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Cb 3000 pos!

Discussion in 'Chastity Device Reviews' started by gingers_sub, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. What a piece of CRAP!!

    Bought a CB3000 a couple of months ago and it has fallen apart and been glued back together 3 times now.

    Fit ok. Was effective, but Very poor quality.

    First the cage portion came apart. Easy fix a little crazy glue on the seams and it went back together just fine.
    Then the ring broke at the center locking pin hole. Out with the crazy glue again.
    Third time the corner of the cage portion where the side locking pin was located. This time the piece that broke was to awkward a piece to repair.


    Now back in the market for a Real chastity device.

    Thinking of abandoning the whole "lock onto your balls" type device.

    I was thinking it may be time for something more streamlined and permanent.
    Such as some type of chastity piercing.

    Any ideas?
  2. Almost everyone I have talked with that owns a 3000 or 6000 has had issues with them. They split, break and are expensive for a little piece of plastic.
    I have always prefered the 2000 on My subs and sissys, they are plastic but do not have the pressure on them that the enclosed cages have plus they are so super easy to maintain and keep clean.
    Now, they do have a risk of breaking a bar, which can happen after a very long time of wearing, I'm talking months and months or years in one subs case, and it can be glued, but I havent had any issues with them splitting or having to be trashed.

    Mistress Michelle :sex020:
  3. Check out the steel belts being made and sold on ebay.
    Great looking belt and 1/4 the cost. I found it when looking for My new sissy tia.
    The item # is

    I sent him a message to see what he would make one for outside of the bidding on ebay and he said $135.00 He also sells them on extreme restraints but for more money.

    Anyway, thought I'd pass it on if anyones interested in getting out of plastic.

    Mistress Michelle