Guilt and Punishment

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by sissy moan, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Dear Superior Mistresses and Masters, Bulls, cuckolds and sissy sisters,

    in view of her post "Miss Rike and the little pervert" in her blog this sissy wants to ask for Y/your opinion about the issue of the natural guilt that seems to be related with being a sissy and what consequences would be appropriate.

    To avoid any misunderstanding this sissy first wants to make clear that she isn't talking about male2female Transsexuals who from her point of view are real Women with something extra.

    According to Wikipedia "sissy is a pejorative for a boy or man to indicate that he fails to behave according to the traditional male gender role". And - if this sissy might add - a sissy obviously as well isn't able to preoccupy the Female gender role. So even if a sissy might be well aware of her lacks and might try to fit into her demaled role in society there seems to be an indispensable aspect in her mental conditions that is clearly related with her genetic xy-disposition.

    Apart from the main result of Miss D's wonderful experiment with dollyanne it also shows another very important detail of every sissy's mental condition: it obviously isn't just pretty easy to train any sissy to be addicted to sissy porn and to induce a slut delirium by denying her any relief while being exposed to appropriate stimuli. But it is also just too obvious that the main drive behind this phenomenon is the fact that every sissy is born with the hormonal imbalance and the sexual urges of a more or less male body.

    So, if she may, this sissy wants to talk about herself for an example:

    As Y/you might know this sissy has been a true sissy as long as she remembers. In fact she has been raised as a gurl by her own Mommy and of cause it was her Mommy as well who had been her one and only role model until she became old enough to look for Women like Pamela Anderson, Gianna Michaels or other Women who are loving to show herself in an explicit way.

    But to tell the full truth this sissy doesn't feel the desire to be feminine because she wants to become a Woman ... she simply wants to become utterly feminized since she feels the desire to get as close as possible to each and every attractive Woman she is looking at or thinking about. Yes, this sissy has to confess that from the beginning of her puberty she is used to fall in love and desire with all good looking Women and that she really starves to touch and feel and taste Their wonderful bodies and to smell Their beguiling fragrances.

    This for sure is just the natural sexual reaction of any genetic male person. And indeed this reaction even might be appreciated by most - straight - Women since it seems to match with Their own natural needs and Their usual behavior and expectations. But this biological agreement only make sense if it is with a real Man who wants to be close to a Woman. Only with a real Man a Woman will be able to find Her full sexual fulfillment as well as a high fertility and the further protection for Herself and Her children.

    But what if it is just an impotent sissy like this one that is feeling this desire? Wouldn't that be just an unbelievable fraud against any Woman since She of cause has every right to expect much more than just a little bit of snuggling and sharing Her panties? And if it is already a sign of male chauvinism when a real Man sees a Woman as His potential sexual object wouldn't it be even worse if a sissy like this isn't able to stay clear of this mental porn video but indeed desires every Woman she sees? And if she is addicted to the heaviest porn and to peep at every attractive Woman in any intimate situation she is able to watch?

    This is the reason why this sissy is totally convinced of the inevitable guilt of each sissy including herself and the fact that they have to atone for their pure sissy nature. And for sure there should taken serious measures against their nasty habits:

    • To stay chaste sissies should submit to each dominant Woman who would like to control their sexuality and to help them to restrain their raging hormones.
    • To avoid any misinterpretation sissies should be forced to show every Man and Woman that indeed they are not a special kind of Men but pathetic little sissies only.
    • And to avoid any kind of hidden harassment every Woman who might be endangered should be informed about the sissy's nasty thoughts and the fact that She could be an object of the sissy's sexual desire.

    To come to the conclusion this sissy thinks that a sissy should be regularly punished and humiliated to stay aware of her true conditions. And of cause all Superiors should know about Their natural right to pull down every sissy's panties and to spank her naked ass wherever or whenever a sissy just seems to feel sexual desire for a Woman and her Owner isn't around to do so.

    And if the sissy isn't able to control her nasty thoughts and behavior she deserves to be subjected to the same harassment that she obviously expects every Woman to accept from herself: So in this case she not just should be forced to wear her frillies wherever or with whom so ever she is but as well to become as feminine and sexy as all these sluts she likes to see in a Woman. And in the end it really should be an appropriate training method if she is forced to develop her own set of real big breasts and a full and fuckable rounded bottom and as well a sweet and sexy face with a pair of full and red lips every real Man would love to kiss and to use for His own pleasure!


    sissy moan
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    Thank you for sharing Sissy; this was a very interesting read and has given me a different perspective to think about.

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