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Hygiene and the Holy Trainer?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by tiedroark, May 13, 2014.

  1. Does anyone have good long-term experience with the Holy Trainer? The wife and I acquired one recently and we rather like it - she likes the aesthetic and I find the device incredibly comfortable - but I've noticed that it's significantly difficult to maintain hygiene in. I do okay cleaning out any trapped urine when I don't align properly, but it seems like I sweat a good bit in the device, and those fluids - as well as seminal leakage - accumulate to create a rather... noticeable smell by the end of the day.

    Does anyone have any tips for long-term use and the hygienic aspect of it? This is the first device I've felt comfortable enough in for the wife and I to consider a truly long-term lock-up without breaks (she usually lets me out to sleep comfortably and shower in the morning when she locks me up for consecutive days), but this is the sticking point we're currently at. Obviously, since she typically lets me out overnight til I've showered in the morning, I don't have significant experience of cleaning myself and a device while I'm locked in, but I've read the general pointers for cleaning more open devices like the CB-X000 lines. The HT seems a little more enclosed.

  2. Yes this has been a problem for my sub too. At this point I let him out every few days to do a thorough cleaning. Just today he was concerned regular soap wasn't doing it for the buildup. I made a mixture of Citrisolv (a natural cleaner and degreaser) and white vingar and this seemed to work like a charm. I am slightly annoyed that he has to be let out so often just to clean it.
  3. Yes I've had exactly the same problems. I love it for comfort, I find it secure enough for me, but hygiene is a real issue and I do find I have to take it off to clean both it and I every day.
  4. Must say that the ht has much less hygiene issues than the cbx000 for me. I don't need very frequent cleanings. Normal bath works for me.
  5. I find that direct jets from the shower on high pressure setting and a squirt of shower gel works well. My HTv2 only comes off once a week for cleaning.
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