Grateful to be owned and under control.

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    Mistress @MzLeatherClad ordered me to start and maintain a blog about my status and my progress being property of Mistress @MzLeatherClad, being educated and trained by Mistress @MzLeatherClad, being controlled and corrected by @MzLeatherClad.
    Since @MzLeatherClad is living in th UK and I am living in the Netherlands, She and I are in a long distance relationship, using messaging tools, mailing tools, and webcam sessions for our communication.
    All situations and events described in this blog are based on real happenings.

    I must admit, I have created accounts in Social Media and on BDSM Forums, with the purpose to get in contact with Dominant Women, since I was missing the real life BDSM/FemDomm/FLR living I had in the past.
    I can tell you there is a lot of crap on the internet, and from time to time I lost the confidence to find a real Domme, who would be kind enough to at least have a conversation with me. Nevertheless I did not give hope.

    In the first week of May, 2019, Mistress @MzLeatherClad and I came in contact and started a conversation, here on Chastity Mansion. Mistress wanted to know more about me, Mistress had many questions for me and Mistress seemed to be satisfied by my responses and answers.
    On May-3 Mistress @MzLeatherClad decided I would be her slave, from that day onwards. I would be her cockcaged and obedient sub, She would take control over me and my behavior, She would train me, educate me to become Her devoted pet.
    I had no other choice than saying: "Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Mistress."

    Mistress @MzLeatherClad provided me a set of first, initial rules that I should comply to, without discussion, without hesitation.
    I should remain locked in my cage, for a period on 150 days as of May-3.
    I would be only allowed to unlock the cage for cleaning purposes under supervision of Mistress @MzLeatherClad. And when unlocked and cleaning I should wear rubber gloves, to avoid me touching Her (!!) cock with my fingers.
    I should be always available for being checked by Mistress @MzLeatherClad, for being punished by Mistress @MzLeatherClad, to worship Mistress @MzLeatherClad.
    When at home, I should be naked, apart form collar and cage.
    For every fault, error, mistake made by me, I would receive punishment.
    I would also receive punishment just for the pleasure and satisfacton of Mistress @MzLeatherClad.
    I should always obey Mistress's demands and commands, I would never discuss any of Her decisions.
    I should always tell Mistress when I had done something that would possibly not be compliant to Her rules and Her guidlines.

    I told Mistress @MzLeatherClad about last date I was unlocked, I masturbated, I did cum: March-19, 2019.
    Mistress was not pleased about me masturbating! Even though it was in the past, I should have known I was forbidden to even touch Her cock. Mistress had no other choice than to punish me, by
    1. to extend my chastity period with additional 30 days, to 180 days (current enddate: October-30, 2019),
    2. severe punishment on May-4.
    But on May-4 it appeared Mistress @MzLeatherClad had some other appointments and at the moment she had a free timeslot, I was eating my dinner. Of course, I shoud have stop eating immediately, I should have open the webcam at Her wink. Instead of being obedient and being available for Mistress @MzLeatherClad, I showed to be a disbehaving inferior sub, needing more corrective punishment.
    Therefore Mistress @MzLeatherClad ordered me on May-5 to write 300 punishment lines, saying "i am so sorry, Mistress, for failing at my first hurdle. i will always make time for You and my punishment". And I should makesure to be available at 6pm, for my first, strict, firm, painful punishment.

    I had made a perhaps not exhausting but comprehensive list of toys and implements that I have available at home, to be used for punishment on May-4. So Mistress @MzLeatherClad knew which tools were available for punishing me, to let me feel who is the Boss, to let me understand I should be more submissive and more obedient to Her, because I am Her property, because She owns me.
    On May-5, at 6 pm, prompt, Mistress @MzLeatherClad opened the webcam session.
    At first Mistress checked if I was naked, checked my body, and she commanded to put on the rubber gloves.
    I was told to unlock the cage and to tie my balls separately with a rope.
    Then I had to spank my balls with a wooden spoon, ten times each ball. It made me moan with pain, and this was only the beginning
    Mistress made me prick and scratch my tied balls with a fork, made me penetrate my urethra with a dilator, made me spank my butt with a flog and then scratched with an onion fork, and so forth. And i also was told to put clamps on my nipples.
    Next Mistress commanded me to spank my cock with my gloved hand whilst shouting "I am not allowed to masturbate, this cock in not mine!" and I had to repeat the over and over.
    Before re-locking I was told to clean the shaft, the neck and the glans of my cock with a kitchen sponge and nail brush.
    Been locked again I had to put clamps on my ballsack, with a wieght attache to it, and ik had to swing the weight by moving my hips.
    Mistress told me, from now on I should excercise every moring one hour with clamps on my nipples and clamps with weight on my ballsack. And because I obviously was used to have clamps on my ballsack, I was told to by additional weights.
    I also got some caning on my lower abdomen to Mistress's satisfaction.
    Mistress wanted to know what more toys and implements I have available for her to use on me/my body.
    Amongst others I showed Mistress @MzLeatherClad the most terrible, tiny little, very painful crocodile clamps.
    Mistress immediately wanted me to try these clamps on my nipples...which I perceived as a real challenge and which made Mistress hapily smile!

    I am so grateful for receiving this punishment, given by my Owner, Mistress @MzLeatherClad !!!
    I know I need to learn a lot to become a more satisfying sub to my Mistress/Owner. And therefore I need much more and more painful punishment by my Mistress.
    And, as Mistress @MzLeatherClad said, She will also punish me al lot, hard and humiliating just for her pleasure and satisfaction.
    I responded to my Mistress/Owner to be happy to be the subject of her punishment and humiliation.

    I had made a number of typo's in my messages to Mistress @MzLeatherClad and therefore She decided I would sleep with a plug in my butt, in the night to Monday, May-6, and I was not allowed to wear underwear on Monday, May-6.

    * END of PART one *
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