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Help me to choose a device

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by STRINT, May 10, 2017.

  1. Hey guys!

    I'm fairly new here (21/M). I have bought a spiral stainless steel chastity device from uberkinky but it was big for me.
    The cage length was 8,5 cm, my flaccid is around 8 cm. My other problem was that I have high hanging balls and they were constantly pushed to the tube which caused pain (which was beyond discomfort).

    I want to buy a low-mid price tag (max 50$) knock-off device. I would like like to ask for some help since the market is too big and there are a lot of hit or miss deals.

    I was thinking about getting a HTv2 knock-off from eBay. I found a seller on ebay, he got two different versions (barely noticeable price difference).



    What do you think about these?

    One more question: since the 8,5cm was big (my foreskin gently pushed against it, but not my actual penis), should I go with the regular version (6 cm) or with the small version (4,8 cm).

    Thank you in advance! :)
  2. As I just told someone else. if you insist on buying knockoffs you may end up like me. I spent more on buying cheap knock offs than it cost to get my custom Jailbird. As for you balls going into the cage, that is easily solved with a proper sized ring. The ring should be tight but not tight enough that you cannot get a finger tip under it. If you wore it correctly there is no way in heck that your balls can get into the cage. Only if your ring was larger than needed, would that happen.

    You can ask for advice as to which device to get but if there were one best device, no one else would sell different ones. What works for me may not work for you. The same is true with everyone else here. We all have our favorite device and preferences. Those Chinese devices usually do not fit you in all the different areas that are measurable. Do you know you ring, gap and cage sizes? Your device must meet all three sizes to be comfortable and fit well. Hard to find a ready made one that has every measurement you need.

    Probably more than 90% of men who buy chastity devices will stop using them after the initial excitement wears off, especially if they self lock. The marketing manager of the CBx line said as much in an interview a few years ago. Chastity has very few followers because the reality f it is not like the fantasy where your brain is not flooded with hormones screaming at you to fulfill your purpose in life; to reproduce. They are powerful hormones and one of the reasons most dot no go without an orgasm for more than a few weeks at a time. It took me year to get to the point that I can go 2 months without distress.

    The other reason is that many buy their device based on price and not a good fit. The CB6000 clones have a ridge around the ring that irritates many while the real one is smooth. With others, the measurements they advertise are close but not perfect and as I have learned after spending lots of money on many inexpensive devices, an eighth of an inch can make a difference between comfort or pain. Even the angle of the cage matters. Hinged rings will irritate you at the hinge over time. I spent $500 on many ready made devices in search of one I could wear 24/7/365. My custom made Jailbird cost me about $250-$300 and is so comfortable that I have worn it for 4 years with as much comfort as I wear my wedding ring.

    There are many who buy the inexpensive rings but I do not know anyone who does long term chastity in real life, who uses them. They are great to wear if you want to decide if chastity is for you and to learn what you really need to be comfortable for everyday use. So many get sore after a few days of wearing an ill fitting device and then quit chastity. Then again you can only get what you can afford. I've spent more than $300 on whips and canes when I was into BDSM and that is not counting all the other gear I bought. No one said fetishes are cheap. Even cuckolds have to pay for motel bills and condoms. :) An inexpensive device is good to test the waters but keep in mind that you may end up sore and then have to buy another device and then another and another, like I did. If you end up liking chastity, at least get a name brand real device to give chastity a fair shot. Good luck.
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  3. Thank you for your advice, what are the main named brands, are you able to provide a list of links to check out. Thank you for your help x
  4. MaleChastityNow has a neat semi-custom option that might help.

    It's $155 and called the Adaptus.

    The base ring is smooth and fully custom, and Mark modifies the length of the cage to suit you desires. He also cleans up the welds to ensure comfort and safety. I've ordered Chinese made cages with rough welds that would have cut me. It's really hit and miss.


    You can use the basering with the fully-custom jewelry-grade stainless-steel Contender when you want to upgrade.

    I wear the Contender, not the adaptus, and been happy with his work.
  5. The Holy Trainer is a decent design. I have worn one before I went metal.

    I would go with the shorter version. Shorter is better and that's not a fantasy-driven piece of advice.

    It is harder to keep clean for extended wear. And you might need to sand down the seam along the middle.
  6. Hey there strint,
    You have a valuable resource right here on CM Mistress Mature Metal, the owner of the company of the same name that makes probably the most comfortable trapped ball device available, is a member here. Provided you get your measurements right, i can attest to their comfort and ability to be worn for long term. If you don't achieve the correct sizing they have great customer service and they can usually make alterations to your device so that it fits more comfortably. Take a look at their site.
  7. One argument in favor of the knock-offs is that for the price of a 'real' device you can own many. Granted the quality varies, but amongst the cages I own are some well made and fine-fitting devices. This approach also allows you to test-drive some metal and plastic to find out what style cage is best for you. For instance I found out I like the tube-type cages, but they need to be removed often for cleaning. Also some cages are really for play only, but can be very fun in the context of a scene. These can be worth picking up and don't cost very much at all.

    The advice is similar to buying a motorcycle: learn to ride on a cheap bike until you find what it is you really want. Also some words of wisdom from the boating world in the form of a question. Q: How many boats does one need? A: Just one more.
  8. Thank you guys for these kind answers! I'm a youngster with no income so I rather stay with some mid-price item. I have found a full-belt called LoveJail (fetish felix), which seems good. Problem is that there are only a few reviews on it. Still digging deeper to get some :O
  9. I c
    I can attest to the superiority of Mature Metal devices. I have been locked in their "Watchful Mistress" model for over five years now. It is comfortable and easy to keep clean while completely denying me access to my little penis. My wife/KH loves it and keeps me locked on a full time basis.

    I had to send it back once after a few years for a fitting adjustment, I think because my penis got smaller. Mistress Mature Metal handled the adjustment quickly and I have had no further issues.

    Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but then the best usually is. Highly recommended.

  10. I have been using a Chinese device for the last several months. Nighttime erections are a problem but I think that most of my issues are related to the hinged ring that I am using versus a conventional solid ring. I completely agree with you that once you get into this desire, it kinda takes over your head and things feel weird when you are not wearing it.

    As a result, I am considering moving to a custom cage instead. Following the measuring recommendations, my flacid length is about 3". If you take away the space for the ring and the gap, that brings me down to about 2 1/4". Several people have noted that a smaller cage is better than a bigger cage and that a common error is to order a cage that is too long. So, do I order a cage that is 2" or should I order a cage that is 1.75"???

    What do you think would give me a better fit?