Hot Sissy in the Sauna

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    Hot Sissy in the Sauna
    by dollyanne

    Sometimes, the risk of exposure is a thrill without compare.
    Sometimes its a nightmare.
    Thats what got me into trouble in the first place and why, I suppose, I take the chance of being exposed as a sissy at the J&R Fitness gym.
    Im a new member, trying to get into shape, and have been going there for two weeks now. Sunday works best because the crowd is sparse, only a few macho body builders and some stragglers with nothing better to do with their Sunday afternoon.
    That includes me.
    And since its Sunday, going on a quarter to two, me and the Beamer are racing there now. Its seventy-seven degrees, no wind, and the palm trees are stretching their graceful trunks and spreading their green frond crowns majestically against the blue sky. A perfect small-town California day.
    And, my favorite song, Shania Twains The Woman in Me Needs the Man in You is playing on the CD. Its song number five and I press the repeat button so it will play over and over. I sing along.
    Not that I can sing, but I like to raise my pitch and try to sound like her, like a girl I mean. Like a sissy.
    It puts me in the mood.
    Especially the ending, it makes me swoon.

    Yeah the woman in me
    Needs the man in you

    I need you baby
    Yeah yeah Oh baby...

    While the seductive ending plays, I imagine being a house slave to a dominant Mistress who feminizes me to the max and makes me call Rocky, my lover, the one she chose for me, the one I am required to please in any way he wants, the one who, to my chagrin, happens to be a gay wrestler. Im NOT gay, but in my dream, my Mistress says that before she is through, I WILL be. I imagine calling him on the phone, begging him to come over and see me so I can pleasure him for the afternoon.
    During Shanias sweet ending, I pine in my best girlie voice.
    Hi, Rocky honey. Its me, your sweet Donna. I need you baby. Please come over and see me. Im wearing the see-through babydoll, the pink one you like, just for you, baby. Please, Ill be your lover, your little slave girl. You can pin me down, honey, and do anything you want. Anything darling. Yeah yeah. Oh baby, please.
    If I fail to convince him to come over with sweet talk and promises my Mistress will cane my ass. And shell make me wear the pink nightie and lock a slave collar around my neck and chain me all night to the doghouse in the back yard, literally.
    Some people think thats where pussy-boy lawyers should be kept anyway.
    Sometimes theyre right.

    Im not always strong
    And sometimes Im even wrong

    Me, Im Donald Grimbley, pussy-boy lawyer, and I should know. I wasnt your big time LA lawyer, but the junior legal aide trying to move ahead. Not even close to the powerful litigator, but the meek library researcher behind the scenes. You know the type. You probably beat me up in school.
    But that doesnt mean my job wasnt important. I found the experts, researched the precedent cases, and even helped develop courtroom strategies a few times when they let me.
    A rising star at twenty-seven.
    Now, Im just another small town refugee from the crazy city of Los Angeles.
    A fallen star at twenty-nine.
    But before you feel too sorry for me, you should know that I didnt do too badly.
    I got my Beamer, a jade-green BMW 735, and a 22-year-old redheaded trophy wife, Kimberly, now estranged-wife, plus a gated two-story tutor cottage in the less ritzy section of BelAire.
    Life was good.
    But it was life in LA, a city filled with air pollution from a solid mass of vehicles crawling along at an average speed of 15 mph, noise pollution from the sirens of paramedic vans racing to gunshot victims, irate drivers leaning on their horns for no reason I could figure out, head-banging car stereo systems from wannabe rappers, overhead helicopters conducting car chases, and restaurant waits and commute times averaging two hours.
    That was on a good day.

    But I win when I choose
    And I can't stand to lose

    To make matters worse, my sexpot wife Kimberly spent more quality time with Michael, her hunky personal trainer, than with me. I knew she ogled other men; I knew they ogled her fit body, nubile pussy, and 38DDs, natural of course. They undressed her with their eyes, and flat-out fucked her brains out whenever they felt like it. Her stud muffin Michael penetrated her sweet pussy more than I did. And she liked it better. A WHOLE lot better according to her.
    But I have a confession to makeit turned me on. Im ashamed to say I hid in the closet and watched through a crack in the door. Watched and masturbated. Despite the humiliation of it, the insane jealousy of it, I likedno, lovedthe fact she fucked other men. All of them were better endowed then me, which of course, was not that hard to do. And none of them were sissy wimps like me.
    I got so rock hard in my panties and jerked off so often that my skin peeled on my poor cockette. It excited me to watch them touch her in places that I never could and take her to heights of ecstasy I could never bring her to. Maybe I wished I could be heryoung, nubile, fertile, succulent, and wet. It aroused me so much that I even maneuvered her into situations where she could meet horny mengirls night out, bars, parties, eventswhile I pretended to work late or go out of town. She loved it and II became shamelessly addicted to seeing and hearing other men fuck her. Real Men.
    Not that I was ever any good in that department anyway. I guess Im a natural born cuckold. After all, I AM a sissy wimp with a four-inch cockette. Good for licking, not for sticking. Its the sissy cuckolds motto. Mine anyway.
    Maybe I was a better lover when we first married. I was more fit then, but the sedentary life of two hour commutes and ten hour butt-glued-to-the-seat sessions spent starring at a computer screen or pouring over casebooks in the law library made its mark on my belly, my rear-end, and my everything else. I got as round and as soft as a girl.
    Not that I cared, mind you, but I was a misshapen, poorly endowed girl. Kind of a boy-girl, if you know what I mean. Perfect for panties.
    I was already slight of build, 157 pounds wet, 5 8, same height as Kimberly without heels, a little hairy (okay, a lot hairy), close-cropped hair like Tom Cruise. In fact I thought that I looked like him, but Kimi always laughed when I mentioned it. Tom Cruise, ha! Penelope Cruz maybe. But not Tom, not in a million years.
    She didnt know how prophetic her words were. Id give my right arm, maybe my left one too, to look like Penelope.

    But I can't always be
    The rock that you see

    I knew she liked the rugged, muscular, hard, well-endowed type.
    So I worked out and got laser eye surgery, laser hair removal, laser everything, but I could never compete with the likes of handsome well-hung hunks like Michael. I couldnt even get my share of her.

    When the nights get too long
    And I just can't go on

    Then Kimberly discovered I was a cross-dresser.

    The woman in me
    Needs you to be

    It was quite a scene really, worthy of at least one episode in a TV drama. Maybe two. Hell, make it a full-length movie. The rights are negotiable; Im a lawyer.

    The man in my arms
    To hold tenderly

    But she was not in a negotiating mood. Especially after she found my panty collection, my red 5-inch fuck-me heels, my shiny queen-size hose, my lace corset, the sexy mini skirts and blouses, the bras with fake boobs, the curly blonde wig, and the secret bag of trashy jewelry I liked to wear when she was away.

    Cause I'm a woman in love
    And it's you I run to

    I knew it! she said. I knew you were a fuckin pervert!

    Yeah the woman in me
    Needs the man in you

    She went nuclear and threatened to expose me at the firm. My choice was to ruin my career or to be taken for everything I had.
    Shes doing both.

    When the world wants too much
    And it feels cold and out of touch

    Thats why Im here in the tiny Indian-casino town of Pachinka, a hour north of San Diego, where I operate a modest law practice, networking with the local politicos, and running for town council in next months election.
    Trying to land on my feet.

    It's a beautiful place
    When you kiss my face

    Before shes through, shell probably take me for everything I have, except for the BMW and my panty collection, which she threw in my face the day she kicked me out. Believe me, I scooped them all upthongs, bikini-cuts, split crotches, and ruffles. And she taunted me the whole time, called me a sissy wimp, shouted it to the whole neighborhood if you want to know the truth. Pervert, sissy, faggot, and idiot, mustnt forget that one, were just a few of the choice words she hurled at me as I slipped sheepishly out the door with an armload of colorful stretch panties while the whole neighborhood watched.
    Im sure the gossip tongues wagged.
    So here I am, waiting for the divorce to come through, and reduced to getting my public sissy thrills at the gym.
    Theres the parking lot now.

    As usual, there arent many cars in front of the gym at two oclock on Sunday afternoon. An array of SUVs and jacked-up monster trucks, and a funny-looking red van with pink flowers painted on the side that even I would be embarrassed to be seen in.
    A light crowd, thats good; I can be more daring. And I plan to do just that.
    Today Im wearing pink panties and plan to change into workout clothes consisting of girls thin white shorts and my favorite baby blue v-neck top from Victorias Secret. Im also wearing a pair of girls Cross-Trekker trainerswhite with blue stripeswith fluffy blue turn-down girls socks. Blue with daring pink underneath are my girlie theme colors today.
    Theres a parking place in front of the entrance and I pull into it.
    Im careful to lock my girls red snap wallet in the glove compartment. A sissy-boy cant be too careful. I know from experience that wallets have a way of disappearing from gym lockers. Padlocks are not that hard to break. Im a lawyer; I should know.
    I grab my nylon gym bag, a sweet baby blue, and lock the car and go in.
    The young fresh-faced blonde guy behind the counter greets me with a smile filled with piano-key teeth. Why cant I have teeth like that? They look so feminine.
    He also smells like Dove soap. I can picture him in a white wedding gown on the arm of a Navy man in a soap commercial. All in white.
    I hand him my keys with the J&R Fitness barcode attached. He notices the yellow and blue daisy dangling from my key chain. He stares at it for a second too long. I know it shouts sissy, but I couldnt resist it. It was on sale at Target.
    Have a nice workout, he says, flashing his ten-kilowatt overbite at me.
    Thanks, I say with a fleeting smile back.
    Hes probably gay and I dont want to encourage him. Sure, Im wearing pink stretch panties, and my toenails are painted with three layers of shiny clear topcoat, but that doesnt mean Im gay, at least not yet.
    Oh, I know that Ill eventually suck a mans cock. Its what all sissies must do. Sort of a rite of sissyhood, I suppose. It doesnt make me gay; it completes me as a sissy, I think. But for now, its only a fantasy. I have to admit its a hot one though.
    As I stride in I see the muscle-bound weight lifting jocks toward the back left corner of the gym in their tight shorts and sleeveless muscle shirts. Shirtsleeves would never contain those pumped-up biceps and their shorts are at the bursting point from trying to restrain massive thighs. Compared to them Imwell, Im a sissy.
    Weights clang and bang and I hear a deep voicehorse no doubt from too much exertionsay, Come on, one more, you can do it, followed by a loud grunt that would be the envy of any gorilla in the wild. Its a large no-neck black guy working with an equally large white guy on the bench press.
    Ive seen these two here before. They act like they own the place. I certainly wouldnt want to be in their grip. Or would I? HmmmWould they complete me as a sissy? I can dream, cant I?
    On the second level overlooking the weight room, I see a couple of free incline bikes. Soon as Im dressed, thats where Im going.
    The mens locker room is through the hallway on the left past the office where they sign people up, and past the entrance to the girls locker room. How I wish that I could go in there and be one of the girls, or better yet, be a strong dominant womans sissified slave attending to her needs while she works out her superior muscles. But I have to pass it up. Its a good fantasy though and it gives me a little woody.
    Down the hall a few more steps and a right turn takes me into the mens lockers. Theres no one here and I amble to my usual locker in the back left corner near the row of sinks. Its lit like a movie set and theres a wall mirror over the sinks to watch myself when no ones looking.
    Luckily, no one has claimed 265, my usual locker. Its the one on the second row opposite the mirror.
    I feel like a sissy on a mission as I remove my beige Ocean Pacific shorts and green Polo knit-shirt. Since no one is around I stand exposed in pink pantiesVictorias Secret Body by Victoria, bikini cut, my favorites. Its a thrill actually, knowing that someone might see me. I suppose its like a dare. I dare you to go to the mens locker room and stand there for a full minute in nothing but your pink panties.
    I imagine that Im a hypnotized sissy slave and my owner has auto-programmed me to do it. Whenever you see a mirror, she says in her sweetest hypnotic voice, youll have the urge to strip to your panties and twirl.
    So I suck my belly in and twirl like a ballerina with my arms in the air as I hum my favorite song and watch my pink pantied ass spin in the mirror. Im the star of the gym.

    The woman in me
    Needs you to be

    My cockette stiffens. It always does when I do this.

    The man in my arms
    To hold tenderly

    I would be too scared to do it in front of the jocks of course.

    Cause I'm a woman in love
    And it's you I run to

    It would be too humiliating, not to mention dangerous.
    They would think I was gay, which, of course, is NOT true. At the very least they would call me a sissy, which IS true, but not something you want a bunch of jocks in the gym to know about you. Especially if youre a lawyer, and running for town council in this hole-in-the-wall Indian casino town.
    Im getting dizzy as I spin, feeling a little woozy. Maybe I AM hypnotized!

    Yeah the woman in me
    Needs the man in you

    A mans voice freezes me in mid spin.
    Hey, can you do me a favor?
    My God! I was so enthralled at watching myself twirl in my panties that I didnt hear him come in.
    I stop and grab my shorts like a man on fire. Except, Im a sissy on fire. My foot gets caught in the crotch in my rush to get them on.
    Then I put my foot into the wrong leg.
    What a spastic!
    Finally, like a struggling clown, I get both legs in and pull them up.
    Did he see my panties? I feel flush.
    How could he not have seen them?
    I need a spotterjust take a minute, he says.
    My face feels hot and I know Im blushing as I look up at him. Hes the guy I saw on the bench press when I came in. Hes at least six -two, muscular, definitely a body builder, and tan, like he works out at the beach, probably a muscle beach. His tight black stretch shorts and gray scoop-neck muscle shirt barely contain him. I stare at the crude tattoos on his big arms, chest, and legs. An unfinished naked girl is on his left bicep and the words, NO PAIN NO GAIN, is scratched crudely into his broad upper chest like it was made by a prison tattoo artist with a kitchen knife. It fits neatly in the scoop of his shirt, though. His muscles seem to flex by themselves and the spike-like tattoo designs that adorn his ankles and calves lift and fall as if driven by hidden motors.
    I-I dont know, I manage to stammer.
    Come onits easyjust take a minute. Ill show you how, he says with a hint of a smile on his tight lips. His head is shaved in that fuck-the-world skinhead look, sort of like a sinister Bruce Willis. He seems like a man you dont say no to. A Real Man who takes control. Not a sissy wimp like me.
    I pull my v-neck shirt on, the powder blue one from Victorias Secret. It has a small VS in calligraphy above my left breast. Not everyone knows what it means, but Im suddenly conscious of it.
    I worry that my pink panties show through the white shorts, though I dont dare look and draw attention to it. Im glad I didnt wear the silk ones with the bright red flowers.
    Normally, having pink show is not a problem since I dash up the stairs to the exercise bikes before anyone can get a good look. But to go into the weight room where the jocks areespecially dressed like thiswould be like a fluffy pink bunny hopping into a den of drooling lionsdrooling lions on steroids.
    Iuhdont think
    Im Ray, he says, extending a meaty hand attached to a vein-popping forearm. Ray Johnson.
    Donnie, I say quickly, not wanting to give him my formal name. I shake his hand like a limp dishrag. Like a sissy.
    Come on, he says, motioning with his head. Come on. He turns as if to go and sounds like he is trying to persuade a reluctant puppy. In a way he is.
    Follow me, just take a minute, he says again, waving me to follow.
    Hes so forceful, and yes, I admit it. Im a wimpy sissy-boy, a submissive pussy-boy, and I follow him like a pied piper out of the mens locker room, despite the fact Im dressed in white gym shorts with pink panties showing underneath, a Victorias Secret v-neck knit powder-blue shirt, and a pair of womans size eleven blue and white Cross-Trekkers with light blue fluffy girls socks.
    If someone is watching they will suspect hanky-panky in the mens locker room.
    Oh, and Im shaved too. Forgot to mention that. The laser hair treatment worked pretty well the first time, but I found out that you need multiple treatments. So I shaved my whole body this morning, including my crotch, and Ive never felt more like a sissy or more conspicuous then right now. Fresh-shaved skin feels so sensuous, especially my legs. I even get goose bumps in the cool air-conditioning of the gym.
    I suddenly realize Im following a muscle-bound skinhead jock with a tattoo of a black spider web on the back of his neck, following him like he has me on a string. This makes my little sissy cockette stir. I hope we can get this over quickly and no one notices my little protuberance.
    Theres only about a half dozen guys in the weight room, but a half dozen too many as far as Im concerned. I know all eyes are on me and I can imagine thoughts teleporting between them like: Whats this faggot doing in here? Yeah, lets take this sissy out back by the dumpsters and teach him a lesson.
    I notice most of them have their legs and arms shaved like me so I dont feel too bad, but Ill bet Im the only one wearing pink panties.
    Ray lies down on a bench that looks way too small for his wide body and positions his hands on the bar above him holding what looks like a carload of weights. Id be lucky if I could pick up one of them.
    Just grab hold with a light grip to keep it from getting out of control, he says.
    Im unsure where to grab it, so I put my hands inside his and try to hold it steady as he grunts and pushes up.
    Count for me, he says.
    I count as requested. I notice the bulge in his tight shorts, but I try not to look at it. Ive heard that body builders are poorly endowed, but, in his case, I can see its not true. I wonder what he looks like naked under those shorts. Would those thick thighs and that massive chest make even a big cock look small? Ive never ever sucked a cock, except in my dreams, and Im ashamed to say Im thinking about what it would be like with a Real Man like him. I guess a true sissy cant help thinking that way.
    Finally, the count reaches ten. I think hes going to stop. No, hes still going!
    I count to fifteen.
    He strains but, incredibly, keeps pumping.
    I reach twenty.
    His grunt as he pushes up on the last one echoes through the building. If there were any birds trying to rest their weary wings on the roof, he just sent them flapping away in fright.
    Help me get it back in place, he says, and I do, but I think my heart is pounding as much as his.
    A booming voice comes from my right. Hey, Ray, whos your new helper?
    I dont want to look, but I cant help it and I turn to get a sideways glance. Its the large black man I saw when I came in. Hes as solid as a six-foot steel safe, if you can imagine a safe with smooth black skin rippling with hard muscles and decorated with bad-boy tattoos. He makes a limp-wristed gesture and I turn and look towards the safety of the mens locker room, feeling a little faint.
    Ray sits up on the bench.
    Donnie, this is Jake; Jake this is Donnie.
    Hi, Donna, Jake says, making a little mistake I dont want to acknowledge. Any friend of Rays a friend of mine.
    He bares a couple of gold caps surrounded by ivory teeth and extends a hand that looks like he uses to karate chop down trees with. Redwoods, I think. To this, I offer him my limp sissy hand with my head lowered staring at his overdeveloped calf muscles. His grip is so tight there is no way I can get away from that black hand until he decides to let me go.
    My little cockette flexes from the forcefulness of it.
    Thanks, Donnie, good job, Ray says. You can run along now. Ill see you later, hon.
    My God! He called he hon in front of all these guys! I know Im blushing for sure! They will think Im his girl or something. Despite the embarrassment, or maybe because of it, my cockette gets instantly stiff. I need to get away from here fast!
    I wonder what the other guys think as I take large strides out of there and bound up the stairs two at a time to claim an exercise bike. Do they think Im his boy friend, his sissy boy? What did he mean by calling me hon? Is this macho tattooed weight lifter gay? Did he see me staring at his bulge? Did he read my mind?
    I pedal the incline bike like Im training to race in the Tour de France as I pretend to watch CNN on the TV hanging down from the ceiling. Mostly though, I sneak glances at Ray and Jake as they work out on the weights below. They grunt and sweat and their manly veins pop and strain as they pump up their muscles to the max. Real He-Men; the kind that Kimberly left me for. She would probably love them. And I would love watching them fuck her too. Even watching them now makes me feel more sissy than ever and my cockette stays hard rubbing relentlessly against my panties as I pedal.
    I see from the timer that my twenty minutes of pedal time is up and Im sweating like a pig-slut at an orgy. A sow, of course. The star of the orgy no doubt. I take a long swig from a cold bottle of Sparklettes water, wipe my forehead with a lavender hand towel and, when my erection subsides, scamper down the stairs to the locker room.
    I stuff my shirt, shorts, panties, and socks into my nylon bag and wrap a light blue bath towel around my waist to hide my shaved crotch.
    Theres no one around and I dont see anyone in the sauna either as I shuffle toward the showers in my flip-flops. I love the sauna and decide to take advantage of the fact its empty.
    Its horseshoe-shaped and I go in and sit down on the upper wooden cedar bench to the left of the door near the fake coals. Since no ones there I unwrap my towel and spread my legs. Its another thrill that turns me on. My shaved crotch and sissy cockette is exposed to the world, shouting, Look at me, Im a sissy!
    The smell of cedar and the hot dry air feels so good and I close my eyes and lean back to experience the sensuous sensations of the sauna.
    I try to relax and listen to the sizzle of the coals heating up.
    My smooth legs get slick from the perspiration.
    I hear voices outside. My eyes pop open and I bolt upright and grab my towel to cover up.
    The sauna door swings open, and before I can get my towel secured, in bounces a laughing Ray and Jake. I feel flush from the embarrassment of seeing them again. The quick cover-up movement of the towel probably looked to them like they had caught me pleasuring myself.
    Ray jumps up and sits on the upper level perpendicular to me, and for some reason, Jake stands at the door looking through the round porthole window as if hes standing guard.
    Ray smiles at me like a wolf whos spotted his dinner, and says, Hey Donnie, thanks for helping me out there.
    No problem, I say, smiling back, but trying to avoid his stare. I dont tell him I never want to do it again, ever. I notice that his legs are spread askew and his towel barely wraps around him. There is a bulge in the middle of the towel.
    My God, is he getting a hard on? Is he going to flash me?
    Ray says, Whats with the pink underwear?
    I knew it! Damnit! He did see!
    Iuh, like different colors, I say with a nervous laugh, trying to stay calm and hold my towel together. I look toward the door. Its well guarded by Jakes bulk.
    You a sissy? Ray asks.
    Uhno, Iuh
    I knew it, he says, and he gets up and slides over next to me almost touching my smooth leg with his smooth leg. I dont dare move away. My cockette gets hard again and I try to hide it in the folds of the towel.
    Nice toenails, he says, staring down at my feet.
    I become very conscious of the clear polish I painted on my toenails this morning, and now wish I hadnt. I can see them glistening in the dim light of the sauna, but I cant hide them, not now.
    I dont know what to say. Thanks, I manage. I try to keep them well trimmed.
    Ha, ha, Ray laughs, Theyre more than trimmed; theyre polished, like a girls.
    I know Im blushing like a ripe tomato now, but I hope that the heat of the sauna is hiding it.
    Ray seizes my towel, and before I can react, he yanks it open.
    I try to tug it back, but hes too strong.
    Look at this Jake. Hes shaved here. Smooth as a baby. Has a baby dick too.
    I look down and try to cover myself with my hands.
    He knocks them away and his voice hardens. Let Jake see, you sissy faggot.
    I dont like being called a faggot, but the commanding way he says it frightens me and I lower my hands to my side and look down.
    Jake turns toward me and leans in to look as Ray hold my towel open. Yeah, reminds me of the pussy-ass I had in the joint. I sure miss that sissy white pussy. We fuckin turned him out but good though. Last I heard, the faggot had permanent makeup and wore silk panties and a sun-dress full-time.
    My God, were these guys in prison?
    Ray releases the towel and I cover myself back up. He presses his leg against mine and he puts his hand on my thigh. His HAND is on my THIGH!
    It could be the sauna, or it could be the fact that Ray is caressing my thigh and sliding his grimy hand up under my towel, but I feel like a plump red cherry ripe for picking at a he-mans convention. I dont dare stop him. A bump forms under my towel and I see a big tent in Rays towel. A circus tent. I think it could shelter a couple of elephants. It probably holds at least one.
    Ray sees where Im looking.
    You want to touch it, dont you?
    Iuhneed to go, I say, and I try to get up, but Ray wraps his fingers around my leg just above the knee and squeezes. I have no choice but to yield to his strength and plop back down.
    Go ahead, touch it, he says. You know you want to.
    I try to think fast. Lewd acts are not
    What? Not allowed? Is that what youre trying to say? Ill show you whats not allowed.
    Jake laughs. Not allowed. Thats a good one. Hes got some learnin to do. Youre talking to the OWNERS of this gym, pussy. J&R Fitness, Jake and Ray, get it?
    Yeah, and I say they ARE allowed. What do you say partner?
    Fuck, theyre not just allowed, partner, theyre REQUIRED.
    They both laugh.
    Ray seizes my left hand and places my sweaty palm on his cock tent. He holds it there for a few seconds then lets go. I dont dare move it.
    Feel it, he says. Make it get bigger. I think it likes you.
    My hand is frozen so he grabs it and moves it around in little circles on his towel. He lets go and my hand keeps moving like a robot. I feel his cock getting bigger.
    Take it out, he says. He wants to meet you.
    He takes my hand and slips it under the front of his towel, wraps my fingers around his cock, then pulls his towel off with a flick of his other hand. His swollen cock pops out with my hand still around it. Im sitting here holding the cock of a naked man. Not just any naked man, but a skinhead pumped up bodybuilder who could force me to do anything he wants. And hes doing it. A rush of adrenaline shoots through me.
    He wants to shake hands. Stroke it, he says. Make him happy.
    Oh God. Is it going to happen now? What Ive always wanted to do? What a sissy-boy like me expects to do?
    It cant. It only happens in my dreams.
    It cant happen here. Not now. Not in this sauna.
    The truth is Im scared and excited at the same time. I must look like a wide-eyed blushing bride sitting here holding her husbands happy fat cock and wondering what to do with it.
    I feel like I have to do something so I stroke it without him forcing me. Its spongy and slick from the sweat and my hands slides easily.
    See, thats not so bad, is it, sissy?
    I can tell he likes it, but I cant speak. No, its nice, I finally say, and I keep stroking without much pressure, hoping he wont come. I just want to humor him long enough so I can get out of here.
    You want to suck it, dont you?
    You know you do. Do it now. Suck it sissy, you know you want to.
    He has a vise grip on my neck and he bends me down until my mouth is inches from his cock. Get down there, he says, pointing at the lower seat, and he pushes me down until I am on my knees on the lower slats, and he slides sideways so he is sitting on his towel in front of me and Im staring at the underside of his erect cock.
    I cant help but stare at it. Its at least twice the length of mine, which would make it eight inches or so, and Id say its between six and seven inches around compared to my puny girth of four and a half. Kimberly would probably orgasm just looking at it. If I werent so scared, I probably would too.
    I notice that it sticks up at a forty-five degree angle and has an upward bend toward the fat mushroom head. Its smooth except for a long vein that runs down the right side. It reminds me of a bull, snorting, nostrils flaring, ready to gore a helpless matador. A sissy matador.
    Kiss it, he says. Kiss the tip.
    His strong grip on my neck pulls me toward him until my lips touch the tip of his cock. I know hes not going to let me go until I do this. I close my eyes and give it a quick peck.
    What the fuck was that? He squeezes my neck. You can do better than that, cunt. Wet your lips and give it a real kiss, like a lover. Do it now.
    My neck hurts from his grip. I close my eyes again so maybe it wont seem so bad. I wet my lips with my tongue and give the tip of his cock a lingering kiss. The best that I can do. His cock responds with a twitch.
    Open your eyes, slut. I want you to see the cock youre making love to.
    I open my eyes. His cock is more engorged, the head shiny and purple. I feel like its trying to possess me.
    In the heat of the sauna its slippery with sweat and, like it has a mind of its own, my hand slides down his wet cock toward the baseball size balls. They are rough textured like old leather, and an angry dark red. I can smell his workout sweat, musky and salty.
    As I kneel here I feel submissive and feminine. I hear Shanias song playing in my head

    Yeah the woman in me
    Needs the man in you
    I need you baby
    Yeah yeah Oh baby...

    I feel dizzy, Im intoxicated. Intoxicated with lust. Its like a dream, only its not a dream. My knees hurt on the bare wooden slats. Theyll be red and sore tomorrow. He moans as I slide my hand upward to the top of his cock, just below the fleshy head, and push it back toward his stomach with my thumb underneath, pressing on the sensitive underside. Instinctively, I know where to press for maximum effect.
    A lustful force takes hold of me and I lean forward and lick his two balls like they are the Siren-sisters of Homers Odyssey, sweetly singing and beckoning to me, hither, come hither. They move and churn inside, stirring the cream that wants to come out. But unlike Odysseus, I succumb to their call.
    Yeah, thats it sissy. Worship those babies, he says, bending his head back and closing his eyes. Be a slutty woman for me, be my cocksucker.
    I kiss and suck on his balls, pull the skin with my lips, and blow on them with long breaths. His moans tell me he likes this. My moans tell me I like it too.
    I pretend the underside of his cock is a lollipop and I run my tongue the length of it with a long upward stroke from his balls to the sensitive spot under the head.
    His cock twitches and I feel his hips thrust as he lewdly spreads his legs wider for me. I lick and kiss on the top, side, and bottom of the head, then slide several more tongue strokes upward from the base of his cock to the tip.
    Damn! he says, and he lets out a guttural sound as his cock flutters.
    I decide to tease him like I know a real girl would. I move to his inner thighs and use my hands to spread his legs even more. His smooth thighs are wet with sweat and I lick his inner right thigh and kiss it, tasting his salt. I end just below his balls, where I lick the perineum, the tender patch of skin between his balls and anus. Then I do the same on the other side.
    He moans. Yeahyouve done this before havent you, sissy?
    The truth is Ive thought about it, dreamt about it, and even done it hundreds of times in my mind, but never for real, never on any man, not to mention a REAL MAN like Ray.
    Ummm is all I can say without stopping my licking.
    I thought so. Youre a natural born cocksucker. Bet your mouth is always full of dick and your pussy ass is wiggling in the air like a whore begging to be fucked.
    I dont reply.
    He slaps his palm against my right temple.
    Isnt that right sissy cunt? Youre a whore. You love to suck cocks dont you?
    I look up at him in shock.
    Y-yes, I stutter, hoping he wont strike me again.
    He hits me again. You will end that sentence with Sir.
    Yes, Sir, I answer, trying not to anger him. He has an edge to his voice and I feel him becoming my Master.
    My mind floats, like an erotic sex drug is kicking in, and my own little cockette tingles and leaks. I am past the point of no return as I slip his cock head into my mouth and slide it past my virgin sissy lips to give my Master what he wants. And what he wants is what I want to give him.
    I curl my lips under to avoid scraping him with my teeth. Its something Ive practiced at home with peeled bananas, but never one this big or this thick. I slide my lips slowly down his cock while looking up at him.

    The woman in me
    Yeah yeah Oh baby...

    Despite his warning, I close my eyes and lose myself in the sweaty aroma of his big cock and balls. My mouth and jaws are stretched to the max and my head bobs up and down as I slide my lips up his cock to the head and then down again until it tickles the back of my throat. I can only take in a third of his big cock.
    Open your eyes, bitch.
    I do as he says and his cock engorges more as my tongue darts and wiggles on the tender underside. I AM his bitch now, his slave girl, giving myself WHOLLY to the pleasures of his cock, the slurping sounds of my wet lips sound out the musical rhythm of a cocksuckers waltz. My sissy lips and hungry mouth dance seductively with his cock.
    I feel my own little cockette burning and I reach under my towel to give it relief. He jerks my towel off, throws it to the other side of the sauna and slaps my hand away.
    Dont touch that clit, bitch, he says. Did you hear me? Thats a clit and it belongs to me. From now on, you wont touch it until I say you can. And that means even when youre alone. Understand?
    Yes, Sir. I obey and return my hand to his cock, leaving my cockette, his clit, twitching in the hot dry air for attention.
    Yeah, do it you pussy-ass cocksucking whore, he says between moans. Youre my fuckin woman now. Be a sleaze. He leans back and shifts his hips forward with his legs spread as wide as they can go.
    My left hand twists the base of his cock, while my right hand moves in tandem with my lips like a piston, up and down. My tongue moves, flicks and licks like a nervous reptile.
    I kiss the tip, then lap my tongue from his balls to the underside of the head again. My mouth and tongue wrap around and slobber on the tip and shiny strings of saliva and pre-cum stretch between my lips and his cock.
    I am in a dream world, smimming with cock, soaked in sweat. I am a submissive sissy cocksucker with no shame, with just a job to do, and to do with perfection.
    Gotta get the cream, gotta make it come.
    His body stiffens.
    Oh, yeah, baby. He grabs my wrists, holds them above my head, and rises to a squat with my face buried between his big thighs.
    He fucks my face.
    My lips are a pussy, my tongue is a clitoris.
    Your fucking mouth feels sweeter than most pussies, you sissy fag.
    Hes in a frenzy, his cock rams and thrusts with purpose to the back of my throat. I gag. His thrusts are not tender, just primal animal lust, driving, dizzy, power fucking my pussy ass drooling face.
    He stands up straight, suddenly pops his wet cock out and rubs it across my forehead. He slaps me on both cheeks with it then rams it into my mouth again. He dominates me, using my face like a submissive cunt.
    Fuckin pig-slut.
    Hes doing it with a rhythm now, fucking then popping out, rubbing and slapping, then ramming it back in. Fuck, pop, rub, slap, ram, fuck.
    His pace accelerates and my hands grip his buttocks to hang on. His muscles tense. He grabs the back of my head and thrusts forward hard like hes trying to bore a hole through my head with his cock. He grunts and I feel the explosive squirts of hot cum coat my tonsils like streams of fresh milk spurting from a squeezed cows udder.
    Fuck! His face contorts from both pleasure and pain. You filthy cuntcocksucking whore!
    I gag and I feel my eyes bulge as he comes and pulses like an erupting geyser, spewing waves of slimy cum. Fuuuuuuuuck!
    It tastes pungent and sour and I swallow, trying to keep up, but I cant. My tongue is slippery with goo; it oozes from the sides of my mouth and down my chin. His cock thrusts and twitches, and spurts on my messy pussy lips.
    Yeah, you like that dont you, you cocksucker, he says through clenched teeth as he squeezes out the last drops of his cock cum into my mouth.
    My tongue wriggles, licks, and flicks at his cock to the end, like a cum-starved alley whore. I cant stop. I dont want to stop. My own cockette is on fire and dribbles like a sopping pussy.
    He holds my wrists over my head as he pulls his spent cum-coated cock out and rubs it on my forehead, across my cheeks and nostrils and in my hair. He cleans his messy cock on me like Im nothing more than a human towel. A girlie towel.
    Cum drips from my chin, streaks down my cheeks, my forehead, and flows into my eyebrows and eyes like milky lava.
    I close my eyes from the stinging.
    Lick it up slut, he says.
    Like a blind slave girl feeling her way, I lick the rest of his cum from his balls and all around his cock. What a mess! I cant believe that hes still hard, but when I narrowly open my eyes his cock points at me, mocks me like a triumphant bull, a haughty conqueror of little sissies.
    Finally, he releases my wrists and gets up. I stay kneeling with my eyes closed, my hands at my side. I feel like a slave, captured by a rapacious Roman army.
    Your turn, he says to Jake as he wraps his towel around him and jumps down. Hes a real cocksucking bitch.
    My God, I forgot about Jake! He watched the whole nasty thing! I freeze, hoping Jake wont notice.
    No such luck.
    Shit bro, Jake says. Did you leave anything for me? He jumps up on the lower slats and I sense his hulk looming over me like a black shadow. I hear his towel coming off and my eyes peek open, just enough to see an enormous black cock dangling inches from my face. He elects to stand, rather than sit. I cant believe the sight of his cock. It has presence. It looks bigger and thicker than Rays, and is uncircumcised, raw, and primitive. And black.
    It dawns on me. My God! He wants me to suck his black cock!
    My jaw aches and my kneecaps are sore, but I cant stop staring at his massive organ. Sure, Ive seen them in magazines like Black Inches and sometimes swinging to and fro in the locker room. What sissy hasnt? But never like this, never in front of my face.
    Its mesmerizes me and I do what every addicted whore in every sleazy back alley does without thinking. I grab his beautiful cock in both hands so I can feel the weight, the size of it. As it engorges I hold it up like a baseball bat and lick and kiss his balls.
    Whoa, bitch! He slaps my hands away. You dont get that shit yet. Were gonna do this my way. He turns around and bends over with his ass in my face. Beg me real nice to let you lick my ass, sissy cunt.
    I stare at his tight ass, right there in front of my face, round and concave on the sides, good for thrusting. This must be a dream.
    I said beg. Do it, slut.
    I hesitate.
    He turns around and slaps my face. Beg, you fuckin cunt, now!
    My cheek stings where he hit me. I feel angry, but at the same time, so submissive. The sensations in my cockette continue to control me.
    P-please, let me lick your ass, Sir.
    You can do better than that bitch. I said beg.
    P-please, please, may I lick your ass, Sir?
    He turns and slaps me again.
    Beg like a sex-starved slave girl. Fuckin whore. BEG!
    Oh God. Please, please, Master Sir, may your unworthy slave girl lick her Masters sweet ass?
    Thats better asslicker, he says. I knew you could do it. Youd best learn your place. Lick my ass now. Lick it and make love to it, he says. And youd better do it real good, like its your honeymoon sweetheart, or your assll be mine, for another kind of lickin.
    The smell is foul, worse than old sweats lying in the corner for weeks. But somehow I do it. I know its insane, but I stick my nose in his crack and lick, rim, and kiss his filthy ass, even penetrate him with my tongue like a tiny penis. Its nasty, VERY nasty. Im out of control.
    Thats it, pig, wallow your fuckin snout in that sweet ass. Its your lover and Master now.
    I hear the door to the sauna open, but I dont dare look up. Is someone else coming in? I hope not, not to see me like this. Maybe Rays going out. I try to get a sideways glance, but my face is buried in Jakes smelly ass crack and I lick and rim and kiss.
    Finally, he straightens up, turns around, and literally feeds me his cock like its my dinner. I struggle to get my lips around the thickness of it. Theres no way I can suck this monster.
    But I do.
    My lips and jaw stretch beyond distortion. Im sure that I look like a pig-face.
    I suck, I lick, I slobber, I kiss and tease. I peel back his foreskin and lick around it and kiss the tip. And yes, he fucks my white pussy face like a white-trash whore.
    It seems to take forever and Im numb now, my pussy lips so distended that I wonder if theres any elasticity left. Will they snap back to normal again or will I have permanent cocksuckers lips? I fear the later.
    I salivate to keep his cock wet and juicy; my whorish tongue keeps working, through it has no feeling now. I caress his stomach, his thighs, his ass like a lover.
    I am a sex fuck doll in a dream with an always open, gaping, lip-sticked mouth in the shape of an O, ready to be fucked by whoever wants me. And right now its a horny black man.
    He squeezes the sides of my head in his big hands and thrusts to the back of my throat, then stiffens and explodes with spurts of fresh cum. His burst is more powerful than Rays.
    Im not ready for it.
    It tastes sweeter, but feels slimier, and I try to swallow all I can, but I gag and his cock continues to spurt and cum lava flows out of my mouth and down my chin.
    He pulls out and shoots into my eyes and hair adding his own hot cum to Rays.
    Look up bitch, he says. Mouth open as wide as you can, tongue out, touch your chin with it. I do as he says and he squeezes the rest of the cum on my tongue and rubs the length of his cock on it.
    I cant see, but I hear the sauna door open and close again.
    Smile, sissy, I hear Ray say, and I squint, trying to see, but Im blinded by a bright flash. My god, he took a picture of my cum-soaked face! I try to turn away, but Jake twists my head around and I feel his hard wet cock against my cheek.
    Another flash.
    Then Jake puts his cock to my lips and slips it into my pussy mouth and pokes it hard against my inner cheek, tenting it out. He turns my face toward the camera.
    Smile for the birdie, Ray says. Another flash. That was a good one, he says. A sissy mouth full of black cock.
    I crack open my eyes and try to get up to my towel, but Jake grabs my wrists. No you dont, whore. Youre going to wear our cum outta here.
    Ray wads up my towel and I see something in his hand that looks like a pen. Then I see that its a marker, a red permanent marker.
    Hold him Jake.
    Jake holds my wrists in the air while Ray writes Sissy Cocksucker in bold red letters in the shaved area above my cock. He puts a decorative curlicue underneath and steps back and admires his work.
    Im an ar-teest, he says. We should have that tattooed on. What do you think, Jake?
    Yeah, looks good on him and it fits. We could have Jose do it. Hes a good tat-man.
    And gay too, Ray adds.
    Yeah, hed fuckin do it for free, if he gets a little reward after.
    Ha, ha. Hed love it!
    Ray leans forward with the marker. Just one more thing. Hold those lips still, sissy. He paints my lips red with the marker and I can feel that hes going outside the boundary, giving me a clown face. Yeah, thats better, he says. Like a whore, a kissin whore.
    You know how to kiss, slut? Jake asks.
    Uhyes, I say, afraid of where this is going.
    Whores dont kiss, fuck-face, Ray says. But you will. Youre gonna be a lover whore, a kissin whore. Youre gonna give tongue, kiss lips, cheeks, faces, necks, ears, everything a kissin whore should. Like a newlywed in luuuuv.
    Jake laughs. Thatll be fuckin fun to watch.
    From now on, sissy, you belong to us. And when you belong to us, you belong to this gym. Understand? Ray asks.
    Yes I feel weak and my painted lips quiver.
    Yes, what? Jake says, giving me a slap on the side of the head.
    Yes, Sir, I say in a low voice.
    If we say suck cock you will fall to your knees and do it, no matter where, no matter who. Youre a kissin suckin sissy, arent you?
    Yes, Sir, I say again. I can taste the red ink on my lips.
    Jake here is your new personal trainer, Ray says. Hes not cheap, but hes the best. One hundred bucks per session. Hes going to whip your ass into shape, or maybe just whip your ass. Ray laughs at his own joke. On your knees with your ass up, slut.
    You a virgin, sissy boy? Ray asks.
    I cant speak. Nothing comes out.
    Ha, ha. Yeah, hes a virgin all right. Jake laughs. Let me see that pussy-ass of yours.
    Jake grabs my knees and twists until I turn around. He puts his hand on my back and pushes my head down until Im kneeling and my nose touches the lower slats with my ass stuck up in the air. The submissive female animal position.
    Look at this sweet bubble butt. He pokes his fat index finger an inch into my ass.
    Shit, hes tight. Hes a virgin all right. Smooth as a baby and ripe as a pussy peach. He twists his finger right and then left. I moan, partly from the pain, partly from the eroticism of it, but I dont dare reach for my cockette. Rays clit, I mean.
    Youre gonna be proud of your big juicy pussy-ass before were through with you. Youre gonna be a faggots wet dream, Jake says.
    Ray stares at me hard. Say youre a trashy whore.
    Tears are running down my eyes as Jake twists his finger.
    Say it! Ray slaps my face.
    Im a trashy whore, I say through my tears.
    That doesnt sound like a girl. Say it like a girl, now!
    My voice goes up in pitch and I whimper.
    Im a trashy whore.
    You can do better than that, sissy, he says. Say youre a fuck-slut.
    I try to sound more like a girl this time.
    Im a fuck-slut.
    Youre a sissy girl, say it like a girl, damnit! Say youre a sissy bitch.
    I try to put myself into a girl mode. Im a sissy bitch, I say, hoping that it sounds better this time.
    You need a shit-load of work, he says. But when were done, youll sound like a girl. Youll walk, talk, and think like a girl.
    And fuck like a girl, Jake adds.
    Fuckin right, Ray says. Youll fuckin BE a girl. A kissin suckin fuckin girl doll!
    Jake slaps my ass cheek hard. We want you back here on Tuesday at the same time, shitface, ready to be fucked.
    B-but, I have to work
    He slaps my ass again. Tuesday, get it? Dont you dare be late if you dont want these pictures to get around, like to the town council. Im sure mayor Bixby would like to see them too. Not 1:59 and not 2:01. You be here at 2:00 p.m. exact.
    My God! How does he know about the town council and the mayor?
    My choices are dwindling. Yes, Sir. Tears flow down my cheeks.
    See this. Ray is holding something red in his hand. I stare at it in disbelief.
    Its my wallet! Hes holding my girls red snap wallet! How?
    He sees the look of shock on my face and smiles. A little crowbar work, got your car keys, opened up your glove compartment. Thought you were hiding it didnt you?
    I reach for it. Give me
    You can get it back Tuesday, slut. Maybe. Depends on how you do. Ill leave your ATM card in your locker. Youll need it to withdraw some cash for the purchases youre going to make. Ill keep the other cards.
    B-but my drivers license? I-I need
    He pulls the wallet back. Just hope you dont get pulled over, he says. Youre going to be busy tomorrow.
    No buts. Listen up, cunt, heres your instructions for Tuesday. Youd better get everything right. You ready fuck-face?
    Yes, Sir, I say in a low voice of defeat.
    Wear pink hot pants, I like terrycloth best, with white stripes down the side, Ray says. And get some frilly pink ruffled panties, not the plain-Jane kind you had today. I like frilly and lacey, and everything pink.
    I-I dont
    Do as I say sissy. If Im going to fuck your ass I want you more feminine. I know you want that too, dont you sissy slut?
    I cant speak.
    Say it cocksucker. He slaps my other ass cheek even harder. Tell me how much you want to be my woman.
    Tears flood my eyes again. I really want to be your woman, Sir.
    You do want me to fuck your ass and take your virginity, dont you?
    Y-yes, Sir, I do.
    Beg me pussy-ass.
    I whimper like a girl. P-please fuck me and take my virginity, Sir.
    Its gonna be fun training you the way we want, cunt-lips, Jake says.
    Yeah, and your first lesson is coming up now, says Ray.
    Ray grabs my arms and crosses my wrists behind my back and ties them with a piece of rawhide. This knot may tighten a little here in the sauna. He laughs.
    Yeah, Jake says. So, you better work fast. Before youre through youre gonna suck every cock in this gym that wants youtwice.
    And when youre ready well turn the women loose on you, Ray says, smiling.
    Theres some tough lezzie mommas goin here, Jake says. Theyll love dressing you like their little girl and having you lick their smelly pussies with your slutty tongue.
    Like Greta, Ray laughs. Shell put your hot-pants ass on the back of her bike like a pussy-ass trophy. But dont worry. We wont give you to her until we need something from her. But shell get her moneys worth when we do, you better believe it. Youll be her live sissy manikin.
    Spread your legs, bitch. Jake hits my thighs, spreading them on the cedar slats.
    Put your fuck finger in your ass. Do it now!
    Im beyond embarrassed, but I feel like a defeated slave who willingly submits to the wills of strong Masters. My wrists are tied, but I manage to reach back and insert my middle finger in my ass about half an inch.
    More, he says. Deeper!
    To make his point, Jake grabs my hand and twists and pushes my finger in until its past the second joint.
    Fuck yourself with it.
    I move my finger in and out. I feel nastier than nasty. Im an asslicking, cocksucking, filthy cumeater. I am what Ray and Jake want me to be. And now, I am fucking my own ass.
    Shave your legs and body for me tomorrow, cunt. I dont like fucking hairy sissies, and I dont like stubble. No hair except on your head, and youll wear a wig until your natural hair grows long like a girls. A blonde wig. Comprende?
    Yes, Sir, I say through the tears.
    And dont you dare touch that nasty little clit of mine before then. I want you ripe and horny for me. Itll make you a nastier sissy. And I like nasty sissies. Pink nasty sissies. The nastier, the better. If you touch it Ill cut it off. It belongs to me. Understand?
    Yes, Sir, I wont touch it. I promise, Sir. I keep sliding my finger in and out.
    Like I said, I like pink and I want your toenails painted hot pink. And wear pink lipstick and slap on some lip-gloss too. I want you to look and feel like a total woman slut when we fuck you. And before were through, you WILL be. Youll like that wont you sissy?
    Y-yes, Sir, I say still sobbing.
    When you get here, stand by the red Ford van in the parking lot, the one with the Mad Dog sticker in the rear window and the pink flowers on the side. Thats our sissy-cunt wagon where we keep little sissies like you.
    Where we fuckem, Jake adds.
    And where were gonna fuck YOU, little sissy, Ray says. The whole gym knows about the van. Youll be a star around here, in high demand.
    Youd better be carrying a purse too, Jake says. And put some Astro-Glide and some condoms in it. Trojan XL Magnums.
    Id go with two dozen, Ray adds. And if the pretty salesgirl asks you what theyre for, youd better tell her theyre for your boyfriends, Ray and Jake.
    Yeah, Jake says, Everybody in town knows us, and before long theyll know you to. He laughs. When were done Im gonna put your sorry ass through a workout youll never forget. Youre gonna have a shapely girlie figure inside of six weeks. Diet and exercise, diet and exercise. Before you leave the gym, youll be so trim and dolled up youll look like youre coming out of the fuckin womens locker room.
    In fact, when Greta gets hold of your sissy ass you WILL be coming out of the womens locker room, Ray adds.
    Wearing a slut collar, says Jake. They both laugh.
    Ray slaps my ass again, then wraps his towel around his waist and goes to the door.
    Keep fucking yourself for a full two minutes after we leave. If I were you, Id practice with a dildo and get some butt plugs, big ones, and get an enema too. See you Tuesday, cocksucker.
    They leave, taking my towel with them.

    Im naked on my knees, sobbing, tears dripping on the hot lower slats of the sauna. My lips are painted red, like a clown, my wrists are tied behind me with rawhide, and my cheek is pressed against the wooden sauna seat while I watch the door and finger fuck myself. My toenails are polished and Sissy Cocksucker is written in red above my little cockette.
    I know I said that I like the risk of exposure, but if anyone should come in, well, this kind of exposure is ridiculous.
    As I fuck myself, I think about what just happened.
    I sucked not one, but two cocks for the first time. Not just any cocks but my Masters cocks, including a black one. A BIG black one. I even licked his ass.
    Guys who dominated me like a helpless sex doll.
    Guys who just got out of prison.
    Theyre going to fuck me, in their van, in the parking lot.
    On Tuesday.
    Then theyre going to make me work out, dressed like a girl.
    They want me wearing pink hot pants, even a blonde wig, and carrying a purse filled with Astro-Glide and condoms.
    They have pictures. And, they have my wallet.
    I have no choice. My mind races. Ill shop at Charlotte Russe tomorrow for pink hot pants and a top. And Ill go to Victoria Secrets for pink ruffled panties and a pink push up bra. Ill use my Angel card. I might as well go all the way and get pink socks and pink shoes. I saw some leather Champions at Payless with pink soles and pink laces on them. And theyve got some cute girls socks, white with pink lace tops. Ray did say he likes frills and lace. And everything pink.
    Ill need to take a bubble bath Tuesday morning and give myself a thorough full-body shave. And I need a new blonde wiga page-boy would be niceand pink toenail polish and pink lipstick and lip-gloss. If Im going to pass as a girl, Ill need lip liner, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. Might as well get a whole new makeup kit. Its going to be a busy day for me. Mustnt forget the dildo and the butt plug and the enema and the purse and the Astro-Glide and the condoms. Ill need to make a list. I could use some new jewelry too.
    Theres no way I could fit all this into my lunch hour. Ill notify my secretary, Nancy, that Im taking the day off and to cancel all my appointments.
    Two minutes of fucking myself seems forever, but I think its time. I sit up, but with my wrists tied behind me I cant wipe the cum from my face and eyes. I dont even have a towel to clean myself with. I try to remove the cum by rubbing my face on the seat, and some of it comes off. I feel so nasty now that I lick it up so it doesnt make a mess.
    I try to scrape the Sissy Cocksucker off my crotch on the edge of the cedar seat and only manage to smear it. If anyone comes in now theyll think Im fucking the seat.
    I dont try to tackle my red lips. Itll take serious scrubbing with soap and water and a rough cloth to get it off.
    Somehow, Ive got to get my hands untied, get out of here stark naked without a towel, go across the room to my locker, stand on the seat and unlock my combination lock. Unless its broken, and it probably is.
    Will anyone see or smell the cum on me? If theres anyone there they will surely see my grossly painted lips and the writing on my crotch.
    The thrill of exposure makes my clittyI mean Rays clittyhard, but my hands are tied and I cant touch it.
    Not that I would if I could. I must obey.
    Ray and Jake are so dominant, so powerful. They have a dark side, a dangerous side. They have a power over me. With them, I am so needy, so horny, so nasty and out of control. With them, Im a submissive sissy who does what she is told, without hesitation, without question. I want them to fuck me. To make me a complete sissy.
    Im thinking about the pictures they took and what it all means. Im running for town council. Its so sudden. What demands will they make? They think they own me.
    I think theyre right.
    I hear voices outside.
    My body freezes.
    How am I going to get out of here?
    The other hard-muscle jocks are coming in from the weight room.
    Two, three, a whole gaggle of them.
    Their workout must be done. Usually, Im showered and gone by now.
    I strain at the rawhide around my wrists, but its tight and getting tighter.
    Then I hear one of the body builders say, Hey, guys, check it out. Look at this fuckin sign. Then I hear another guy read it.

    For your enjoyment weve added another benefit to our gym,
    A sissy cocksucker! See inside.
    Please use mouth only for now.
    Untie when done.

    Lets check this shit out.
    My heart pounds and my cockette throbs. Im becoming what Ive always wanted to be, what I know down deep I am. Theres no turning back now. I AM a sissy cocksucking slave girl. A fuck-toy to horny menREAL MEN.
    The sauna door swings open
    Im glad for the clown lips; it makes me harder to recognize.
    In my best girlie voice, I say what Ray and Jake would want me to say.
    I belong to Ray and Jake, but I know they want me to please you. May I suck your cocks? Please. I say, looking down. Please let me suck your cocks like a girl.

    Yeah the woman in me
    Needs the man in you
    I need you baby
    Yeah yeah Oh baby...

    And I do.
    I suck them all and kiss and lick them everywhere. All four of them.
    Two of them twice.
    They finally untie me and let me go.
    I shower to wash away the cum and to rub off what I can of the red marker.
    My knees are sore, my jaws hurt, my tongue is numb, and my lips are stretched beyond their natural limit. Permanently, I think.
    Someone lends me a towel.
    Theres no point in hiding my sissiness now. Theyve all seen me. Ive sucked their cocks, licked their asses. They know Im a sissy cocksucker.
    I dress in my panties and put my sissy clothes on in full view of everyone.
    Somehow, I manage to stumble out to the car.
    I see a note on the windshield, shoved under the wiper blade.
    Its addressed to Sissy Cocksucker.
    I read it.

    Hi, sissy Donna!

    Thats going to be your new name! The only name youll answer to from now on. Hope you liked Ray and Jake. I sure did. Theyre Real Men with Real cocks, unlike you, you perverted sissy. Youre going to be their bitch now, just like me. Were going to move in with them and, guess what, YOU are going to be the WIFE and the MAID!
    Isnt that what you wanted, wimp? Theyre bi and want to have us both. Isnt that a hoot? You can watch them fuck me and make me their whore and Ill watch them fuck you and make you their sissy bitch.
    Im their slave too, but make no mistake, youll be MY slave, and youll do as I ask. And Im going to ask for everything.
    Oh, and I have a new girlfriend. Her name is Greta. Ray and Jake introduced me to her. Shes nice, but a little rough around the edges and wicked with a cane! I think youll like her. But it doesnt matter, because I sure do!
    Shes teaching me how to be more dominant. And Ive learned hypnotism too! You want that dont you? Well, youre going to get it. And youre going to be our guinea pig! Or, should I say guinea-pig-slut! Its going to be so much fun dressing you and training you and making you our little sissy!
    I think we should celebrate by renewing our vows, dont you honey? Only this time, YOU will wear the wedding dress. And remember that Hawaiian honeymoon you promised me, but never gave me? Well, were going to have it, and guess whos coming with us? Thats right, Ray and Jake! Its only fitting since they are already the best men and our new Masters.
    By the way, I dont think your little thing is going to be much use to me from on, so Ive decided to keep it locked up. Greta wants to hold the key. Dont worry, honey, Im sure shell let you out once in a while if youre REALLY good!
    Guess thats it for now. Enjoy yourself Tuesday with Ray and Jake and whoever else shows up to use you in the sissy cunt van. Youre going to see first-hand how Real Men fuck and why I like it so much. Wish I could be there. Ill watch the video later!
    Well set up house on Wednesday with Ray and Jake. Theyll take the master-bedroom with me. You get the storage room. Oh, I almost forgot, theyre going to give us a free membership to the gym! I cant wait, can you? Small town life is going to be great!

    Your born-again Mistress,


    P.S. Ray and Jake plan to open up a tanning salon too and want me to help run it. I think they just like the idea of me running around in a bikini all the time. (Not that they need to, I happily go nude for them). Arent they sweet! I KNOW youll want to use your influence to grease the way for them, zoning and permits, that sort of thing. Youll do their legal work for free, of course. I already have a post-nup agreement youre GOING to sign, darling. Its fair, I think. Gives me everything. Oh, I forgot to mention, they have a pool and a doghouse in the back yard! Isnt that perfect!
  2. Mistress Michelle

    Mistress Michelle Magical Mistress

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    6:41 AM
    Well.....that was an excellant story dollyanne!!! Is there a continuation of it or are we left with our imaginations??

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  3. dollyanne

    dollyanne Sissy who loves pink frilly things!

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    Thank You for the compliment, Mistress Michelle! Dollyanne is so glad You liked it! Unfortunately, there isn't a continuation to this particular story, but dollyanne has other stories and will try to post them soon. Thank You again for Your kind words of encouragement!

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