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Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by pulledthem, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. after a email change i finally received my confirmation so i can now introduce myself i like being locked but cant do more than 36 hrs at the moment ive tried many different cages 4 metal 3 plastic even a silicon one (a waste of time ) so i will keep trying and ask my wife to be tougher on me and not give in as easy and release me, is this how most people new to chastity feel or just me being soft
    anyway hi all
  2. Welcome to CM I am sure you will find lots of interesting things and people !

    Xx Wendy
  3. I get to wear mine every work day. I don't stay locked all the time. I'm only locked while my wife is at work. Any device can be escaped from so I feel that there is no point in going through the night time erection issue unless my wife told me to... And she agrees that chastity is a good decision, but doesn't want to be involved for now... So every day use is not a problem for me..

    So why do you need your wife to be tougher on you? You should be tougher on yourself... Is she letting you out because you are asking her to? Maybe you should ask her to say no if you ask her.

    Just saying.
  4. Welcome. I think you will find, if you read through the various posts here in the Mansion, each person is different. Some folks can do long term lock up without issue, while others have a hard time (no pun intended) getting through a single day. Take it at your own pace and you will find a level that works for you and your KH. Happy journey!
  5. Hi and welcome to the mansion hope you enjoy it. I keep saying this give your body time to adjust, being able to wear any device long term is something you need to build up to. The first thing is to make sure of a good fit once you have this you can slowly extend your lock up times don't try to do it all in one hit give yourself some breaks then try again you will get to where you want to be it just needs time. good luck
  6. Welcome. I went through several cages when I started. What I learned is that unless you buy the real thing, the knockoffs are not good for more than a few hours of chastity. I eventually bought a custom Jailbird and that enabled me to stay locked up for the next four years. It is very comfortable.

    We started with one week of chastity and gradually in increased it by a few days each time until we reached 4 months, which is where we are at now. I will warn you that many posts you find in blogs and some lesser forums are fantasies. You can go crazy trying to live them. They require many hours of your wife's time to be your Keyholder and magically bestow a desire to do the laundry, cook and clean.

    Read the articles below for real explanations of chastity. It was not until my wife and I stopped trying to do chastity as we read about on various blogs, many written by single guys living their fantasies online as we later found out. Design your version of chastity to fit the two of you. As this blog will say, the husband has an orgasm every week and that is the way they have been doing it all along. It fits their needs and provides fun. All I can say is that if you want to do chastity as you ongoing sexual life or wear a cage all the time, a customs made device is the way to go.


    This one is a study by a Ph.d and refers to other studies. It tells about the FDA accepting the CB line as medical devices and the real effects and benefits to male chastity. It also talks about the medical benefits and one problem. Chastity builds up your testosterone but can result in an benign prostate enlargement, which I have since we have been doing this long term denial for a few years. I had my doctor check and he said that it was enlarged but no sings of lumps or problems. I did not tell him that I was in chastity but will if he grows concerned about it. I have posted many times that
    after I orgasm, I feel drained of energy and this article explains why.

  7. If you can't do more than 36 hours is it because of pain.discomfort or you just need to take it off to play?
  8. Welcome. Thought my wife/KH might be tougher with longer lock ups to, but on average I seem to get about 5 to 6 days at a time. The longest I've gone is about 2 weeks. I think the time you get locked up is based on the needs and desires of your KH. I had to put many of my expectations and fantasies, some of which included the idea of much longer lock ups, aside for the needs and reality of my Bride. Monday thru Friday she keeps me caged. If I'm good, I usually get to go free on Saturday and Sunday.
  9. thanks for all the info seems like its just a case of taking it slowly and building up a tolerance will keep at it :)
  10. "Tolerance" is the name of the game. ;)
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