A career that can involve numerous advantages and benefits, including psychological ones.

    Traditionally, extra-marital male activity was socially accepted and considered,
    basically, normal. The wives had to accept it to the extent that they did not put their own at risk
    social status of married women and, if anything, strive to adhere to all wishes and needs
    of the husband in order to keep the marriage together, even at the cost of personal renunciations. On the contrary the same activity on the part of women was rejected and considered an attack on the solidity of the family. In
    size hotwife things are reversed. The woman shows the determination not to be the victim but the
    subject of his sexual life and, when for some reason the husband is deficient in this sense, he manifests
    this subjectivity in finding lovers and in establishing pleasant relationships that are not dangerous for
    the family. Wives find, in this game, themselves, their femininity, the sense of their body.

    They feel appreciated as women and no longer, only, as mothers, wives, workers. Women who after
    marriage have experienced a crisis of their femininity, accepting initially and long of
    focus on the roles of housewife, mother, wife, rediscover in courtship and meeting
    with others, a satisfying femininity. They discover they can still like, to be desired and find again
    a security that helps them on the psychological level. All this does not happen without difficulty. To pass
    the hotwife condition is not easy for a woman. It is necessary to free oneself from the feelings of guilt tried towards
    the husbands and their children but also the feeling of being inadequate. The new lovers will find them
    attractive? Wives live this new condition with conflicting allowances. Frequent are
    statements of guilt towards the family. They are very strong feelings, above all
    in the early stages but occasionally intervene also in women who live the condition of
    long time hotwife .

    However, once tested, this condition has considerable advantages: allows
    to the woman on the one hand to be able to count on the support of a solid marriage, with all that
    which involves affection, social and economic for oneself and for children, and on the other to enjoy
    ample freedom and to lead a sex life without responsibility, comparable to that of
    teenager. Indeed many women claim to live their meetings with the impression of
    return to the carefree moments of their youth, prior to the responsibilities of marriage. All
    agree to experience a strong sense of freedom and self-realization, not just erotic, that
    then it is positively reflected in the serenity of their daily life which is valued much more complete
    compared to the period of monogamy. Statements that fully reflect those of men,
    enthusiastic about the new role assumed by husbands in these couples.

    These women feel freed of a series of responsibilities that traditionally weighed on
    female gender. It is not just about being able to enjoy openly (at least towards the husband)
    of a sexual freedom never even imagined while remaining within the marriage but
    also to transfer to the husbands many of the family tasks that the traditional division of roles
    he assigned to women. They are the husbands to take care of the house and the children while the wives move away
    for their love conventions.

    The hotwife style
    The new partners of the wives can be chosen independently by the woman or be the
    result of a negotiation between spouses and the relationship may vary from the use of the new partners of the
    wife as simple sextoys to the stable introduction of a new member within the family. There
    practice is favored by the wide availability of online dating sites that have specialized sites for
    the search for sexual partners. Frequent meetings are also occasional meetings with people known during
    an evening in which the woman left alone for the purpose of having a sexual adventure. Not
    they are then flirting in the workplace. Women can have several partners at the same time but
    they can also build a permanent relationship with one of these, which the husband knows and appreciates.

    The participation of husbands in the hotwife experiences of wives is the most varied. They can participate
    directly to his wife's erotic encounters by constructing a triangle; they can only assist
    as observers or to participate indirectly through the stories that they then perform
    the meeting ended. Movies and photographs that are shared with husbands or can be made
    these can help to facilitate the meeting in all ways and so on. All husbands agree
    in claiming that the wife 's hotwife condition helps produce within the
    couple a high erotic dimension that places them in a continuous, pleasant, state of physical excitement and
    emotional. This tension can produce a more intense sexual life between husband and wife but can also
    cancel it altogether, accepting the husband that the sexual life of the wife takes place exclusively
    outside the marriage. It is therefore a wide range of behaviors that, it seems,
    it constitutes a series of stages that the couple travels together and that has, as an explicit outcome, not all
    achieved but considered by all, the separation within the couple between the affective component,
    social, economic, and sexual. Marriage maintains the economic, affective and dimension
    of responsibility towards the children but loses the sexual component, which is postponed, only for the wife,
    outside the marriage itself. In this sense, marriage seems to lose not only the appearance of the
    mutual sexual monopoly but, altogether, the function of regulating the sexual dimension.

    In any case, mutual witnesses of love between spouses and declarations are widespread
    that the woman 's hotwife condition in no way calls into question the marriage bond.
    The husbands rejoice in the sexual happiness of the wives and they thank them for allowing them to
    live the deep satisfactions that gives a woman the condition of hotwife . Sexual experiences
    of his wife and the freedom he enjoys are added, as a new value, to other strong motivations,
    economic, emotional, social, which keep the family together. This is not, in the statements collected,
    to blow up the family or even to redo it from the beginning, but to expand it, allowing the couple to
    to reach a new emotional dimension and the woman to realize herself on an erotic and physical level.

    Actually what seems to read between the lines is that the wife centered families are subject to one
    continuous series of tensions that are continually renegotiated between the spouses (and possibly
    also with the new partner of the woman). New balances are continually established and overcome and there is
    a general agreement in pointing out that the search for new experiences by wives is inevitable
    it's necessary. On the other hand it does not seem that the incidence of divorces, although it is naturally difficult
    establish a statistical value, is particularly high. Husbands relieve insecurities and tensions
    due to the sense of inadequacy by striving to contribute to the sexual freedom of wives, so
    maintain the solidity of the marriage relationship. The male model is in crisis and these husbands feel
    unable to maintain an active role - that social times and conditions are changing - e
    renounce, in part or totally, their sexual life to maintain other aspects of marriage.
    Wives can thus benefit from the solidity of family reference from an economic point of view,
    social and emotional, both towards husbands and children, and at the same time enjoy sexual freedom
    completely new compared to previous generations. They combine the advantages of being married with freedom
    of being single.

    Although occasionally there are moments of rethinking I have not got to
    to see no return to monogamy. What is derived from the interventions is that once the path
    it started it is no longer possible to go back. Some women claim that if their husbands ask for it
    they would be ready to give up the open relationship and go back to monogamy but there is no one
    effective rethinking, either by husbands or by wives.

    Of course there are examples of cases, however rare, in which the condition of hotwife of the
    woman leads to the explosion of the couple but this, based on the evidence gathered, does not derive
    from the difficulty of holding together a marriage subject to so many tensions as, rather, from
    new conditions arise, such as, for example, the transformation of the erotic relationship of the wife
    with a lover in a relationship of love. In other words, it is not the husbands who are incapable of supporting what they are
    derives from his wife's hotwife role , but wives who occasionally feel attracted to others
    men to the point of wishing to build a new marriage with them. More often happens that the
    wife establishes a preferential role with the new partner, role that is accepted by the husband, without
    however, break completely with the family. The husband accepts his new and subordinate condition
    the new member integrates in various ways in the family becoming the stable partner of the woman
    while the husband continues to have economic responsibilities, taking care of the children and so on. 3

    Obligations and negotiations
    As we have seen, all men express feelings of jealousy and humiliation. These
    feelings are however accepted as part of the game and are valued within the couple. in
    dedicated forums there is a general chorus and agrees to assert that these sentiments are manifest
    openly to his wife and shared with her, form the basis for increased intimacy
    of couple and for a deep affective and psychological understanding. The humiliation of her husband, which is often
    deliberately sought by both, with his wife who voluntarily creates occasions for humiliation
    for her husband and with him who accepts them without protesting but rather enjoying this reduction of his
    dignity, role and status, is a fundamental part of the game because it helps to redesign
    the roles within the couple are stable and unambiguous. So the husband accompanies the
    wife to buy erotic toys, perfumes and sexy lingerie that she will use with her partner,
    helps her get ready for meetings with others, brings her and fetch her to these meetings, mind you
    to the house and to the children while she is absent, up to the role of "domestic / butler",
    completely and totally dedicated to home care and that renounces any physical pleasure,
    exclusively reserved for the wife.

    For the wives to raise their children's monogamy obligations naturally entails for their husbands
    the renunciation of some aspect of their own sexuality. This is a waiver, as noted, that
    it corresponds to what these men desire and which translates, in fact, of the delegation to the wives of the
    control of the sexuality of husbands. The sexual life of the couple, in fact, in the hotwife condition ,
    it revolves around the needs of the wife and to these needs, which come first, the husbands must
    to adapt. So even though many couples with a hotwife wife continue to have a sex life
    intense, the timing and modalities of intimate relationships must, at the very least, adapt to the times
    and to the ways of his wife's meetings with his partners and sometimes even to their needs. In fact this
    what happens is a process of demasculinization of the husbands that has various levels but that can come
    at very severe extremes. A husband can accept to renounce certain forms of the sexual life of
    couple and limited to some time: for example, the wife can reserve certain erotic games to partners
    and deny them to her husband; can force him to abstinence in the days before the meeting with a partner;
    can allow him to have relationships with her only after she has met her partner and so on.
    It may happen that a partner asks for sexual exclusivity to the woman and that she is denied for a certain
    time to the husband and these can be induced to limit themselves to masturbation, even this only in time
    established by the woman.

    An instrument that is spreading is a particular male chastity belt that not only
    prevents the possibility of having intercourse but inhibits erection, making it painful. The key
    of the opening of this instrument is naturally managed by the wife who in this way can impose
    even long periods of chastity to the husband. For their part many husbands find it rewarding to wear
    this chastity belt because it frees them from the need to choose from time to time whether to accept or not
    the adventures of his wife. Wearing this object is tantamount to accepting a role once and for all

    3In one case a wealthy man, on his death, left his considerable assets equally divided
    between his wife and the official lover of this woman, as a recognition of the fact that the two had for a long time been onestable couple.

    subordinate and, making a reason, to bear with less pain the jealousy and anxiety that are,
    however, always connected to the renunciation of marital rights.

    The control over the sexuality of the husband can be accompanied by a series of humiliations that can
    reach degrading aspects. In the most extreme degrees, demasculinization assumes the connotations of
    feminization: the husband is obliged (or agrees to be obliged) to perform activities typically
    women and to wear, occasionally or permanently, women's underwear. The meeting
    of the wife with a partner of strong and demanding sexuality, a subject who has sexual abilities
    joins a dominant personality, defined bull in the terminology of this subculture, is accompanied
    normally, to an increase in the demasculinization of the husband.

    However, these extreme forms of demasculinization are far from being rare
    rule. However, they are considered as acceptable and somewhat desirable, on the part of all
    husbands who intervene in the described sites, including those who are far from such extremes. The husbands who
    they are in these extreme conditions, they declare them proudly and others appreciate them by commenting on them
    positively and with tips of explicit envy. This path of demasculinization is evaluated
    consistent with the cuckold logic and therefore considered positively also by those who did not reach
    extreme levels. The process of demasculinization, with related humiliations, also takes one
    ethical valence and can be read as the "contrappasso" for the dissatisfactions, not only sexual, suffered
    from wives in married life prior to the hotwife dimension .

    This demasculinization is naturally the counterpart of the masculinity that the woman finds outside
    of marriage. If a man decides to prioritize the sexual needs of the woman by considering herself
    unable to fully satisfy it, then these demands will dictate the rules of sexual life
    of couple while those of her husband slip in the background as less relevant.
    Many couples find that reducing her husband's sexuality drives him to concentrate
    more about his wife and paying attention to his emotional needs. Under conditions in which
    conjugal sexuality was unsatisfactory, it could happen that some wives had a tendency to
    try to avoid sexual activity with her husband, which had become just an unpleasant tax.
    Freed from the need to satisfy her husband, they can now get closer to him and find a renewed one
    intimacy that may have, but also not, a sexual reflex. Having her husband renounced, all or in
    part, to the conjugal sex allowing the wife to turn elsewhere, and no longer being any contact
    physical the premise necessary for a relationship lived only as an obligation, the meeting can be renewed
    with the consequent discovery of an emotional community.

    Crisis double?
    There does not seem to be a direct link between the condition of hotwife and the crisis of the couple. It happens,
    of course, that these marriages jump and the couple divides. It is rarely the husband who becomes
    unable to accept the level of promiscuity of the woman and the related humiliations, and then decides to
    break the marriage. For example, it may happen that the hotwife condition has become known to relatives
    and friends or in the workplace, make the situation unacceptable. It can also happen that
    the husband, feeling neglected, asks his wife to close the hotwife career back to the
    monogamy and that, receiving a negative answer, comes to the request for divorce. Greater,
    however, it is the number of cases in which the wife simply falls in love with one of her lovers
    and abandon her husband. It is possible to imagine that precisely the progressive demasculinization of the
    husband induces the woman to consider irrelevant the presence of a spouse who is no longer male and prefers
    live with lovers who have not lost this feature.

    The question is frequently discussed in the forums examined and ethical solutions are discussed
    and techniques to remedy problems. It is stated that the fundamental principle to make it work
    a matriomonio wife centered is the continuous and open communication between the spouses: the experience must
    somehow being engaging for both and not for one. But there are plenty of them
    testimonies on the fact that the role of the husband is increasingly subordinate and gradually more passive man
    hand that increases his wife's confidence in leading the hotwife style . The most widespread technical advice
    it is instead to induce the wife to have numerous lovers and not just one, so as to avoid the
    form of dangerous emotional involvements, But this also impacts against desire, and need,
    of many women to have relationships that also have a level of emotional involvement.
    The number of divorces, difficult to reconstruct, does not seem very high and nevertheless appears as not
    negligible. Does this indicate that hotwife style is dangerous for marriage? Or the condition
    a hotwife is a symptom of a marriage already in crisis? Few data available to evaluate the
    divorce rate compared to "normal" families. The temptation is to think that it is a
    another indicator of the general fragility of the family institute in the contemporary world. However
    it is necessary to consider a possibility: in almost all the couples that have begun to the condition of
    hotwife the initiative was husbands. Now, it is possible to imagine that some wives have accepted
    to go to such a style, while pleasant and gratifying, with some forcing, that have felt pushed by the
    husband far beyond their initial wishes. This may have engendered a sense of resentment towards i
    husbands and the feeling of being somehow "used" to make a masculine fantasy. The
    pleasure of experiences, in some way, does not completely erase such feelings and the encounter with a
    man, a lover, sensitive and sympathetic, can make the flame or the illusion of a love ignite
    authentic and monopolizing. If this were true, then, at least for some women, the condition
    hotwife would have more to do with the projection of male desire and the male identity crisis
    that with the liberation of women.

    A subculture
    The style hotwife is creating its own subculture, with lots of expressive codes but also
    ethical issues. The people who gather around the reference sites for style hotwife share
    a series of ethical issues that are broad expression not only in debates
    communities but also in special publications. 4 Among the most common issues is that of the
    relationships with children: how much, when and how, reveal to them the couple style chosen by
    spouses. One issue in some ways similar is how to avoid that the style hotwife / cuckold can produce
    negative effects in the ratings of relatives and neighbors but also how to live serenely the new
    family size without being overcome by people's prejudices. It 'also debated the opportunity,
    for his wife, to have relationships with relatives, friends or colleagues of her husband. Problems of moral character
    are those relating to relations with married men, involved for a woman to help

    4A benchmark has been for some years the magazine "Indecent", active from 2011 to 2013. A theory
    families do not monogamous, who has had several reprints, is that of two psychologists: Dessie Easton and Janet Hardy,
    The Ethical Slut , Greenery Press, Eugene OR, 1997.

    mislead another. Reciprocally between the various partners of the wives who take part in the discussions,
    struggles preventing a relationship with a wife hotwife can become a danger to
    his marriage.

    A strong argument is that turning on the definition, frequently used, the hotwife as wife
    . Many of the women involved reject this definition believing not only that it is restrictive
    but also, above all, that involves an idea of "possession" by husbands, and therefore should
    be refused. While it is accepted and defended the notion that the couple should be, as a whole, to be
    involved in the dimension hotwife , is alleged vision according to which both the husband yields to
    other his wife. In the dimension hotwife the initiative is felt to belong to the wives and not to
    husbands to these lies a more or less passive and accompanying Acceptance role. husbands
    They do not share a woman but accept that women can be carried out from monogamy. Not
    There is nothing, therefore, of "sold to other" but there is an extension of sexuality according to the requirements

    Families without limits
    The traditional model of masculinity has been heavily undermined by modernity. The
    Men can not always rely on the security of stable roles assigned rights and duties
    without ambiguity. Feminism, but also the social conditions imposed by the transformations of
    general economic conditions, have challenged gender roles and men, no points
    stable and accredited reference - especially lack of credible masculinity models and acceptable from
    women - feel disoriented, unable to be a part of taking soaked roles of patriarchal power that
    always reveal the most anachronistic and on the other also unable to invent new models of masculinity.
    It 'a difficulty that many adult males living in contemporary society and that is the source of many
    subjective insecurities. The men agree to be demascolinizzati and find relief and pleasure
    the reduction of their masculine status.

    On the other hand women can enjoy an active sexuality and satisfying precisely because this
    sexuality is not double. On external partners can be projected desires and emotions
    who made a marriage might produce unhappiness and insecurity but lived
    out of the constraint means freedom and self-realization. For example, a male sexuality and rude
    selfishly within marriage it could be seen as full of male power and therefore
    submissiveness and out of wedlock it may be accepted with pleasure because it lacks its own
    this element of power. The hotwife can experience a male sexuality without bursting
    that this sexuality is connected to any power, giving their partners a sexual control
    but it ends at the end of the meeting. Even if a partner with a strong personality may appear to
    sometimes impose itself intrusiveness to a woman, it is always a more or less casual relationship and
    if necessary, it can be discarded without any problems. His power lasts the time of female desire.
    To this can be added the pride of being chosen as sexual partners by attractive men and
    sexually satisfying.

    Husbands are freed commitment needed to ensure the sexual satisfaction of the wives: the
    Male sexuality is delegated to others, and husbands can fall back on family commitments that they feel
    less hassled. The full sexual satisfaction of women, and then the wives, is aimed, in
    the values of modernity, as a female law on which men agree; husbands for
    some reason you feel unable to guarantee this right, but they believe that their wives
    deserve achieving sexual satisfaction, they feel relieved to allow
    other men to play the role without this marital crisis marriage us. In this way
    guarantee to the woman who loves what she needs and at the same time maintain the solid
    marital relationship.

    For their part, women accept this waiver of the husbands because the obligation to limit raises
    their sex life in exchange for securities offered by marriage. Juntas awareness
    (Perhaps even with the help of their husbands) of their right to an intense sexuality, can enjoy them without
    give up on the marriage even though, at times, it could be a limit to this sexuality. Their
    grandmothers, perhaps, could be forced to choose between satisfaction and security, and therefore to abandon
    first in exchange of the second, thus delegating the sexual power to husbands. Today it is no longer needed and
    the two things can go together. From the point of view of hotwife reducing the role of men
    husbands, of course, does not imply any waiver because compensate externally, with other men,
    their need for manly encounters.
    This voluntary waiver by the couple to monogamy wives we can identify
    a crisis of the traditional model of family-based husband-breadwinner.

    Bibliographic references
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    Sitography resource cuckold and hotwife
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    Jan 16, 2017
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    10:35 PM
    OMG Beathe: You are a breathtaking, apologies for the pun, I love your tech skills, your knowledge and your experience! You are the best and thank you soooooo much! :) :) :) You and HTullio are awesome!!! Now I will really deep dive into HTullio's find of FLR, of a beautiful ancient kind!
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  5. Joan.t

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    11:35 PM
    Thanks HTullio, I'll read it carefully, sure we can discuss it as more people read it, I can read in italian, but i fear most can't, so google translator will be on hand here.
    And thank you Breathe, for the link.
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    OMG Thank you both HTullio and Breathe for bringing an academic heart into the forefront of this discussion about WIFE CENTERED RELATIONSHIPS! ... My adorable is giggling!

    I’m an alpha male with a beta penis, so I decided upon chastity for myself, I also decided upon frustration and submissive service to my “Alpha Adorable Female” and Key Holder! So this academic paper about chastity about becoming a cuckold and about wife centered relationships hits close to the heart and to my male genitals! I have accepted that submission has become my goal and my adorable alpha wife has earned, and has the right to infinite pleasure from males with more skills, girth and length than I can provide!

    So my beta cock, being as insignificant and unworthy as it is to my adorable alpha wife, it seemed logical to follow the academic wife centered relationship described above! Of course this also aligns with my feelings to become a beta chastity sexual submissive to a hot wife! So thank you both HTullio and Breathe for bringing this academic paper to me and us all! :) :) :)
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    I would love to see a few pictures of the historic Greek and Roman pieces you mentioned. Perhaps you might post a few?
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    Thank you for sharing the translated article HTullio. An interesting read.
  9. frankie teardrop

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    I've just finished reading this from beginning to end, there's a lot to absorb. I'll need to read it again although I don't have time right now. It should initiate some interesting discussions amongst those of us with an interest in FLRs and Polyandry, which we regard as a perfectly normal lifestyle albeit with erotic overtones. There is a growing recognition that many highly intelligent women have complex needs - physical, emotional, spiritual - that one man is probably never going to completely satisfy, thus the obvious benefits of her taking a compatible lover, which essentially is how our life has been for a long time.

    There are many references in the article to 'Hotwife' and 'cuckolding' which are valid relationship models although I'm not sure we fit in, not entirely anyway.

    I look forward to reading it again when I get a chance.
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