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Hi all - Sizing and sleep problems

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by funlovingjc, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I am relatively new to chasity as my girlfriend and I have only recently bought a CB6000 (from my initiation).

    I love being locked in it and love being teased/denied. I am also a MtF trans (transvestite, but possibly transgendered).

    What I am here for is help with long term denial/locking and getting the most discreet but comfortable experience. (I can't wear my CB6000 under a skirt)

    So, my first question and advice seeking will be about my CB6000. I have two base rings that I am trying. One allows my whole penis to get an erection and then the cage just sits on the end. I can get almost completely hard with the tube/cage sat at the end of my erect penis. The base ring has slidden about an inch or so down the shaft of the penis with the testicles stretched out a bit. Its not exactly ideal. I want something that will stop this. If I wear the next size base ring down, then I cannot get hard at all, but its quite tight. During the day this isnt a problem, but at night, when I get morning wood, it can be very very painful (see below).

    So my first question is: What type of sizing should I be looking at for the base ring, should I be able to get a good erection (e.g. larger ring) and/or should I look at shortening the length of the cage with a shorter spacer (its already making my penis sit pretty much at the end 80% of the time, with some room when I am completely flacid).

    The second: I wake up with a huge erection which is quite painful. If I am in the smaller base ring then my erection is pretty small, but my penis is swollen (I actually prefer no erection as it seems proper). BUT, my stomach/insides above my penis are really really paniful/aching. Its almost like my blood is pooled there and/or I am straining myself internally. Any advice? Is it too tight? If I wear my larger ring then I can get a big erection, though still uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advice on how to reduce the morning wood or get it to easily go away so I can go back to sleep?

    Apologies for cross posting: I am new to the forum so if I do not get a response I hope I am ok to post the questions in the CB forum area.

  2. These are some tough questions to answer. First of all most male chastity devices are not designed to be discrete. So thats a tough one. They do make full belts for transgendered(though some call them shemale belts which I know may be derogatory to some). Neosteel is one of them, they are expensive.

    As for the device being pulled away from your body, that is a common problem, really only a belt will stop that but again they are expensive.

    Usually the key to a good fitting device is when your member is kept as small as possible with the ring tight enough for one finger to fit inside to the first knuckle.
  3. First off it takes a lot of time to work up to wearing it 24/7. Your skin needs time to toughen up. Most who rush it will experience unneeded pain. Bigger rings will cause more skin irritation because they are free to slide up and down your scrotum. Plus give you the problem you have with the cage pulling away. You should use the smallest ring that you can which is why you need to get used to it slowly. The smallest ring will not be comfortable for 24/7 out of the box.

    The way to tell if your ring is the proper size is that it should be tight enough that only your finger tip can fit under it. If you can get more than that under the ring, it is too loose. Also keep an eye on it to make sure circulation is not cut off. Feeling too tight is not the same as being too tight.

    Nocturnal erections are part of the deal. They will get less over time as you get used to wearing your cage. I have had two this month and that is about average for me but I am 66. No matter what ring size you use, your cage will pull away due to your scrotum skin being elastic. A smaller ring will not help much. I had to go with a custom cage to get one with a short enough cage. My cage is 1 1/4" long but still I can almost get a full erection at night. Not during the day as I am more readily aware of the pain. You also have the gap and how low your balls hang to contend with.

    My wife likes to keep me locked during sex to avoid accidents after a few weeks of orgasm denial. I do not like it, not because of my penis being locked but because my penis tries to get erect which makes the ring dig into my balls and bruise me. They get sore for two days that way. Unlike the fantasy we all read online, chastity cages are not as good as portrayed. You can easily mastrubate when locked up and if you use a lot of cold water you may be able to pull your penis out. You really have to have some self restraint and want to be chaste. Nothing or no one will be able to do it for you. You need to want to do if for someone.
  4. Hi ineverknew and Vinny,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me! It is much appreciated. Apologies for not replying sooner.

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    ineverknew: You said "Neosteel is one of them, they are expensive", do you know of others? (And yes, I find the term Shemale derogatory, but I appreciate it is also a specific term used for the sex industry. I like to believe that a lot of people understand the difference in terms). To keep it simple, and partially because I am unsure as to where I fit yet (councillng pending) I refer to my self as 'Trans'.

    Vinny: I agree with wanting to be kept locked up. It is me that is the driving force. I do not try and cheat because I do not want to. But what I want is ideally not to be able to 'easily' get out and also for it to prevent masturbation, prevent as much access as possible and also for it to allow for long term wear. I am thinking metal is better than plastic due to the cleanliness and smell. During my current wear (CB6000 for 3 days so far) I have realised that I need a much smaller device. When flaccid there is a lot of space left in the cage.


  5. I had the night problem with the cb3000, when the 6000 series came out I went with the cb6000s and it helped with the night problem to the point of most nights it does not bother me. Started with the largest ring and slowly working down in size.
  6. @funlovingjc@funlovingjc, Sorry I don't know of any others. Neosteel is the only one I know of. I don't know what size your member is but they do make chinese devices that are very cheap and some come in really small sizes, like 1" long. That could be pretty discrete. But this smaller device will scrunch things up and most likely cause some discomfort with night time erections. Sorry but the industry has yet to come up with something that works and is discreet for your type of use. Most are big and clunky lol. The only other suggestion I can think of his to find a device that works and maybe hide it with a gaff. If thats possible, not sure. Just a suggestion, when you start wearing a device especially at night things can become uncomfortable, thats naturally going to happen, with time things will not be as bad, your body will get used to it. But don't force yourself, theres a difference between discomfort and pain.
  7. Thanks ineverknew. Much appreciated.
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  8. Is the Cb6000s much smaller than the Cb6000 no s?
  9. The cage is shorter so you can not grow as much.
  10. If morning wood is making the balls feel like they're on fire (CB6000S), is it most likely ring size, or spacer? I was in the middle ring (1.75"), with the next to shortestt spacer, and last night was wild ride for about an hour. This morning, I begged my KH to let me swap parts, and she lovingly let me--now same ring, with one size larger spacer (now the next to the longest). Any similar experiences would be appreciated.
  11. @butterfly@butterfly, its most likely not the ring per say but the chaffing the ring does to your scrotum when getting night time erections. Try some 2 toms sport shield on that area before bed and you should have less burning.
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