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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by locked4her, Jan 23, 2010.

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    Apologies to all for not really posting as much as I should. As much as I enjoy seeing what everyone else is upto and posting a few replies I still really have not said much about my wife(KH) progression and our enjoyment over the last few years.

    We started at the end of 2005 with it being an on and off play with just a lot of tease and denial and me having to pleasure the wife without my dick.

    With me changing my job in 2007 we could actually start getting into it more seriously and we started with more longer term lock ups. By 2009 we had actually gotten upto 13 weeks without me having an orgasm and having to pleasure her with everything bar my dick unless I was lucky once in a while (we were working upwards slowly of 1 week, then 2, then 3 and so on).

    By this point we had both gotten more into anal play and the wife was very much interested in milking me and generally pleasuring me through anal play and not through penis stimulation. Though we still have not had any success we are still perservering with the milking as we had a bit of an accident the other night where she gave me enough stimulation to cum (more of a ruined orgasm then anything).

    From the start it has almost been a "topping from the bottom" process as the wife was very vanilla when we first met but now she definitely likes the lead role. We still have a switch moment here and there but that helps to make our relationship fun.

    So to the real update, we took a break mid 2009 for a few months and are now fully back into the chastity play, we are extending the duration (with clauses) and very much enjoying it and the wife is now (extremely) enjoying anal dilators to stretch my arse.

    The reason, she wants to use a big dildo on me as she knows I enjoy the bum fun but the size she want is big so we will see how we go.

    The wife's progression over the last couple of weeks has seen a dramatic change, she enjoys fucking me with the toys we have and extending the lock up period and loves talking about what she is going to do once she can successfully milk me. She wants to just pleasure me with the toys and completely restrict my orgasm (yes I want that as well) but she seems to be going full run for it.

    Last night was the real shocker (whether from reading in the posts here or watching some of the videos we have found), she wants me to beg her to fuck me with the toys but as part of that I have to suck the toy first and if I do not do a good enough job she will not use it, lol what a change. Also when she finally milks me or even allows me to cum, she wants me to lick it off her tits.

    There's been a few other changes in her (good ones) that I will not post yet as I want to see if she is conciously aware of them and how to help her evolve them.

    So, overall, a bit slow, a bit fast but great fun. It has definitely brought us closer together and helped us to understand our needs (and that is not just mine) and how best to achieve them. What we have being doing for some of you has probably been slow compared but to be honest I am happy with how we have progressed as the whole chastity play can be confusing.

    So there it is, apologies for it being long winded, I promise to post more of what we get upto and get more involved with what the rest of you post as well. Looking forward to a very interesting year .
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