Green Eyes Pink Satin - Chapter 6 - The working week

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    It was hot. It was cramped. ralph couldn’t even stretch his legs out in the satin sleeping bag in which he lay. It had been hours, and he had got broken sleep but nothing surmounting enough for work tomorrow. On top of that he knew he was up at 5am to begin cleaning the bathrooms again and making Joanna her breakfast. He thought back to the beginning of the day and how much already his life had changed, still in utter disbelief that he could find himself in this position. But still, he had control in his work life and once he left the house in the morning in his suit he was under his own rules again.

    He was already running through how the next week would go and how it would fit in with his new tasks. He had decided to steal Joanna’s phone when possible and find out who, if anyone, had the video and then delete it at source. He would “work late” one night go to their house and wipe it clean after being charming and getting through the door.

    But first things first, he needs to lower her guard. Play along Ralph, you’ll get there he thought. He drifted off again against the pipes that ran along the floor in the cupboard and finally got some sleep which was well overdue.


    Joanna lay in bed in a silk and lace black night dress. She last wore something like that back when she was trying to impress ralph but now she wore it to exert her femininity and because she wanted to. She had more orgasms today than she had in the last year embarrassingly enough but she had fun. She stretched across the bed diagonally and thought about ralph in his hold downstairs. He hadn’t seen the alarm clock she set in the corner and so expected it to be a sharp shock when that went off at 4:30am. Before going to bed she had written the list of chores and tasks to complete before waking her, leaving it pinned to the stairs for him to see when he came out. He was in for a shock.


    The trill of the alarm made ralph sit bolt upright and smack his head on the stairs above. He panicked and started waving his hand round in the dark in the vague direction of the noise. He finally found the offender and dampened it under his satin sleeping bag before feeling for the button and stopping the noise. Bloody annoying thing. He was awake, no doubt about that and he pushed open the door to see the moonlit hallway and the start of the break of dawn. Rubbing his head he crawled out of the space and stood, stretching his limbs and back after the most uncontrollable night sleep. A sodden balled pair of panties laid next to the sleeping bag, obviously expelled some point through the night.

    ralph’s jaw ached from the gag which must have been in place for most of the night. He rubbed his jaw and cheeks as he accustomed himself to the dim moon light. In the light he saw a sheet of paper stuck to the stairs and picked it up and took it to the kitchen, switching on the little lights in the cooker to avoid blinding himself in the early morning darkness.

    “Dearest ralphie,

    This morning to remind you I expect the following completed in silence without disturbing me:

    • dress in your maid outfit, clean lingerie and neat tidy appearance.
    • clean the guest bathroom
    • main bathroom
    • downstairs washroom
    • wipe kitchen units and worktops
    • put on load of washing and hang out
    • hand wash my underwear from yesterday
    • prepare my breakfast and serve me at 6:45

    You are expected to do this every morning without fail. You are expected to be on time and ready to leave for work at 7am. You will get ready after serving me breakfast at 6:45am.

    I have woken you at 4:30 today, being your first day, I expect you to rise accordingly in future to meet errands.

    Your loving Mistress

    Joanna XX”

    ralph scoffed, the ante had been raised again. He scratched his head and felt down to the steel cage now gripping his manhood. He wasn’t sure how he could last the week working hard and getting up early and performing quite so many duties - maybe one week will be ok and after that he should have that video and normality can resume. He looked round and saw his uniform hanging up above the heater. Joanna has got it in and ensured it was dry and ready for wear. ralph shook his head, she hadn’t put a step out of place - everything was planned to perfection.

    ralph walked over to it and stroked the pink frilly satin, his cock tweaked and he started to unhook the outfit from the hanger. Stepping in, he began to pull up the outfit and secure it in place. New stockings and panties were neatly folded to the side and he soon was a vision of pink lace again and ready to serve.

    Checking his list he began to ready the cleaning utensils and bottles required to clean the already clean bathrooms. He knelt into his cupboard where he now slept and picked out the panties and unfolded them checking for stains. They were pretty good apart from one area which stuck together and obviously hadn’t been wet last night. He decided he didn’t have time to do anything other than gag himself again pushing the dry part on his tongue and felt the tingle and taste of his mistress. Immediately, like a drug, he felt submissive and ready to serve. Flattening and neatening his skirt he headed to the bathrooms to begin a soon to be familiar routine.

    It was 5:40 before he was done with the bathrooms and he loaded the washing machine for a 45 minute cycle and began hand washing the panties from last night. He thought he might be able to wash the ones in his mouth but didn’t want to take the chance to be caught cheating so sucked extra hard and continued his duties. Panties were washed and the washing machine completed whilst he polished the worktops and tidied the kitchen. He had made good time and was pleased with his work. Next though he wasn’t so pleased, a dilemma soon appeared as he held the wet washing next to the back door staring at the washing line in the garden. He had to go out and the sun was starting to rise, he knew the more he hesitated the more light would be present and more chance he was spotted. He opened the door, and tentatively took a step out in the pink satin uniform and peered to the left and right hoping not to see even a cat passing. He shot out and worked quickly pinning the items to the line and ensuring they were hung properly like Joanna had insisted last night. It felt like minutes were hours, and he couldn’t rush fast enough to get back inside as soon as possible but soon he was back in hiding behind the curtain peering out to check the windows of the neighbours. He decided that tomorrow he would start with the washing, he could get it out before it was light and make his life easier. In fact a lot of what he was doing could be made easier, a clean bathroom was easier to clean, the hand washing could drip dry whilst he cleaned the kitchen and he could prepare breakfast as the sun rose and he could have a coffee waiting for 6:45. That would be tomorrow, today was tighter for time, it was 6:35 and he frantically got out the cereal and put the toast in the toaster whilst the coffee percolator finished it’s slow incessant drip into the waiting cup.

    He hesitated outside of the door, did he knock, did he just go into his own bedroom? He decided to knock, he waited for he thought was an age before he heard “Enter ralphie, right on time”

    He walked in with his frills catching the sun through the blinds and walked over the bed. Laying there in the silk and lace was his wife, a hand caressing one of her nipples through the material as the other lay tantalisingly on her midriff. He wanted to jump on the bed and fondle her, he wanted to take control of the situation and push his cock into her, but he was dressed as a maid, his cock was locked away, and he held breakfast for one on a tray.

    Joanna sat up and gave ralph a smile, he had actually followed the orders she thought to herself. He actually did it! Breakfast in bed, clean house, compliant ralph, this was amazing. However it was time to make sure ralph knew he had a long way to go before he got comfortable.

    “Well well well, ralphie this is good. A good start. Now, time for work, go and have a shower and then come back with your underwear reapplied.” “But..” ralph tried to interject, “no, no buts, stockings and panties back on after and then we will talk about the panties you were meant to clean overnight” ralph had left them by the sink, shit he thought.

    He walked to the shower and disrobed. As he stepped in he noticed the thermostat handle was missing, a big hole where the handle was screwed on. “Joanna, what’s happened to the shower?!” He shouted out. Behind him Joanna laid in bed still eating toast. “I took it off. Until you reach level 50 you don’t get to choose water temperatures, you are currently at level 10” she spoke slowly and softly. “What the fuc...” “level 9” “Joanna!” “It’s mistress, and Level 8. You really don’t want to be below level 5. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn...” ralph stooped. He knew he was stuck, she had the cards stacked against him and he had to play along. He turned on the shower and stepped in. Shit! It was freezing cold. No heat at all. He jumped out as turned to Joanna. She watched intently. Goading him to call out to test her. Once alpha male vs new alpha female. ralph turned and re-entered stepping on the edge away from the stream of icy water. He cupped his hands and applied water to his body as required. It wasn’t pleasant but he managed. He was out quickly and grabbed the towel and held it around his shoulders. It was freezing and he was shivering but Joanna’s smile told him he had pleased her.

    ralph walked out and then remember his underwear. He put his lingerie on as his wife watched. He felt embarrassed as he bent forward and pulled the stockings as the thong rose up his crack. He was super humiliated but there was nothing he could do. He finished and finally stood there in a pink pair of panties and black stockings, shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands. “what now?” Joanna shot the look again “... mistress. Sorry it will take some time.” “Be quick” Joanna shot back. She had work still to do, it was clear. The 100 point ladder was Miss A’s proud suggestion to ensure obedience. He had showered in the cold, he had stopped arguing, maybe it worked. Time will tell.

    “Put your suit on, pick a shirt and be ready in two minutes.” Joanna ordered. ralph shot across the room and picked his suit out of the empty cupboard, pulling on the trousers over his stockings and panties. The sensation of the trousers on his stockings felt amazing, stroking his legs and keeping him on the edge of arousal already. He pulled on a pink shirt and tucked it in and finally pulled on his jacket. From the outside he looked normal apart from his stockinged feet. He walked to his underwear drawer and opened it for socks to find none. He checked the second drawer and found one pair of balled up socks that didn’t look familiar. He unballed them and took a second look. Frilly at the tops, short at the ankle, these were ridiculous. “You get dress socks at level 10” until then, you’ll just have to hope no one notices your ankles at work won’t you? What a shame you kicked off this morning, you’d have been in your cosy socks if you had followed my orders. Now, either put them on or go without - your choice”

    ralph decided without was better, marginally. He stood there when he had put his shoes on, head held low, a truly beaten man. Joanna wasn’t finished. “You have £20 today pocket money. Including your travel, so spend wisely. Your money is now my money, so I want you wallet and cards - now.” It took every bone in Ralph’s body not to rise to it, he walked across and gave his wallet over. Joanna inspected it, took out a £20 note and gave it to him. “Now, run along, have fun, I expect you home at 7pm when you continue your duties”

    Just like that ralph was dismissed. Panties, stockings, cage, £20 and stunned in silence. Level 8? Was that what he was? He needed 10 soon as possible. 50 quicker than ever. He wondered if he got more money as the levels went up too. Maybe. At the moment he had just enough for a small sandwich after travel. Travel took almost all of it. No coffee, no sweets, just a single solitary sandwich. This was punishment. He never thought he would appreciate money and what life he had quite as much as he now as he did now. He took the stairs and walked out of the door, it clicked behind him. He didn’t have his phone, in fact he hadn’t looked at it in days, he had no idea where it was.

    He would have to correct that tonight, he needed it to find this woman with the video. He needed it to get his life back on track, he could pay for things with it. Suddenly he realised his phone was his way out of this. But now, just for today, he would get through the day by her rules. He walked along and felt the heavy cage swinging in the flimsy panties and stockings making his trousers ride up showing his ankles. He developed a habit of pulling his trousers down every couple of strides before he worked out he could keep them in place better by pushing his hands down in his pockets. Then the other side of the dilemma hit, that exposed his waist band of his panties. Jesus this was going to be a long journey.

    He finally got to the station and paid with the note for his travel. £15 gone in a flash. £5 to last the day. He boarded the train and took a seat opposite a beautiful lady with immaculate legs and heels, skirt to the knee and just her cleavage slightly on display. He felt aroused and normally would ogle at her for the entire journey. He loved nylons, the shine, the look, the hint to what was beneath. But this time he felt her looking at him. He didn’t understand at first, normally he was a ghost to people on these trains but she had a sly smirk as she looked at his eyes. Maybe the cold shower had made him look fresh? Then she darted her eyes down to his feet. Looking down his stomach fell out, his ankles on display, the nylon fabric too thin to be socks. He stood up immediately and walk down the train. There was no denying that. He walked down red shamed and found a place to stand. Shuffled his trousers to make sure his legs were covered and stood motionless pleading the journey to be over.


    That journey to work made the rest of the day pleasurable. He would never complain about work again, the desk hid a multitude of sins and he sat there all day, deciding to skip lunch as there was too much risk to head out. He would get something with his £5 on the way home, to tide him over and eat bigger tonight. He worried all day if his shirt had untucked, if the waistband of the panties were showing, if he looked flush in the face from the weekend of pure torment, did the cage bulge out of his trousers? He needn’t of worried, he was ignored by all but he knew what he was hiding beneath his clothes.

    Without his boss Anne in the office this week, he had a more relaxing day. He wasted time and did the minimum to get by. Anne was a strong woman and he didn’t see eye to eye with her. He should have had that promotion not her. He wanted to show her up, make a spectacle of her. He was purposefully delaying a big report to make her look silly, and this week off was perfect to waste another week. Time went quickly and much like awaiting an exam, he was soon watching himself prepare for the big test.

    He had learnt from the morning how to stand, walk and attract no attention. He used his new skills to get home without fuss. What a horrible way to travel, what a horrid feeling to have to watch in case you showed too much, not to make a spectacle of yourself. He realised this is what women who dress well must go through every day. A new found appreciation rose inside him. He stopped by the newsagent on the way home and got a stale sandwich and drink, 50p left over. £20 was doable but left him exhausted, hungry, spent and tired. He got to his door and realised he had to knock.

    He knocked and waited 2 minutes until he finally saw movement inside. Joanna opened the door, ralph almost fell over with the sight. Joanna stood in he highest of heels, short leather skirt and black jumper, with her legs incased in black nylon and her hair pulled sharply back into a pony tail. Her make up was amazing, her skin white, lips deep red, and eyeliner flicked up at the corners. ralph has a soft spot for dark eye makeup and Joanna’s green eyes were lit up by black smokey makeup. He did something quite unimaginable. ralph dropped to a knee, right on the door step. and started to weep. “Come in ralphie, let me make you feel better.” Joanna almost whispered.

    ralph followed Joanna into the living room, and Joanna took a seat on the sofa. “Take off your silly boy clothes and lay with your head on my lap” she offered. Affection. The first thing she had offered him that wasn’t double sided, didn’t have a humiliation attached. He quickly disrobed leaving himself naked apart from the lingerie. He got on the sofa, laid across and put his head on her leather skirted lap. Tears still rolled down his face and pooled on the leather where he laid. Joanna didn’t say much else for the next hour, she just stroked his hair and ran a hand over his back. He felt the love and warmth he once had before he threw it all away with his silly behaviour. Just as he started to drift off he felt the stoking hand grip his hair firmly and slowly pull his face round to between her legs. He knew what this meant and didn’t have to be told what to do next. He rolled off the sofa and knelt between the legs and moved his head back between her. Joanna didn’t offer anymore, his face just between her thighs and unable to touch the silky panties just out of reach of his nose and tongue. Joanna reached for the control for the tv and switched it on, leaving ralph just held there between her legs. She raised her feet to his shoulders, knees on the shoulder and ankles crossed squeezing him tight between her thighs, he naturally was pressed forward into the silk and was engulfed in her scent and moistness, unable to penetrate just smell and taste her whilst she watched her programs.

    ralph hadn't eaten all day really and his stomach was growling terribly. Joanna heard it. “I’m enjoying your worship, stay whilst I order us some dinner sweetheart” Joanna tapping on her phone. No choices, no questions, food ordered whilst he smelt Joanna and pushed his face into her warmth.

    “20 minutes. That’s quick! Well that’s your timer too then. I want an orgasm before the food turns up. If you don’t l, you answer the door like you are. If you do, I’ll feed you dinner” she had that sly smile again. ralph started pushing with his tongue trying to push the silk panties into her slit, using his nose to rub the clit as he desperately tried to get Joanna aroused. She started to breath deeply and opened her legs wider, this was working. 5 minutes passed and Joanna was no nearer, he started to panic. He began to use his teeth to try to move the panties to the side but he was held firmly between the thighs and couldn’t move his head to the side to clear the space. Again he tried, this time chewing in the panties until he had the front of them in his mouth - now he had nothing to lick with, so he pushed his nose into her and whilst pushing the panties out of his mouth he rubbed his face up and down her. He finally got the sodden panties under his chin and was able to kiss her on her vagina. He French kissed her like in a movie when the solider comes home from battle, long sensuous sucks with a tongue flicking through the lips time and time again. Joanna held his head tighter, pulling him in closer, her thighs started to shake.

    “Ding dong” went the front door. ralph froze... Joanna pushed him away with her foot and he fell back to the floor, face wet and hair damp. He looked at her as she shook her head “I am afraid you lost. Now, get our dinner ralphie” ralph laid still unable to move. He wasn’t able to even stand. “Ding dong” went the bell again. “Answer the door or you will soon be level 7. Now!” he finally stood and walked to the door, his cage swinging loosely in his panties. He took a deep breath and pulled open the door half way, hiding behind it. “Thanks” he muttered as he took with an outstretched arm the bag and the rider turned away. He shut the door and his heart was beating super fast.

    Walking back into the living room he put the bag down and went to grab plates. “Just one plate ralph” came the order. He rolled his eyes, what else could she do to destroy him?! He walked back with a plate and two forks. He had no idea what was ordered but he didn’t care, he just hoped there was a lot of it. “Level 30 give you a plate. Level 45 give you a fork” she said removing the second fork and placing it by her side. It was Chinese, and soon she was serving food for herself whilst ralph stood watching on. “Oh you want some don’t you. Level...” she began laughing “joking honey, you will always get food. What did you eat today?” ralph explained he only had a small sandwich all day and Joanna chuckled as she fed herself. “And the change?” She held out the hand as ralph rummaged through is suit on the floor. He gave her the change and she put it to her side. She carried on eating whilst ralph was almost dribbling. He needed to eat badly.

    Joanna kept it going for 5 more minutes, very aware of the situation and how her poor husband was literally shrinking in front of her. Exactly what was expected. Eventually she gave in, swipes the food from her plate to the floor and told ralph he could begin to kneel and eat with his hand behind his back. The humiliation was final, he couldn’t resist burying his face in the food and doing as told, he was too hungry and tired to care. He ate every scrap, licked the floor, and then licked the splashes on Joanna’s shoes without being asked. He was finally contented and sat at her feet as she crossed her legs and dangled a heel inches from his face. Without prompting he took the heel in his hands and began to kiss it delicately.

    “Good boy. You are learning. However now is not the time. Get your uniform on, you have laundry to get in, floors to hoover and mop, bins to empty, ironing to complete and washing up to do and put away.” Joanna stared at ralph with the firmest of looks. It meant don’t even try it and ralph knew it. “When done you can put yourself to sleep in your new home. I’ve left you some nightwear, I expect you to be silent, compliant, and tomorrow repeat the chores of this morning. I expect you to be at the door at 6:45 sharp. Now, Go!”

    He sulked off and found his uniform in the kitchen hanging like in the morning. He pulled up the satin and lace and felt consumed by the experience. Joanna has sprayed it with perfume and the feminine fragrance filled his nose and he knew he couldn’t resist but feel a little warmth for being able to dress again. He set to work and realised he had lots to do before bed. Floors and kitchen sorted, soon it was dark and he finally felt brave enough to get in the laundry from the morning. Now, he had to work out the iron for the first time in his life before he could even contemplate being ready for bed. Joanna drifted past him as he struggled with the ironing board, her stiletto heels clicking as she past him and ran her hand over his bottom. “Good night ralphie” she whispered breathlessly as she gave him a cuddle from behind. “You smell gorgeous. Something new is it?!” She smirked as she wiggles her bottom as she climbed the stairs.


    It was 1am before he was done and finally able to climb to bed. Joanna had been asleep for hours and his feet hurt from standing so long. He hated ironing that was for sure. He never wanted to see that thing again. He opened the door and a small pink lace and mesh babydoll hung from the stairs, something for the night he guessed. The uniform was hot and he was pleased to hang that back up in the kitchen for the morning. He slipped on the babydoll and was quietly pleased how it looked. It was soft, silky, and hugged him whilst comfortable. He crawled into his hole and slipped into the sleeping bag, checked the alarm set for 4:30 and turned off the lights. He hadn’t time to find his phone, was too busy and not a chance to even think about the video or Joanna’s phone. Tomorrow night he told himself, as he drifted off. If only he knew it would be the same again on Tuesday, his routine forever set to make him work until he broke. Miss A was training him already, and he didn’t know it.
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