Hidden Fantasies Chapter 3

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    Chapter Three - Confronted with Erotica

    One of the advantages my wife had with her profession was that she got to set her own hours, while I had to conform to the standard nine to five schedule. She apparently found my stash and waited to confront my on her own terms.

    That night when I came home from my work my wife called me from the dining room. When I entered I saw that she was sitting at the head of the table with her legs crossed, and my whole stash of erotica, including the letter that I had written.

    Come here and stand by me, she ordered.

    I stammered, Honey.

    Be quiet Brian, she said. She then picked through some of my magazines. I found these when I was looking for something else. You seem to have a very kinky side that I didnt know about.

    I cannot tell you how scared I was at that moment. I found it extremely difficult to hold back my tears. I thought that my marriage was over. I kept repeating, Im sorry. Im sorry. until I finally started crying.

    Carol stood up and embraced me. Its okay sweetie. she whispered. I understand. You have special needs and Im going to help you live the life that you desire.

    It took a moment, but I looked at her in disbelief. Carol I didnt really mean those letters.

    Nonsense! she said sternly. She sat down and cross her legs. She then snapped her fingers and pointed to the floor. Kneel.

    I couldnt think so I did what she said.

    She reached toward me and held my chin. Now we both know that this is what you need. It will strengthen our marriage. I want you to understand that I am doing this because I love you. Your deepest need is to serve me. You know that you are powerless to disobey me.

    She released my chin and stood up. She looked down and me and calmly commanded me, Take off your clothes.

    I stood up and took off my clothes. I didnt know what was going to happen, but at least she wasnt totally pissed at me.

    She then handed me a pair of her panties. Put these on.

    I complied.

    She then handed me a frilly pink apron. Now put this on.

    After I put the apron on I waited in silence for her to continue.

    She stood up. From now on you will wear panties as a constant reminder of your subservience to me. In fact the panties will be my own dirty panties that I wore the day before. She reached down and stroked my cock. You see honey, this arouses you. As your wife I have a duty to deal with your sexual needs, no matter how unusual they are. She started walking toward the living room. Come with me. You have chores to do.

    Okay. I said.

    She turned to me and said. From now on you will answer me by saying either Yes dear, or No dear, is that understood.

    Yes dear. I answered.

    Once we were in the living room she sat down and turned on the TV.

    Theres a bottle of Chardonnay in the refrigerator, open in up and pour me a glass. Once you finish that you will start dinner.

    Yes dear.

    I served her a glass and then started cooking dinner. I thought about the position that I was in and decided that it wasnt all that bad. Wearing my wifes panties and serving her would be a small price to pay for the rewards of her interest in doing some kinky sexual things. I started to fantasize about all of the things we would do together. I actually felt lucky, because she could have been very pissed and maybe asked for a divorce.

    After I finished fixing dinner, she had a small list of chores for me to complete before bedtime. I was informed that from now on all of the household chores were my responsibility.

    During the evening I had to constantly refill Carols wineglass. Every time I did this she made me stand while she raked her fingers all over my pantied bottom and genitals. It was difficult getting through the chores with a constant hard-on. I just couldnt wait until bedtime.

    It took me several hours to complete my chores. Later during the evening Carol insisted that I kiss her fingers when I served her a glass of wine. She would even call me from my chores just to have me kiss on of her fingers. Afterward she would fondle my cock and slap me on the ass to complete my chores.

    Eventually I was finished and Carol said it was time for sex. I followed Carol into the bedroom and threw off my apron and panties. I smiled eagerly at my wife.

    Put your panties back on. she told me. I looked at her in disbelief. Sex means satisfying me with your tongue. I want you to take your time and kiss me from my toes up my thighs. While you are pleasuring me I want you to realize how lucky you are to have such a sexy and caring wife.

    After I pleasured my wife I had to masturbate for my own release. She forced me to keep wearing the panties and added a nightgown to my sleeping ensemble. I also had to sleep on the floor. I went to sleep that night not knowing what was to come next.
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