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Feeldoe: how powerful is it for a woman?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by SubHub72, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I did a search but couldn't find the exact info I was looking for. I fantasize about anal play a lot; my wife sometimes indulges me but in general is skittish about it. I would love to try strapon play, but it really only appeals to me if she can come from it. My fantasy is that she takes me and she has an orgasm from the experience.
    I have seen the Feeldoe at an adult store and some of the reviews I've seen online aren't 100% believable. The vibrator that comes with it is awfully small. So my question: is it powerful enough to bring a "normal" woman to climax? I realize that everyone is different, but can someone shed some light on this for me? It's a rather expensive toy! I gather from other reviews I've seen that you really do need a harness to keep it in. So, obviously, I wouldn't want to plunk down that kind of money if I had a doubt that it would work.
    Thanks for any insights...
    My birthday is coming up, and she might consider something like this...
  2. We don't use the vibrator, and admittedly my Mistress is easy to make climax, but I can make her come giving her a hand job, a blow job or when she takes me. the feeldoe is very nice indeed
  3. Hey SubHub72,

    I can't speak about the feeldoe myself, yet. But it is on my list of must haves. I have had two personal recommendations for its effectiveness.

    However, I can say that some (if not most) women can orgasm when using a 'normal' strapon. Once the right adjustment is found, the base presses on the clitoris and this can be very satisfying. It was a bit strange to be on the receiving end when this happened the first time and I realised I was being truly shagged. But now its something we look forward to. :smilies_xxx12:
  4. We have the feeldoe more. It's pretty good in the sense it is well made.. It does work, but weve found it only works in a couple of positions. We suspect that pelvic floor exercises would make it usefull in any position, but a harness works too. The vibrator works well enough to be felt. All in all it's a lot of fun, but neither of us get an orgasm from it. It's not easy to make us cum though
  5. Interesting...I must not be normal at all LOL
    I do have a feeldo, and I love it, the vibrator is plenty strong enough and I do not need a harness to keep it in place although that takes some getting used to. The reason I dont want the harness is because I hate strapons, I think they are ugly and cumbersome, the feeldo is neither of those. Its sleek, easy to use, and light. Its enjoyable to Me however I have never had an orgasm using it on anyone. I need a bit more force to make that happen so I am not sure about all this "most women" stuff, but then again, what do you boys know LOL Hell half the time women are faking it and you would never know the difference LMAO
    Anyway...back to the original question, is it worth it, yes it is a wonderful toy and I doubt either of you would be disappointed, that being said, if you only could enjoy it if She has an orgasm using it then you would be tossing the dice. But, if She enjoys useing it on you, isnt that whats important anyway?

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  6. We don't have one.
    We do have regular strap-ons and Madam has an orgasm when using it on me normally. It is a different feeling according to Madam than a regular orgasm though.
  7. Spewing of coffee on keyboard moment!

    We have a feeldoe but it hasn't had as much use as it should have!

    I'm like Ms Michelle though, although I can get excited and horny from the brief use it has had, I can't see it hitting all the right spots for me to cum. Maybe our g-spots are shy Ms Michelle?! :spider:
  8. They must be Mistress Watchful....We need an opinion from MsLinda, She has one as well, and I know She is more sensative 'down there' than I am LOL

    I do still have to say though, that I love the feeldo and just because it does not give Me orgasms by just useing it, It is a wonderful advantage in My toy box!
    I certainly have never had any complaints from My precious pet or from little pet so on that end it works great!

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  9. Well, since You asked.... yes, I do have a Feeldoe. I also have the harness that was made with the Feeldoe in mind. The harness has never been used, but the Feeldoe has been used many times. I can and do orgasm while using it. (Sorry MM and MW I guess some of Us are just wired differently!) Although, admittedly, part of My excitement comes from the effect it has on the recipient. I LOVE the reaction I get from My partner. As with any "toy", it does take some getting used to and finding just the right spot. But, once that spot or position is found, HOLD ON!!! It's a wild ride!

    So, is it worth the money? OH, Yeah! I'm actually looking at getting another one in a different size!
  10. As an expert vibrator seller (can I say that? I do have over 8 years experience now!) I can tell you that it's usually the opposite to men with respect to size in the vibrator department!

    Our best sellers are the teeny tiny bullet vibrators which are EXTREMELY powerful! The bigger ones usually don't have as much oomph!

    Unless we are talking Hitachi, which we don't sell, and I don't own...
  11. MW- I strongly suggest You invest in one (Hitachi)! They are OMG!!! The only downside is the cord!
  12. Lover's Lane had about 4 of them on display when I stopped in by one last night.
  13. My Wife could never quite get this to work for herwith it inserted in. Just couldn't get the right position to be able to thrust and enjoy. She usually uses it with her hand. Wish we could finger out how she can insert in her for her pleasure then insert in me at the same time so we get pleasure together. But it has been tricky to use.
  14. The Cord is the only thing wrong with the Hitachi Magic Want. I suggest a nice extention cord with a knot so it doesn't unplug at EXACTLY the wrong moment. Or if your handy with a soldering iron put in a longer cord. *Thats what we did. A 20 ft cord so we don't have to worry.

    Then use a "standard" strapon with the Hitachi behind the base of the dildo. For you ladies? Trust me... Orgasm o ramma. You "might" need a towel between it and you to avoid too much buzzing.

    The Feeldoe is a nice idea but without a harness it seems to slip out too easily. I think taking turns is better. *Where you switch who is strapping it on.

    Strap on sex can be a very powerful experience in both ways. For a man strapping it on there is the chance to really learn how to really "fuck" without your own pleasure screwing things up at the wrong time. Plus your dildo will never get ED or go flacid at the wrong time.

    And as for being the guy taken by a strap on if nothing else you WILL learn how to be more gentle doing anything anal!
  15. We have strapon devices that she likes for me to use on her while I am in the device. It is a great experience, and actually makes me realize I have a lot to learn about satisfying my Wife. I love the ability to learn without worrying about cumming.

    We tried a harness with the feeldoe but it didn't fit right or maybe we are not the right height? It's difficult because of the differnce if height for me to do her from behind when she demands.
  16. Well, suffice to say, when I sent my Mistress the feeldoe, she went "Oh my god"... then oooooh and now, it is usually number one on her mind when we meet... or number two...

    suffice to say, Mistress likes the feeldoe and would not like it if it broke.... enough said in my book.
  17. I got a Feeldoe for my birthday, I the best position for me, is him sitting on top of me, and riding me.... :)
  18. I also have the Hitachi, and I have to say, the CORD is the BEST part!!! It never wears out, its strong, sometimes too strong lol, and is at the top of My toy chest along with My feeldo! Also great for milking sissys and subbies!! And it dosent wear out like My fingers do ;)

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  19. My wife has a feeldoe and loves it. She has cum while using it (not everytime). This is a wonderful invention and well worth the investment. An interesting side note. The first time my wife used it, she got it to it so much - you would've thought she was a guy with a real cock. She literally loved the experience of using it on me. She knew she would like it. We just didn't know how much. Now we know!

  20. MM- I meant the cord getting in the way is the only downside. Obviously, the constant supply of steady power, and not having to worry about it running down is a major PLUS!! So is not having to find out you're out of that size battery!!! :EM_Kung_Fu_Panda005
  21. We have a Feel Doe 'stout' and have experimented with her doing anal stuff on me. It is a world rocking awesome experience.

    We haven't used the Feeldoe, but if she can actually orgasm while fucking me with it? That would be like the best sexual news I've had all year.

    I also bought her a Hitachi that shows up today (to go with her Pocket rocket, that she loves, and the 'jackrabbit' that she also loves). That should round out her pleasuring toolkit.

    Then we just need more whips and electrical stuff.
  22. I sent my wife the link below and she didn't seem repulsed by it. In fact, she actually wanted to rent the movie. She enjoys "poking" me and we have played with her finger and the aneros plug. Not sure if she would "go for it" but maybe???

    How much do men enjoy this activity? In cases where we've *tried* to play with my prostate, I got a huge psychological thrill from it but I am not sure I could orgasm at all. But the last time, while locked in the CB-6000s, I got a surge of pleasure from it. Temporary, but quite nice.

  23. Hi,
    With my wife's blessing, we purchased a feeldoe. We haven't used it yet. My initial thoughts are that I am surprised at how large it is. Will I be able to take it? I personally dislike how "cock-like" the tip is. I have no interest is having a real cock penetrate me, but I understand that the toy was designed mainly for lesbian play, and after all, the cock as an organ likely evolved to match up with the vagina anyway.

    My wife is, I think, still a little queezy about playing with it. We have brought it up from time to time, but it's always a "later" thing. I asked her if I could insert it just to see what it looks like, and she declined. Last night, I asked her if I could insert it and see if the Hitachi can work through it. She again declined.

    Does anyone know if that would work? Can I insert the "bulb" end into her pussy, and use the Hitachi to bring her to orgasm? Like I had said elsewhere, my wife is not an adventurous, let's try something new kind of person, and one bad experience tends to ruin it for her. I am hoping that we can try this out, but I want nothing but positive experience for her. What do you think?

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