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    So it has been a while since posting on here so here is a brief update on changes that are relevant here.
    In the past few months I have tried a few different chastity devices as well different experimenting with different ways to get them to fit better and be more comfortable for prolonged usage. I had given up on trying to find one that I could comfortably wear longer than 2 days. During this time my SO and I also went through somewhat of a dry spell which might seem counterintuitive to some. My SO usually has a higher libido than me and my previous job kind of killed mine. This has been the main problem in our relationship for a long time. The only other big issue in our relationship I can think of at the moment is we can't seem to agree about kids, what shows to watch on tv while one lockdown, or marriage. She also gets really mad when I smoke cigars or other smokables (ALL LEGAL) because of the smell, I don't smoke often though. She sometimes brings kids up but I don't really feel ready or know if I even want them. I'm just not sure if I would want to bring someone into this world, which may be why I'd be more willing to adopt. We've discussed adoption but she wants us to have a biological kid first. I don't know how I would feel about having a kid who is adopted and one who is not, I wouldn't want one of them to feel like they were treated differently because of that. Realistically I think we both know we're not ready for kids but she gets that baby fever every once in a while. Sometimes I wonder in the back of my head if she is always trying to have sex to increase our chances of having a kid but I really doubt that is what's going on. I'm not opposed to marriage but I'm one of those people that when I say forever I mean it and if I get divorced I never plan on getting into another relationship. I've been considering the idea as of lately though but I'm still unsure. anyways we've almost always been really close emotionally and it used to be hard to keep us off of each other but we've had these problems on and off for a while now. We started using cages a while ago to help with my libido because I had discovered that when I wore a cage all day it was a constant reminder of my SO and it turned me on thinking about how she had so much control over me. By the time I got home I would've been thinking about her most the day and would usually be more than ready if she felt like doing anything. During this time she had never let me go long without anything but I often wanted to try going longer. She agreed to try this but my cages always prevented me from going longer than about 3 days without a break. We both enjoy giving oral sex but I don't care much for receiving it. We have tried 69 in multiple positions but we just can't seem to find one that is comfortable for both of us. I get bad headaches when laying on my back and my neck starts to hurt pretty fast in some of the other variants of the position. SIdeways works best for me but then she has issues. If anyone has any suggestions i'd love to hear them.

    Near the end of this dry spell I had quit the job I was at to pursue another career which helped out our relationship a lot, our physical relationship even improved without the use of things like chastity devices. I also purchased a 3d printer using a little bit of tax return money which is something I've wanted for almost a decade now. This has now allowed me to download designs for new cages, modify them, and even try my hand at rapid prototyping my own devices. This has also allowed me to try many different designs of which I have found a few that work well for me. (i'm aware prints must be sealed for this purpose due to the layers and being porous) The past few days we have been rather "active". Weirdly this lockdown has improved our relationship even more than before and brought us closer physically and emotionally although we do get annoyed faster than usual. We've been playing video games, watching movies, playing board games, going for car rides, hanging out in the yard, playing lawn games and doing lawn work, and many other things to stay occupied. We went over to the neighbors and sat around the fire pit the other night (still social distancing) She was kinda mad that I fell asleep in the lawn chair outside around 3AM and went home, I don't really understand why I just apologized and went on with life. I've even started to teach my SO how to sew on a sewing machine. She tried to teach me the basics of chess but i still have no idea what i am doing. We've been falling asleep on the couch watching shows, that's where she is right now actually. We are currently watching a Korean drama (I think I like them more than her). I just love all the absurd plot lines in Korean dramas here are a few examples "girl pretending to be a prototype robot cures his allergy to people." "Virgin ghost possess woman to try and get laid but ends up helping her win over the man she loves and solves her own murder with the help of the people she meets along the way". Oh I've been modeling a lot in CAD lately as well.

    Currently I am working on a simple prototype "sissy" style device, not usually my kinda thing but I figured this might be more comfortable than the more traditional ones. Before starting this project I had found a few threads where people had attempted to create designs based on other sissy male chastity belts, all of which seemed to be dead ends. Not being able to find a file I decided to give it a try myself. As of now the design is rather simple and has no way of locking. It is basically a curved tube which can be attached to a homemade belt. The main problem it seems that people often run into when modeling these devices is the piece which often covers everything and the fitting. I'm not exactly sure how to tackle this problem as of yet but I do plan on making the two pieces modular so they can easily be swapped out allowing for easier fitting and faster prototyping. I would love to know if someone has already made one and released it so I can try it out myself.
    even if there is one though I may continue working on this because as we all know just because a device works for one person that doesn't mean it will work for everyone. If you have any ideas that you would like to share I am open to suggestions. I don't want to raise any hopes that I will ever finish this, my modeling skills are not what they used to be and I may have to relearn somethings so I'm not really sure how far I will be able to take this. I would love to contribute to the community and if I do end up with a more polished model I would gladly share it for free as this is something I started for myself and not because I wanted to make money.

    Life under lockdown really isn't all that bad for us and is actually really good in some ways but we're both looking forward to everything reopening and hoping that the possible dystopian nightmare future doesn't happen. I hope you all are staying safe, sane, and healthy out there. Sorry this update has been all over the place. There has just been so much that has happened and things kinda just popped into my head as I was writing so yeah. I'm also really tired so that doesn't help so again sorry for the awful composition.
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