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Discussion in 'Chastity device discussions and reviews' started by MistressMandisSissy, Feb 16, 2022.

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    There are many different types of chastity cages (they should be called sissy cages by the way, as they are worn exclusively by sissies. Men don't wear chastity devices!) and there are two types of locks that the sissy cages should lock securely.

    Padlocks, the bigger the safer but unfortunately very "uncomfortable". They rattle, are visible under tighter clothing and have sharp edges and corners, ruining some cute, delicate panties.

    Then there are integral locks. They are wonderfully integrated into the sissy cage, almost invisible, don't rattle and don't get in the way. But they are zinc alloy and corrode quickly. In addition, after a while they will wear out, which means that the whole sissy cage starts to shake. The biggest annoyance, however, is the locking mechanism. The lock can be opened with every second key for integral locks.

    So my question: Is there an integral lock made of stainless steel with a non-exchangeable key that closes cleanly and doesn't wear out?
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