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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by cogman, Oct 22, 2016.

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    I thought I would entitle a thread about the topic as while there is quite a lot of material embedded in other threads there doesn't seem to be one dedicated to this practice. I know our admin uses the bands to numb his bits and thats of interest to me as well..but after recently purchasing and mistress enthusiasm regarding this new toy I thought it was worth bringing up.

    For me since I bought this wicked device, Mistress likes me to band myself before any type of play commences with the cock being free of the cage...its now almost a requirement. This last week when i arrived the keys to my cage were still locked in the kitchen safe, I was told I was going to be scrubbing her shower clean wearing nothing but the looker 2 cage, and my pink silicon pig tail butt plug, after I had put it in I had to assuming the kneeling position to receive some hard wacks before I proceeded to scrub the shower clean until the kitchen timer ran out. Of course the band could not be put on until the cage came off. So when the kitchen safe opened and the shower inspected...Off came the cage and on went the band..

    I was allowed to stroke the cock and play with the fleshlight all the while the dull pain grew in her balls while mistress laid next to me and watched and I got to admire her while I stroked..I was allowed to edge several times and this kept up until I told mistress the pain her balls was reaching my tolerance level. Then mistress began to count down from 10, I had to cum on 2, but she kept stopping or missing the "2" to tease me and she did this so many times I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be allowed to cum at all, eventually she did say 2 and I frantically brought myself off...but mistress got to 1 as such I was in a bit of trouble but she was very forgiving...and let me go fetch the device we use to cut the band off which following orgasm becomes somewhat a urgent thing to do lol.

    A word of warning...putting a band on doesn't really hurt and indeed on the ramp up it actually feels euphoric and awesum ..but it fucking hurts like fuck when you cut the dammed band off...it hurts more than the ache, than anything else....that said the pain subsides as quickly as it is intense and it is gone in seconds, so with a few seconds of rapid breathing and grunts and moans that Mistress delights in....the pain is gone.

    Mistress informed me that my next orgasm would be ruined by cutting the band off at the point of orgasm...

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