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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by able_one, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

    I'm 43, married and new to chastity. Not sure why, but after years of being the dominant, a few months ago I suddenly started fantasizing about being locked up by my wife. Though she's enjoyed being the sub for our 10 years together (mostly bondage, some S/M), luckily she was open to it so I've been caged for a couple months now.

    She's enjoyed it as much as I have. It's been impressive how naturally she's come by her new role as a KH. She totally gets the orgasm denial, teasing, etc. She's come once or more, daily, since we started by oral, vibrator, strap-on, etc.

    I've been in a CB-6000 24/7 with releases (and orgasms) every few days. It's been pretty comfortable and almost fully secure. Unfortunately, I can pull-out with some effort (though I can't get back in and I can't get my balls out). Even though I haven't cheated, just knowing I could pull out has reduced some of the thrill because I really want to be locked beyond my control.

    So a couple days ago, I took the plunge and got a P.A. piercing and ordered a Steelwerks Extreme cage with the P.A. lock. By the time it arrives in a few weeks, I hope to be healed enough to begin using it. I think she was a little concerned that things might drop off since I got pierced but so far, that hasn't been a problem. I've continued to provide her orgasms while I anxiously await the ability to come again - and soon enough, be fully locked.

    Hope this hasn't been too long.


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    Welcome to the site, and fear not, we LOVE long introductions and posts. We're all gossips here!

    From what I'm seeing, it's not uncommon for Dom men to suddenly go submissive. I guess it takes time to see the light. :anim_37:

    Enjoy the site, and let us know if you have any problems.
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