Budgie in a Gilded Cage - male chastity in post-apocalyptic Great Britain

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    Over on Literotica, The_Rat_in_the_Hat is working on an interesting post-apocalyptic femdom series, The Boys of Colony Theta. When a bioweapon wipes out 90% of the male populace, women take charge . . . and having your own male sex slave becomes the ultimate status symbol.

    In Chapter Four, Rebecca takes her beloved Danny shopping. Officially, its to replace her damaged "riding bench" with something safer (for him). But that's only half the shopping list. Danny's been attracting a lot of female attention, and she wants to protect her investment:

    Of course, as with many inventions in this society, it serves a dual purpose:

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    that stories great. I can't wait for the next chapter :)
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    Thanks for the heads up. Bedtime reading for me :)
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    Hmm . . .the link's broken, and the author doesn't seem to have posted it elsewhere. Here's an excerpt of Danny's story, as a new sex slave in the gynarchy:
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    The Boys of Colony Theta - Danny's Story

    Danny sighed audibly as Virginia placed her hand on the hand scanner pad by the door. It immediately flashed green and the door unlocked with a soft click. The now-familiar sight of the riding bench stood before him. Danny knew it was pointless to object to what was about to happen to him, he had to simply put up with it and get it over and done with so that he could get his domestic duties out of the way. He dutifully sat himself down on the riding bench and then laid back, placing his neck into the collar and stretched his arms and legs towards the wrist and ankle restraints.

    Out of his three mistresses, Virginia was always the one who fastened him onto the riding bench with the least consideration for his comfort. She always buckled the neck collar just a little too tightly and today was to be no exception. Once she had secured the collar around Danny's neck she moved on to the wrist restraints.

    "Just be a good boy for me Danny and it'll all be over quickly."

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie." Danny said, his voice sounding strained slightly as his vocal cords struggled against the tightly fitted collar.

    His wrists now secured to the riding bench, Virginia turned her attention to the boy's ankles. She never asked him if he was comfortable like Rebecca and Eve did whenever they rode him. She always buckled him down onto the bench by using one more notch than either her mother or her twin sister used on him.

    Virginia paused for a moment to observe the sight of the utterly helpless, totally naked and completely immobile boy stretched out on the riding bench before her. Like most women she enjoyed having power over a defenceless male - she had been brought up, like every other girl, to believe that males simply existed for two reasons. Firstly, to father children within the confines of the breeding colonies, and secondly to serve women domestically and sexually outside of the breeding colonies. It was their lot in life, their obligation being to serve and to be submissive at all times and show due deference to all women who they were expected to regard as their superiors.

    Virginia smiled as she removed her belt, took down her trousers and removed her underwear to leave her naked below the waist. She mounted the bench and straddled Danny's legs - she grasped hold of his penis and began to stroke it to coax it into life and produce a satisfactory erection for her to sate her need upon.

    With a flash of alarm, Danny noticed a sudden creak and a slight movement as his mistress added her weight to the riding bench. He was sure it wasn't supposed to do that. He was about to say something to draw Virginia's attention to it but he stifled his voice before he said anything. He had been told, in no uncertain terms, that the only time males were allowed to speak whilst being ridden was to ask for permission to cum. He was only allowed to speak if he was spoken to first.

    "You're starting to get a little stubble down here, Danny." Virginia said as she stroked his penis and softly cupped his scrotum, "Make sure you shave it off tonight."

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie." He said obediently.

    Once Virginia was satisfied that Danny was suitably hard enough for her to mount, she rose up onto her knees, shuffled forward and grasped hold of Danny's penis. She lined it up with the entrance to her vagina and then lowered herself down onto it, with a soft sigh from her and a gentle grunt from Danny as he bore her weight on his hips. Immediately she began to rock back and forth and grind her hips in a circular motion to enable her steed's penis to rub against the inner walls of her vagina. Danny noticed several more creaks as she began to ride him.

    "Ooohh... Ahhhh... Mmmmm... Oh yeah, mmmm..." Virginia moaned softly as she used Danny below her to satisfy her desire.

    He was still fairly new to being ridden but already she could tell that Danny had great potential to be a wonderful toy in the not too distant future - he had made great progress since his brief deflowering with her mother and could now last much longer before he needed to cum. She had been disappointed that her mother had allowed him to get a job at her friend's advertising agency, but his duties there were light and he was only permitted to work for three days a week - it was illegal for males to work full-time - so it was a sacrifice she was happy to make. It still left them all with plenty of time to use him however they wished so the arrangement had worked out fine. She resolved herself however, that when she was in a position to move away and get a boy of her own, she would not allow him to be anything more than a domestic servant. A male's place was in the home, she reasoned, to not answer back and to look pretty on her arm whenever she allowed him to go out with her. A male should be naked and waiting for her when she returned home from work, with dinner in the oven and sporting a pleasing erection for her to ride upon as soon as she gets through the door.

    The creaking was getting louder and the movement was getting worse. Danny was sure his mistress would've noticed by now that something was amiss but he dutifully remained quiet, not daring to utter a word lest he be punished for his insolence.

    Above him, Virginia picked up the pace and rode her mount harder and faster.

    Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak!

    "Oh Danny, ohhhh... good boy Danny! Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmmm... Oooooohh..." Virginia gasped and moaned, totally unaware of the worsening creaking and increased movement of the riding bench beneath her and the boy she was riding on.

    Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak!!

    Danny was sure something was seriously wrong.

    "M... Mistress Ginnie!" He called out in alarm.

    "Quiet Danny!" She chastised.

    "B... but Mistress Ginnie there's..."

    "I said be quiet boy!" Virginia scolded loudly, "You know all too well that you may not speak unless spoken to when being ridden, other than to ask for permission to cum!"

    Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak!!

    "Do you wish to cum, Danny?" Virginia asked loudly.

    "No Mistress." Danny replied.

    "Well then, shut up and be quiet until I've finished with you!"

    "I know Mistress Ginnie, but..."

    Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak!!

    "No buts'!" Virginia said loudly, "You will do as you are told! You've just earned yourself a spanking boy! As soon as I am done riding you I'm going to have you up against the wall and I'm going to spank your bare behind until it glows! And then I shall get mother to spank you some more once she realises that dinner isn't ready because I have had to punish you for your disobedience!"

    Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, CREAK!!

    "But Mistress Ginnie, I really think..."

    "You aren't here to think boy!" Virginia growled, clearly losing patience, "You are here to serve your mistress!!"



    What happened next was a bit of a blur. Virginia suddenly found herself being violently pitched forward and Danny's penis slipped out from her. The polished wood floor reared up in her view and then...

    Everything went black.

    At the back of her mind she could hear what sounded like someone coughing. But it seemed distant and she could not pinpoint its origin. She disregarded it but the sound persisted, growing ever more urgent.

    Then, all of a sudden she became aware of where she was. She was on the floor of her mother's riding room.

    Her head pounded with pain.

    What the hell had happened?

    In a daze she brought her hand to where she felt the source of the pain was. There was a sudden flash of pain that brought her crashing to her senses. She looked at her fingers - there was a smear of blood. She suddenly realised what had happened - she had toppled forward, lost her balance and hit her head hard on the floor as she fell, cracking her head open and knocking her out cold for a moment.

    The hacking, coughing noise continued unabated - where on earth was it coming from?

    It was then that she saw.

    "DANNY!!" She screamed.

    Four of the six legs of the riding bench had collapsed and what remained of it was at a 30 degree angle. With a sickening feeling she saw Danny, helplessly restrained to the riding bench, his face as white as a sheet and he was gasping for breath. The neck collar bore his whole weight and it was strangling him.

    "Hckkkkhhh!! Ggrrrgggllll!! Nnnggggg!!" He gasped and gurgled, he was seconds away from losing consciousness.

    "DANNYYYY!!" Virginia cried again
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    The Showroom

    Danny looked up at the sign above the entrance as the taxi-pod pulled up outside. It was the distinctive oversized K logo of the Kindleton Riding Bench and Male Management Supplies Corporation.

    "K-Kindleton?" Danny said nervously, remembering the commercials he had seen on TV as Rebecca ushered him out of the vehicle.

    "Yes, Danny." She said, as she placed a hand on his arm, "It's been a few weeks now since your accident but it's now time for me to buy a new riding bench. And I need you to be here to make sure that I choose one that fits you comfortably. And besides - a new boy deserves a new riding bench."

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny said resignedly and with a tear in his eye. He had hoped that the accident meant that he had seen the back of the damned things.

    "Oh Danny, I know how traumatic it was for you." Rebecca said soothingly as she noticed his weeping, "But you must accept that riding benches are a fact of life. The doctor said that it would be best for you to get back into the saddle as soon as possible. If I were a less lenient woman I would've gone out and bought another one the very next day but I wanted to spare you any further trauma straight away."

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny replied softly.

    "And besides, this way I'll be able to choose one that is a damned sight safer than the old one and to make sure that there aren't any more accidents in future." Rebecca said as she approached the door and held it open, "So come along Danny - don't embarrass me."

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny sighed and followed his mistress inside.

    They found themselves in a large showroom that displayed the best examples of the company's range of models. Some were of more traditional designs of carved and lacquered wood with richly upholstered cushioning; others were of more contemporary styles with sleek lines and modern materials. On the far wall, displayed on shelves in glass-fronted cases, was a wide range of smaller devices that Danny could not identify. If the nature of what this place sold was anything to go by, Danny surmised, they probably weren't something that any male would want to buy for himself. The sight of all these devices of male subjugation caused Danny to feel a lump in his throat but he knew he had to obey his mistress and not make a scene.

    "Good afternoon Sister!" A smartly dressed woman in a grey business suit said brightly as she approached Rebecca and Danny, "How can I help you today?" The badge on her lapel, which bore the distinctive Kindleton logo, showed her name as Lana.

    "I recently purchased Danny here from the breeding colony a few months ago and I thought it would be nice to buy a new riding bench." Rebecca said brightly as she addressed the saleswoman, "You know, new boy - new riding bench and all that."

    "Very good Sister, what kind of thing did you have in mind?" Lana said as she showed them across to where one of the company's flagship models was displayed upon a slowly rotating dais.

    "Well, obviously it would have to suit the decor of my riding room." Rebecca said as she showed the saleswoman a picture on her palmscreen of the wood paneled riding room back at her apartment, "And I want something that will be comfortable for him too."

    "Hmmm..." Lana mused as she regarded the picture on Rebecca's palmscreen, "So I'm guessing you'd prefer one of our more traditional models. What kind of budget are we talking about here?"

    "Well, young Danny here has become very dear to me." Rebecca said, "I even had him marked when I deflowered him so that I won't be able to sell him to anyone else."

    "Aww... how sweet!" Lana said addressing Danny directly, "You must be really lucky to have a mistress commit to you like that."

    "Yes Mistress, erm... Lana." Danny replied courteously, noting the name on the saleswoman's badge.

    "Anyway, I reckon that he's worth spending money on a decent riding bench so I was thinking about somewhere in the region of 20,000 Credits." Rebecca said.

    "Hmmm... A nice healthy budget. I'm sure we can find something suitable for that amount." Lana said and walked them across to a static display of various wooden riding benches.

    "How about this one." The saleswoman said as she pointed towards one particular model, "This is called the Regency XS, it's one of our more popular mid-price models. It comes in a choice of finishes and upholsteries and starts from just 12,000 credits."

    Rebecca regarded the riding bench and scrutinised it intently.

    "It's quite nice I suppose." She said after a few moments.

    "It comes with our newly patented 'Eezi-on' automatic quick fastening and releasing restraint system with optional arm, leg and waist restraints in addition to the standard wrist, ankle and neck restraints. The way we see it, the more immobile he is, the safer he is." Lana explained, keen to sell the virtues of that particular model to her potential customer.

    "Well, safety is very important." Rebecca said, "We had an unfortunate accident with my old riding bench. Poor Danny here almost choked on the neck collar when the legs gave way."
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    "Would that have been a traditional buckle and collar, by any chance?" Lana enquired.

    "Yes, it was a rather old bench - my mother handed it down to me. Before that it belonged to my grandmother - it was at least ninety years old." Rebecca replied.

    "Ah, well some of the smaller companies still use old fashioned buckles but we here at Kindleton recognise how important it is for males to be restrained with the utmost safety in mind." Lana explained, "Would you like me to demonstrate?"

    "Um... sure, that would be most helpful." Rebecca replied.

    "Very good, follow me. We have some of our more popular models set up towards the back here." Lana said and beckoned Rebecca and Danny to follow her.

    With a resigned sigh, Danny followed his mistress.

    "Here we are." Lana said as she stopped next to one of the more modern looking riding benches, "This is the Excelsior 200, very popular model this. I know it isn't the sort of design you are after but it does have exactly the same restraints system as the Regency range. Would you like to pop yourself down on here please, Pretty One, so that I can show your mistress how it works?"

    Danny reluctantly did as he was told. He dutifully reclined on the padded surface and stretched himself out to where the wrist and ankle restraints were located.

    "Thank you Danny." Lana said once the young male was in position and she picked up a small remote control device, "Now watch this Sister, with the new 'Eezi-on' restraints system I can have him secure in seconds."

    And with a few clicks the restraints appeared as if from nowhere and wrapped around Danny's wrists and ankles in only a couple of seconds. Moments later, the neck collar wrapped itself around his neck and just as the saleswoman had mentioned, he was totally immobilised in a matter of seconds. Instantly, as he felt himself suddenly strapped helplessly down, he felt his heart begin to race and a mild panic set in. The memories of his accident were still raw in his mind and he felt himself break out into a sweat. But he knew he had to not make a scene in the busy showroom that would embarrass his mistress so he tried to take deep breaths and calm himself as much as possible.

    "Very impressive!" Rebecca exclaimed as she looked more closely at the restraints.

    "Isn't it!" Lana beamed, obviously proud to show off this new technology, "It's electronically controlled and incorporates three different modes of restraint. You can have him secured by wrist, ankle and neck only or, at the touch of a button..."

    The saleswoman pressed a button on the small handset she held and instantly five additional restraints appeared as if from nowhere and wrapped around Danny's waist, upper arms and thighs.

    "...you can restrain him even more securely with the additional restraints. The third mode allows you to secure him on all fours if you wish to penetrate him anally. There is a pad that rises up for him to rest his chest upon. After all, his comfort is important right?"

    "It's um... most impressive." Rebecca said, "How is it for you Danny?"

    "It's erm... fine, My Mistress." Danny replied even though he was feeling far from fine at that moment.

    "Comfortable enough?" Rebecca asked.

    "I guess so." Danny replied again.

    "And just watch this for a safety feature!" Lana said as she bent down to lift up one end of the riding bench, "At the slightest change of inclination the restraints system's built in inclinometer releases the neck restraint in an instant."

    With a heave she tipped the riding bench up, inclining it by a few degrees. Instantly the restraints whipped themselves off, freeing Danny from his bonds in a split second.

    "Impressive eh?" Lana asked as she lowered the riding bench once more.

    "Very!" Rebecca confirmed enthusiastically.

    "It's a feature that was mainly developed for customers in earthquake zones - although from how you described the accident you had it has other safety benefits." Lana said brightly as Danny, now free, sat up.

    "Now, I quite like the Regency XS, but what other models do you have that might suit my riding room?" Rebecca asked.

    "Hmm... Obviously you are a very discerning woman!" Lana said, "How about this one over here - the Monarch 37. This particular model mixes the looks of the most traditional designs with the very latest construction technology. It consists of a wooden outer fascia, which is hand carved by our own highly skilled craftswomen, and is mounted onto a concealed carbon fibre under-frame. It is strong but at the same time very light. The cushioning is available in various colours in a range of fabrics from finest Egyptian cotton, to velvet and even suede and leather. Or for an additional cost as an optional extra it can be supplied with a hand embroidered design to your own specification. You could even have your crest on it."

    "Well that would be nice." Rebecca said with a smile, "I already have my crest on his bottom, it would be lovely if it matched him!"

    "This particular model starts from 20,000 credits, which includes the 'Eezi-on' restraints I showed you earlier. The embroidered cushion is an extra 750 credits but it also comes with a free 'Prostastim' system!" Lana said enthusiastically.

    Rebecca had seen the 'Prostastim' device advertised before. It was made by the same company that was responsible for the 'Clitoristim'. Just as with its sister product, the Prostastim came in two parts - one of which was inserted into the male's rectum and delivered a series of vibrations to stimulate his prostate gland. The other half of the device was the controller that the woman used to control the level of stimulation it delivered. Rebecca recalled the advertisement she had read in the CitiVoice - the online e-newspaper that served the Manchester Metropolitan area.

    Sisters, do you wish your male could last longer on the riding bench? Do you want him to enjoy himself as much as you enjoy riding him? Tired of the fun being over too soon?

    Then why not try the all-new Prostastim™ e-621 male stimulation and control system!

    We all know how it feels; you have your male on your riding bench and you are enjoying being with him when all of a sudden despite his best efforts, he cannot control himself any longer and he asks you to allow him to finish. You know you want him to last longer but you don't want to be too harsh and force him to delay the inevitable. It's a familiar problem for us all, right sisters? We've all been there! Sadly, Mother Nature pulled a cruel trick on males by only allowing them to come once and then it's 'Game Over' for them whereas you, as a confident and powerful woman, are still going strong and wanting him to give you more. Yet as an enlightened woman you don't want to be cruel to him. What a conundrum!

    Well, worry no more sisters! Erolux® is here to the rescue with the all-new Prostastim™ e-621! It lets YOU take control of when he comes - take THAT Mother Nature!!

    Simply insert Prostastim™ e-621's Vibe-stim capsule into your male's back passage and use the controller to determine how much or how little stimulation to give him. Prostastim™ e-621 has been carefully designed following years of research and testing to deliver both vibrating stimulation and electrical impulses to effectively and safely override his prostate gland's normal functionality and delaying his climax for as long as you wish!* While the electrical impulses work in harmony with his body to override his natural urge to climax, the Vibe-stim capsule delivers sensual vibrations to both his prostate and his perineum to give him extra sensation and extra enjoyment while you ride him. And the best part is that YOU get to decide how much or how little to give him!

    So come on sisters, put yourself in the driving seat instead of Mother Nature! Ask your local authorised Erolux® dealer today about the new Prostastim™ e-621 and experience a whole new dimension of pleasure for him and, more importantly, for YOU!

    *For safety reasons, Erolux® recommends a maximum of 1 hour of use following device insertion. Always follow safety guidelines and read instructions carefully before use. Erolux® (GB) Ltd. is not responsible for any injury caused if safety guidelines are not observed. Failure to adhere to safety instructions will result in warranty invalidation.

    "Well, I've never used anything like that before but it certainly sounds like fun to use." Rebecca said to the young saleswoman, "And if it's free then why the hell not! The Monarch sounds absolutely perfect - I'll take it!"

    "Excellent!" Lana replied, obviously pleased to have made a decent sale and to increase her commission for that day, "Shall we step into the office to discuss finance and finishes?"

    Lana beckoned Rebecca to follow her.

    "Okay Danny," Rebecca said as she turned to her young male, "You may as well head home now. There are one or two other things I want to get while I'm out but I don't need you to be here. You may as well get on with your chores and then get dinner ready for later."

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny replied obediently.

    "There's a good boy." Rebecca said as she tapped on her palmscreen to open the taxi-pod app, "I'm just summoning a taxi-pod to take you home. I'll get it to stop by the FoodMart so that you can get us something nice for dinner on your way back."

    "Thank you, My Mistress." Danny said courteously and with a slight bow out of respect for his mistress he took his leave and headed outside to wait for the taxi-pod to arrive.
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    The Gilded Cage

    Rebecca left the Kindleton showroom in a buoyant mood. She had ordered her new riding bench in a light coloured wood finish that matched the wood paneling in her riding room and had, with the assistance of the young saleswoman, designed an embroidered cushion that incorporated her crest - the very same mark that had been burned onto Danny's left buttock.

    And she had also made another purchase that bore her crest.

    She considered it an insurance policy of sorts. In fact, most women who bought these things saw them as such. An expensive investment such as a male was worth protecting from the unwanted attentions of other women. For males, the threat of rape was a very real danger. Only the previous week, there had been a report on the news about a group of women who had gang-raped a young male in an alleyway in Glasgow. Apparently, they had injected him with an erection-enhancing drug and then forced the poor boy to penetrate them repeatedly over a period of several hours. The incident where her friend Jordan Scottsmore had tasted Danny in her office without her consent had reminded Rebecca of how some less than scrupulous women would take a situation to their advantage.

    She carried the wooden box with feelings of regret for having to resort to using the item it contained. But those feelings were mixed with an ingrained sense of power over masculinity that all women relished in whether they admitted to it or not. Males in this world had to respect and serve their female mistresses, and maintaining a suitable level of obedience in the males in her charge was a full time job for a woman. Items, such as that which lay inside the wooden box that rested on Rebecca's lap as the taxi-pod whirred off along the street, helped make the job a little easier whilst at the same time protecting her investment.

    It had been expensive - almost as expensive as the riding bench in fact. But she felt that her Danny was worth it. He wouldn't enjoy her having to use it but it was ultimately for his own good - to protect him from the sexist advances of opportunistic and horny women and at the same time to further reinforce his submission and her dominance over him. She remembered her mother using one of these things upon her male, but she had handed it down to her younger sister rather than to pass it down to her daughter. But that one wasn't as nice as the one she had just purchased.

    Later that evening, while Danny was in his room watching TV, she showed off the item in the wooden box to her daughters. They both agreed that it looked beautiful and they had gasped when Rebecca revealed to them how much she had paid for it. The two girls were in accord that it was worth the money however and they couldn't wait for their mother to put it to its intended use. She told them however, that they would have to wait until morning.

    Danny had risen, as he always did, earlier than the womenfolk of the household in order to prepare their breakfast. With their morning repast sorted he then retreated to his room to shower and get dressed and ready for work. He spent some time applying several lotions and pigmented creams known as 'enhancement' to his face - a form of makeup for males that enhanced their facial features to be more aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining a natural look. It was a male's responsibility to maintain a youthful appearance - a woman wouldn't want to be seen with a male who appeared to be ageing. He also spent several minutes styling his hair - he was always conscious that his mistress wouldn't let him out of the apartment if his appearance was anything less than flawless. He finished off his ablutions by applying a few dabs of fragrance behind his ears - a boy had to smell as good as he looked.

    He also always made sure that he dressed in a smart and coordinating manner; that morning he wore his smart black shoes with a pair of black skin-tight leggings, a black waistcoat and a Vermilion red silk shirt. He accessorised his outfit with his gold pocket watch, gold cuff links, his anklet, the pendant that Rebecca's friend had given him and the sapphire and emerald blue rose brooch that Virginia had bought him that he had pinned on his jacket.

    The brooch had quickly become one of his most treasured possessions - not only was it symbolic of his masculinity and his solidarity with his male brothers, it also represented Virginia's contrition for injuring him on the old riding bench. That he meant enough to her that she had bought him such an expensive piece of jewelry by way of an apology for almost killing him made him feel more appreciated than he had ever felt up until that point. He took a moment to appraise his look and then headed out into the main living area to meet up with Virginia, who would then accompany him to their respective offices.

    "Before you go Danny," Rebecca had said, holding a wooden box in her hands, "There's something I need to do before you go to work."

    "What is it, My Mistress?" Danny asked.

    "Now, I want you to remember that this is for your own protection Danny. I don't want a repeat of the incident with Jordan - she took advantage of you without my permission, but the thing inside this box will stop that from happening again." Rebecca explained.

    And she opened the wooden box and took out its contents. It was a shiny metal tube that was curved and slightly flared at one end. The other end of the tube was closed off with a rounded top that had a vertical slot cut into it. At the flared end of the device, attached via a tiny hinge, was a metal ring that was encrusted with tiny crystals that glittered in the light. Danny had no idea what it was but all three women in the apartment did know what it was, as Danny was about to find out.

    It was a device that was known to women as a chastiser - a device that was used to ensure the chastity of the males they owned and to prevent them from being raped or tasted without their mistress's permission. The device worked by inserting the male's penis into the metal tube and would then be held in place by fixing the ring around the base of his penis and his testicles and then locking it with a padlock that only his mistress could unlock. The slot at the closed end enabled the male wearer to urinate whilst his penis was still within the device. No woman, other than his mistress, would be able to savour his masculine charms or ride upon him without her consent.

    But it was as much a device of discipline as it was a device of protection. Not only did the design of the tube constrain his penis should he become erect, its inner surface was covered in hundreds of strategically located metal studs. These studs had one purpose - to inflict an intense, but carefully measured amount of pain whenever its wearer became erect within its metallic confines. The studs were not designed to pierce the skin or cause any injury - that would after all be counter-productive if his mistress wanted to ride him but couldn't because his penis was too sore - the studs were simply there to train him to only become erect when his mistress wanted him to - in time, he would subconsciously learn only to respond to his mistress's wishes and to her touch alone - a painful reminder would be given should he respond to another woman without her permission.

    To males, these devices were hated above all things - above even the indignity of being strapped down onto riding benches and having to perform sexual favours at his mistress's behest. Since chastisers were often made of shiny metallic alloys and were usually elaborately decorated, even jeweled in some cases with precious stones, they had become known among male circles as 'Gilded Cages', and those that were unfortunate to be forced to wear them were referred to as 'Budgies', in reference to the popular brightly coloured birds that were often kept in cages as pets.

    The particular chastiser that Rebecca had purchased was made of a titanium alloy that was both light and extremely strong. The fixing ring was of titanium alloy also, and was encrusted with decorative crystals. The enclosing shaft part of the device was decorated with elaborate scrolls and patterns that had been laser etched onto its bright surface. At the top of the device, Rebecca had had her crest engraved upon it to further denote that Danny, and his penis, was her property and hers alone. The whole device was held in place by a small but very sturdy titanium biometric padlock that incorporated a little scanner pad that would only be unlocked by either Rebecca's or her twin daughter's thumbprints.

    "Wh-what is that, My Mistress?" Danny asked, his concern playing across his face.

    "It's called a chastiser." Rebecca explained, "You wear it on your penis and it stops other women from taking advantage of you."

    She nodded towards Eve who then stepped behind Danny and grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. Virginia meanwhile, knelt on the floor and took hold of his ankles to prevent him from kicking.

    "But My Mistress, I don't want to wear it!!" Danny exclaimed as he noticed with alarm the padlock and the shiny metal studs inside.

    "I'm afraid you have no say in the matter." Rebecca said as she stepped forward and took his leggings and his underpants down. She took hold of his penis as he stood trembling with anxiety. "Don't worry Danny, I'm only going to make you wear it whenever you go out to work or whenever you go out into town. I wouldn't be so cruel as to make you wear it all the time like my mother did to her male."

    "Please, My Mistress... No!" Danny implored.

    "It's for your own good Danny." Rebecca said as she retracted Danny's foreskin and brought the device towards his naked and trembling genitals, "In time you'll come to understand. Now hold still while I put it on you or you'll find yourself up against the wall and getting a spanking!"

    Danny winced and took a sharp intake of breath as he felt the metal studs scrape across his exposed glans.

    "Ow ow ow!!" Danny cried, "It hurts, My Mistress!! Please, take it off!!"
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    "Shhhh... Come on Danny, be a good boy for me. It's almost on." Rebecca said as Danny struggled and squirmed in Eve's arms.


    "There!" Rebecca said as she snapped the padlock shut, fixing the device in place.

    "That wasn't so bad, was it?" Eve said into Danny's ears as he stood and sobbed.

    "I think you should be grateful Danny." Virginia said as she rose to her feet, "It cost mother a lot of money and she only has your protection in mind. What do you say to her, hm?"

    "Th-thank you, My Mistress." Danny sniffled.

    Rebecca took a step back to admire the sight of the shiny metal device that now encased Danny's penis. She allowed her daughters to admire it for a moment also before she pulled Danny's underpants and his leggings back up and adjusted his attire.

    "Now, you two had better get off otherwise you'll be late for work." Rebecca said as she took a handkerchief to wipe away Danny's tears.

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny said sadly.

    "Come along! Look lively!" Virginia said brightly as she picked up her briefcase, "The hovertram will be outside in a minute."

    Once the device was in place, Danny realised as he walked across the street with Virginia towards the hovertram stop, it didn't feel too uncomfortable. He was still very much aware of its presence however - it was light but it still exerted a load upon his groin. It felt odd to have his penis encased within a titanium sleeve and the ring around his testicles that held the device in place would take some getting used to, but at least he couldn't feel the studs on the inside. And it was also clearly visible too - its hard metallic form caused the masculine bulge in his leggings to appear larger than normal, but clearly artificially so. The crowd of female commuters at the hovertram stop appeared to notice it almost as soon as they caught sight of him and they nudged each other and whispered in each other's ears as they approached and took their place in the queue at the stop.

    He feared another groping session would be in store for him that morning. Fortunately however, the hovertram was less busy than usual and there was a seat available. Despite womankind's dominance over the male population, a code of chivalry still prevailed and so it was considered polite to offer a male a seat if there was one available. So Danny took the seat gratefully, relieved that being sat down would make him less susceptible to groping and being touched up by his fellow passengers.

    Thankful that his morning commute had been free from unwanted attention, he walked alongside Virginia towards his office.

    "How does it feel?" She asked as she cast a glance towards his crotch.

    "It feels... odd, Mistress Ginnie." Danny replied.

    "Look, I know it seems cruel having to wear that thing." Virginia said as she took his hand in hers, "But it really is for your own protection. It's not too uncomfortable is it? Mother made sure to get one that was the right size for you."

    "I'm just curious as to why My Mistress wishes me to wear it." Danny said.

    "Well, it's to protect you from other women." Virginia explained, "Well, that is its main purpose anyway."

    "Protect me from women, Mistress Ginnie?" Danny asked.

    "To erm... prevent you from being raped." Virginia answered with a hint of shame in her voice, "Listen Danny, it's a harsh world out there for males, especially since there aren't as many of you as there are women. Some women, especially those who can't afford to have a male of their own, become desperate to feel a male inside them and will prey upon a male out on his own. The government brought in the Maison Service to make it cheaper for women to ride males and that brought the number of attacks down, but there is still a rape-culture among some women. And besides, in the eyes of society if a male gets raped it's seen to be his fault and not his attacker's - you know, if a boy gets raped it must be because he is a slut, that kind of thing. And it's as much about protecting you from being slut-shamed as it is about being protected from being raped."

    "Yes but, His fault, Mistress Ginnie?" Danny asked, "How can it be a male's fault if it is a woman that has attacked him?"

    "Well, if a male is dressed in a provocative manner he can be seen as bringing it upon himself." Virginia said as she paused outside the building where Danny worked, "A male dressing so suggestively can inflame the natural ardour of some women and cause their passion to inflame to such a point that they lose control of themselves."

    "But what kind of excuse is that? Surely, we have every right to dress as we please?" Danny replied, "I mean, we have few enough rights as it is. Why should us males have to dress in such a way as to camouflage ourselves from the lustful gaze of Neanderthal women? Surely it's their problem, not ours! Why shouldn't women be taught not to rape?"

    "Oh Danny," Virginia sighed, "You're asking deep sociological questions. The sad truth is that there is a rape culture out there and it often is seen as a male's fault if he gets raped. I don't like it any more than you do and believe me, most of us right-minded sisters feel ashamed to be women whenever we hear news of a male being raped. The best we can do is to protect you as best we can, and fitting you with a chastiser is the best way of preventing a woman from taking advantage of you. Anyway, we'll have to talk about this later - you'd better get to your desk otherwise you might get in trouble."

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie. Will I see you for lunch as usual?" Danny asked.

    "Yes, although I may be a little late today - I have a team meeting this morning and it might drag on a bit. I'll try not to be too late though, if I can't make it at all I shall send you a message."

    "Okay Mistress Ginnie, I'll see you later." Danny said.

    "See you later Danny." Virginia said as she kissed him on the cheek, "And try not to worry about wearing the chastiser - you'll soon get used to it."

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie." Danny said politely and entered the lobby of the offices.

    He found Robson sat behind the reception desk and the older male smiled broadly as Danny approached him

    "Good morning, Brother!" He greeted Danny warmly. His smile then suddenly disappeared as he caught sight of Danny's crotch with its larger than normal bulge.

    "Oh no, don't tell me your mistress has made you wear a chastiser, Danny." Robson said, "You poor thing, I was hoping your mistress would be more enlightened than mine."

    "More enlightened than yours, Robson?" Danny asked.

    Robson looked around to see if anyone was watching and then stood up. He hitched his kilt up and momentarily lowered the front of his underwear to reveal to Danny that he too was wearing a chastiser on his penis. Danny gasped as he saw the device on the older male's penis. It was a slightly different design than the one Danny had been forced to wear and was less ornate although it still looked expensive.

    "Welcome to the Budgie Club, Brother!" Robson said as he readjusted his attire and sat back down.

    "Budgie Club?" Danny asked.

    "Yeah, you know, as in the caged birds?" Robson explained, "Once they make you wear one of these things it's like being in a gilded cage. We call it being caged like a bird - safe inside but unable to fly."

    "Do many males have to wear them?" Danny asked.

    "Well, not all of us." Robson said, "But those of us whose mistresses can afford them usually get them. I'd say about a quarter of us have to wear them."

    "Do you... do you enjoy wearing it?" Danny asked.

    "Do I enjoy wearing it??" Robson replied harshly, "I hate the fucking thing! All males do, and so will you eventually! I mean, yes on the one hand it's nice to know my mistress cares so much about my safety to protect me from other women, but on the other hand they could've at least chosen a means of protecting us that wasn't so needlessly sadistic."

    "What do you mean?" Danny asked.

    "Have you been hard inside it yet?" Robson asked.

    "Erm... no." Danny replied and felt heat in his cheeks as he blushed, "My Mistress only put it on me this morning."

    "Well, you'll be in for a nasty surprise." Robson said scornfully, "Because it fucking hurts!!"

    "Hurts?" Danny said aghast.

    "What do you think the studs on the inside are for?" Robson said, "They are there to discipline you by inflicting pain every time you get hard."

    "Why??" Danny asked in disbelief.

    "So that you'll be punished every time you get an erection for someone other than your mistress. All without her ever having to lift a finger." Robson explained, "And I guess you haven't tried to pee with the thing on either yet have you?"

    "Erm... no." Danny replied.

    "Well, be prepared for one or two accidents - it takes a bit of practice trying to piss through a little slot without it spraying back at you and causing you to wet your pants!" Robson said.

    Just then a woman entered the lobby and Robson had to break off their conversation. Danny had to get to his desk anyway and so he waved a brief goodbye to the older male and then headed for the lift. His exchange with Robson confused him greatly - why did the women of this world treat males so harshly and with such sadism under the pretence of wanting to protect them? It was yet another reminder that he was still new to the outside world and that he, and all his fellow males for that matter, had been lied to by the administrators of the breeding colony. He wondered if the same was true of all the breeding colonies - he made a mental note to ask Fabio later that day. He was, after all, the only other male Danny had encountered that wasn't from Colony Theta - maybe things had been different for him.

    Virginia had sent him a message to say that she was indeed running late but would meet him in the coffee shop anyway and to order for her in her absence. Danny took the opportunity to ask Fabio about what he had been told during his childhood in Colony Kappa.

    "Well, it was a hell of a shock," the Mediterranean male said in his thick accent, "I mean, to find out that we males are sort of second-class citizens and everything."

    "Really?" Danny replied.

    "For sure!" Fabio replied, "Nothing had been told to us about our place in society, only that we had to treat women and girls with respect. We were all led to believe that we could go out into the world and live independent lives. Nobody ever said anything to us about having to have a mistress and of being her property and... all the other things."

    "By 'all the other things' I guess you mean all the erm... sex... and being ridden on and stuff." Danny said.

    "Yeah, that came as quite a shock as well." Fabio replied, "For instance, my mistress rode me three times last night - she didn't even bother to release me from her riding bench in between sessions! Four damned hours I spent tied down on the bloody thing!"

    "What about erm... Gilded Cages? Does your mistress make you wear a chastiser?" Danny asked.

    "No - why, does yours?" Fabio answered.

    "She does now." Danny replied with a sigh and took a step back so that Fabio could see the bulge at his crotch.

    "Oh my! You have my sincere sympathy Brother." Fabio gasped as he saw the metallic bulge in Danny's pants, "I guess that makes you a Budgie my friend."

    Just then Virginia appeared at his side.

    "What are you two talking about?" She asked brightly as she greeted Danny with a peck on the cheek.

    "Nothing." Danny replied coyly, "Just male stuff."

    "What, like shopping and complaining about curfews and not being allowed to vote or drink alcohol and stuff?" Virginia replied. She didn't think it was fair to draw attention to the fact that Danny had been caged and so she didn't mention it. She was unaware however, that Danny had already mentioned it to the Mediterranean boy.

    "Erm... yeah." Danny replied, "Anyway, Mistress Ginnie, I ordered you a latte and ham and cheese croissant. Is that alright?"

    "That'll do me fine!" Virginia replied, "I'm starving - those damned team meetings seem to make me feel really hungry for some reason. Well, more hungry than usual anyway."

    "Why's that, Mistress Ginnie?" Danny asked as he carried their tray of food and drink towards a table in the corner.

    "Well, they're bloody boring for one thing." Virginia said as she sat down, placing her briefcase on the floor beside her. "How are you erm... getting on... inside your chastiser?" She asked in a whisper.

    "Erm... not too bad so far, Mistress Ginnie." He whispered back, "Robson, the male who works at reception, his mistress makes him wear one too. He said one or two things that I found alarming."

    "Such as?" Virginia asked as she sipped her coffee and tore off a piece of croissant.

    "Well, such as it being really painful if I erm... if I get... hard inside it." Danny replied, whispering the last few words of his sentence.

    "Ah... I was sort of hoping you wouldn't ask me about that." Virginia said as she set her latte down on the table.

    "Why does it have to hurt?" Danny asked.

    "Have you... erm... been hard in it yet?"

    "Not yet, but Robson tells me it's supposed to be really painful if I do." Danny replied, "I haven't dared do anything or look at anything that might cause me to get hard all morning."

    "You see, that's the idea." Virginia replied, "To stop you from wanting to get an erection by being aroused by someone or something other than your mistress. Have you erm... tried to wee with it on yet?"

    "Again, Mistress Ginnie, not yet. Although, once this coffee has gone through me I'm going to need to. Robson says it takes a bit of practice not to end up peeing all over myself."

    "Maybe you ought to see if he can help you. I'm sure you'll get used to it pretty quickly."

    "Maybe." Danny said dismissively.

    "Well, you're going to have to get used to it." Virginia said, adding a little gravitas to her voice, "From now on, you will wear it whenever mother, or Eve or myself, decide you have to. It's for your own protection Danny, you have to believe that."

    "I do, Mistress Ginnie, I do." Danny replied, remembering a word Robson had used earlier, "I don't understand why it has to be so... sadistic."

    "It's just the way of the world okay." Virginia said as she drained the last of her drink and polished off the remnants of her croissant, and then added sternly, "Just remember, you're a male, and it isn't your place in society to question things like this. Your place in society is to obey women and serve them. The sooner you understand that, the better."

    She noticed a tear welling in the corner of his eye.

    "Heyyy, don't cry." She said, taking his hand in hers and trying to soothe him, "I didn't mean it like that. I know it sounded harsh but the only reason I said that was to protect you. So that you don't get any ideas above your station. Anyway, you won't have to wear that thing all day - as soon as we get home I will take it off you okay?"

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie." Danny replied.

    "I'd better be getting back." Virginia said as she rose to her feet, "I have some reports to go through from our head of department and I had best make a start if I want to be finished this side of next week!"

    She kissed Danny on the top of his head.

    "Just hang in there okay." She said lovingly, "Everything will be fine, trust me. You're a beautiful and handsome boy Danny - and your loving obedience and your willing submissiveness makes you a credit to your gender. Always remember that."

    "Yes, Mistress Ginnie." Danny replied, "Thanks."

    "I'll pick you up later." Virginia said as she headed out of the coffee shop and out to the street outside.

    It was half past three in the afternoon before the pressure got too much for him. His bladder felt like it was on fire - he desperately needed to pee. He excused himself and told Laura, his immediate supervisor, where he was going and then headed for the lifts. With Virginia's advice in mind, he decided to see if he could get Robson to help him and see if he could show him how to relieve himself whilst maintaining at least some of his dignity.

    "Erm... sure." Robson had said in response to Danny's request, "It's not the sort of thing I get asked every day, but one must always help a brother in need. Follow me."

    He led them behind a partition behind the reception desk that concealed a door. It led into a small room with a flight of steps that led down into some kind of basement.

    "There's a toilet down here." He explained as they descended, "The maintenance woman uses it most of the time but it's handy for the reception desk so that I don't have to go all the way up to the male toilets on the top floor."

    He opened a door to reveal a small room with just a toilet bowl and a small hand basin in it.

    "Right... so, erm..." Danny said nervously.

    "Well, it would help if you took your leggings and your pants down first!" Robson chortled.

    "Yes, of course." Danny blushed. He cautiously took down his black leggings until they were bunched around his ankles. He then pulled his underpants down, a pair of lacy black briefs, until they too were at his feet.

    "Nice cage you have there, my Budgie Brother!" Robson said as he caught sight of Danny's chastiser, "looks expensive!"

    Danny gave him a dismissive look in return.

    "Ahem! Anyway, back to the job in hand." Robson continued, "The trick is to try and take your time and not to let yourself pee too hard. The second you try to relax, the damned thing will be overwhelmed and instead of going out of the slot, your urine will back up and come out back up at you and all over the place."

    "Right." Danny said, and positioned himself before the toilet bowl.

    "Oh, one more thing." Robson said, "Try to push the head of your dick as far into your cage as possible, with a bit of luck your pee-hole will line up with the slot which should make things a bit easier."

    Danny adjusted himself as Robson had suggested, gasping as he felt the metallic studs momentarily scrape across his skin, and then he tried to relax himself and allow just the slightest of dribbles to escape from his bladder.

    "There you go!" Robson said as he saw the weak flow of Danny's urine emanating from inside the shiny metal casing that enclosed the boy's penis.

    However, Danny's natural urge to relax caused him to let his guard down for just a split second. Instantly, he felt his urine flood the tube of the chastiser and he felt a warm wetness as his urine washed over his testicles and splashed onto his clothes at his feet.

    "Whoa there! Not so fast Brother!" Robson said as Danny clenched his muscles tightly to interrupt his flow, "Take it steady, remember!"

    "Yeah, sorry Robson, I just got a little carried away there." Danny replied sheepishly.

    "Now you see why we males hate the fucking things so much!" Robson said, "Just wait 'till you get an erection in the bloody thing!"

    Danny tried to release his urine once again, this time as gingerly as he could. It took him several minutes until he finally felt relief in his bladder. Urinating in the thing had taken much more mental effort than he was expecting but at least he had managed not to get any more of his urine on himself. He certainly didn't relish the thought of having to go through the whole ridiculous performance again. But with a sigh of resignation he realised that he would have to get used to it.

    "There you go Brother, you managed okay in the end!" Robson said brightly as he slapped Danny on his back, "It went better than my first try - I ended up pissing all over myself on that occasion! Earned myself one hell of a spanking! My mistress had me up against the wall and spanked my backside till it was a red as a pair of ripe tomatoes!"
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    "Up against the wall?" Danny asked as he attempted to clean himself up. Fortunately, only a few drops of urine had got onto his clothes, the rest had dribbled onto his testicles and down the inside of his legs.

    "I take it your mistress has some scolding rings in her riding room?" Robson asked.

    Danny remembered the metal rings attached to the wall of Rebecca's riding room.

    "Erm... yes." Danny replied, only that morning his mistress had mentioned spanking him up against the wall and Danny suddenly realised what she had meant.

    "Yeah, well they're for scolding you on." Robson said bitterly.

    "Scolding?" Danny asked.

    "Scolding basically is any kind of disciplinary punishment that requires you to be held in place. Sometimes they just chain you to the wall and just leave you there to think about what you've done for an hour or two, and sometimes they'll spank you with a scolding paddle."

    All women were expected to be responsible for their male's behaviour, both in the home and out in public - it was seen as shameful for a woman not to be in control of her male. To accomplish this, the use of corporal punishment, or 'scolding' as it had come to be known, had become commonplace. The United Global Council imposed strict guidelines however, which stipulated what kinds of punishments could be meted out and what could and couldn't be used to deliver them. Any form of whip for example, was outlawed, as was anything that was spiked or delivered electric shocks in any way. Only government-approved disciplinary items were allowed to be used on males. One such device was a scolding paddle - a flattened paddle made of either wood, metal or stiffened leather. Blows could only be landed on either the buttocks, inner thighs or the back of the legs, and a maximum of 100 blows was permitted for any single transgression.

    Robson explained about scolding to an obviously shocked Danny. He was surprised that, in his four months since he had been discharged from the breeding colony, that the young male hadn't been scolded by his mistress on at least one occasion.

    "Surely, your mistress must've scolded you at some point!" Robson said as he led Danny back up the steps towards the reception desk, "They love any excuse to mete out a bit of punishment."

    "Well, the only time my mistress has spanked me was when I was caught watching TV without her permission. It's a long story about how it happened but all she did that time was spank me across her lap." Danny said, recalling the occasion during his first week with Rebecca and her daughters when he had spoiled the dinner because of his eavesdropping on one of Rebecca's Vidifone calls.

    Danny explained how his first, and thus far only spanking came to happen.

    "You mean you hadn't even been inside the riding room?" Robson asked, appearing to be somewhat shocked, "I remember the very first thing my mistress did once she got me back to her house after she picked me up from the colony, was to have me in her riding room and had me on her wall and she spanked me before I even had a chance to take a proper look around the place!"

    "Why the hell would she do that?!?" Danny said aghast, "Isn't there a law against that? I mean, you hadn't done anything wrong, had you?"

    "She just wanted me to know who was boss from the very start." Robson said, "As far as I know, there is no law against spanking a male for no good reason, just as long as it doesn't contravene the actual code of punishments."

    Danny was speechless at what Robson was telling him.

    "Oh, don't get me wrong." Robson continued, "My mistress is a decent enough woman and she wouldn't scold me nowadays unless she had a good reason to. Trust me Danny, I know being caged by your mistress seems cruel but from what I've heard about her from you it sounds to me as though you have landed on your feet. There are far worse mistresses out there."

    "I guess." Danny sighed, "But why are the women allowed to get away with treating us males like this? Surely there must be someone somewhere fighting for change!"

    "Well, if there is then they're doing a very good job of keeping themselves out of the gaze of the authorities." Robson replied, "If there was any form of male resistance movement out there it would've been smashed by the Enforcers and government forces years ago and its ringleaders most probably executed. Maybe there is an underground movement out there somewhere but I'm afraid to say it has slipped under my radar."

    Danny returned to his desk with his mind full of unanswered questions. One of which was whether or not Robson knew more than he was letting on.

    His ride home with Virginia once he had left work had been a nightmare. A technical fault had meant that the hovertram they were supposed to have caught had broken down and they later discovered that the entire system had ground to a halt. Instead they had to summon a taxi-pod, but what with the sudden demand for transportation it was over an hour before one of the little driverless vehicles finally whirred to a stop before them. The traffic on the way back was also hellish and it was getting on for six o'clock before they finally arrived home.

    Danny fretted that since he would be late getting the dinner started that he would be punished for it. Robson's words from earlier that afternoon, about women needing little to no excuse to dish out a spanking, still rang in his ears.

    "Stop worrying about it Danny!" Virginia said, trying to calm him down, "Mother wouldn't punish you for that - she's not like a lot of other women out there. It's not your fault that we're late, it's the stupid hovertram network's fault!"

    Virginia was right, when they finally arrived back in the apartment they were greeted by a warm hug from Rebecca rather than any form of admonishment that Danny had been fearing.

    "I'm just glad the two of you managed to get back okay." Rebecca had said once she had taken down Danny's leggings and underwear to remove the chastiser from his penis. She then dispatched him to his room to finish undressing and then to the kitchen to get the dinner started. He felt a blissful sense of relief as his malehood was finally released from its titanium prison, although almost immediately the realisation that he would be back inside it the following day tempered his joy at his release and brought him crashing back to Earth in an instant.

    "All hell seems to have broken loose out there - the entire hovertram network has ground to a halt!" Rebecca continued once Danny had returned, now completely naked and he started preparing the evening meal.

    "Well, I wouldn't say it's as bad as that." Virginia replied, "Just a damned inconvenience that's all."

    "Well, nevertheless I'm just glad you made it home eventually!" Rebecca said.

    Once they were all gathered around the dinner table, Rebecca made an announcement to Danny.

    "I shall be going on a business trip next month Danny, and I would like you to come with me."

    "Yes, My Mistress? Where are we going?" Danny replied.

    "Only up to Newcastle for a few days, it'll be pretty boring I'm afraid but I was thinking you might like to visit the plague memorial."

    The National Andrasta Plague Memorial had been erected on the site of the largest burial pit that had been used in Britain during the height of the plague's devastation. It had become a site of pilgrimage for males up and down the country. Mackenham pit had once been an opencast coal mine that had supplied coal to several coal fired power stations in the north east of England. Following its decommission it had remained as a scar upon the landscape, however once the severity of the Andrasta Plague had become apparent and the numbers of bodies began to pile up, Mackenham pit, along with several other opencast mines and quarries dotted around the country, had been pressed into service as burial pits. Day after day, truckloads of male bodies and the ashes of those that had been cremated arrived at the site, tipped in unceremoniously in their hundreds. The scale of the disaster was unlike anything anyone had ever witnessed.

    The area was eventually covered with a layer of rock and topsoil once the plague had run its course, and all but the few males that had been rescued and safely sealed away from the disease in a hastily converted underground mine, had fallen to the deadly outbreak. A national competition had then been held to mark the spot with an enormous memorial, dedicated to the eternal memory of the billions of men and boys across the globe that had died from the Andrasta Plague.

    "Yes, My Mistress - I would like that very much." Danny replied.

    "Excellent, I shall book a nice room for us." Rebecca said, "There should be enough to keep you occupied in Newcastle while I shall be working. There are plenty of museums and galleries for you to visit - and plenty of shops of course. I'll give you some spending money for you to treat yourself."

    "Thank you, My Mistress - that sounds wonderful!" Danny said.

    "Well, I know having to wear a chastiser has come as a bit of a shock for you so I think it's only fair to do something nice for you to show you that I'm not a horrible ogre." Rebecca said as she finished up her meal, "That, and of course to thank you for your exemplary obedience at the showroom yesterday."

    "I would never think of you as an ogre, My Mistress." Danny said politely even though it wasn't entirely true, "I accept now that you only have my safety from other women in mind and I am truly grateful for your concern for me."

    "You're a good boy Danny, I truly am glad that you are a part of my family." Rebecca replied.
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    Trauma and Tranquility in Tyneside

    Danny and Rebecca arrived at the hover-rail station in plenty of time to catch their train to Newcastle. They settled themselves in the First Class lounge and Rebecca had bought them both a cup of coffee and something to eat while they waited. Eventually, the sleek high-speed train glided into the station.

    (. . . .)

    As they checked in, a young male in a smart uniform placed their bags onto a small hovering luggage cart and showed them to their room. It was a bright and well-appointed space, decorated in pleasingly neutral tones that were neither too dull nor too loud - it was a tasteful, if somewhat generic look.

    The room was dominated of course, by a large and luxurious looking double bed. The rest of the furniture in the room, decorated in soft tones of browns and beiges, looked comfortable enough also. There was a soft armchair and a couch arranged around a low coffee table and a long sideboard along one wall, upon which was mounted a large TV screen. Several holographic pictures adorned the walls that depicted various scenes of local beauty spots and images of Newcastle's iconic bridges.

    There was a large bathroom that included a large circular bathtub that had been set into the floor. The various nozzles dotted around it indicated that it was a Jacuzzi and Danny looked forward to giving it a try. There was also a large shower enclosure in one corner of the room that incorporated a number of adjustable body jets in addition to the large showerhead above.

    And then of course, there was the other room that all hotel suites had those days.

    There was a door that bore a sign worded in several languages:-

    In ReitraumKein unter 18 jahren nicht gestattet.

    Nadir menor de 18 anos permitados en la sala de equitacion.

    Pas de moins de 18 ans admis dans la salle d'equitation.

    No under 18's permitted in riding room.

    Rebecca used the hand scanner by the door and it unlocked with a click. The hand scanner was linked to the global central identity database that held the biometric details of all the people of the world for situations such as this where a verification of some form or other was required. In this case, it verified that she was over 18 years of age. This rule for under 18's did not apply to males of course, since all under 18's in the outside world were female. However, it was proper that young girls were not exposed to anything inappropriate before they were mature enough to understand, hence the rule and the biometric device that denied them access to this sanctum of male submission and female sexual dominance. This rule extended to domestic riding rooms in the home as well as those in public places such as in hotels and ladies clubs.

    The door opened to reveal a windowless room with white walls and a soft off-white carpet. Situated in the middle of the room was a somewhat generic looking, mass-produced riding bench. It was made of a pale coloured wood and stood on four sturdy looking legs. At each corner, its restraints appeared to be made of some form of black webbing, similar to that used in seat belts. Approximately one third of the way along its length was a larger neck collar in exactly the same material. Resting upon the riding bench, a soft white padded cushion sat in a protective clear plastic covering which had been heat-sealed around it. The cushion bore a sash upon which was written, in blue lettering in an elaborately calligraphic script, a legend familiar to all those who stayed in such establishments:-


    On the wall opposite the door, and set amongst a set of wall-mounted scolding rings, a notice on the wall set out the rules for the use of the room:-

    Barfield Hotels hopes you enjoy your stay and welcomes you to use your private riding room however you wish during the duration of your visit. For the comfort and convenience of our guests, we would like to point out the following:

    Guests are free to use the riding bench at any time - all our riding rooms are soundproofed, however the management requests that all doors are closed whilst the room is in use.

    The riding bench cushion has been sanitised and is changed daily by our housekeeping staff. We at Barfield Hotels appreciate that you value the comfort and dignity of your male and would not wish him to be ridden on a bench that is anything less than spotlessly clean.

    Scolding rings are provided should your male require any disciplinary action during the duration of your stay. Government approved scolding paddles are available for the use of guests upon request if you do not have any with you.

    The cost of any damage to the contents of this room will be added to your bill upon checking out of the hotel.

    The management accepts no responsibility for any injuries sustained, either to yourself or to your male, if you do not adhere to the standard safety guidelines as listed in the 'Ride Safely' pamphlet - a copy of which is provided and located in the holder on the side of the riding bench.

    Once again, we hope you enjoy using your private riding room, should you require any assistance, please call down to reception.

    Barfield Hotels - Britain's favourite hotels since 2346

    "Do you wish to ride me, My Mistress?" Danny said meekly, as he followed Rebecca into the room and studied its interior.

    "Not just yet Danny." Rebecca replied, "Let's get unpacked first shall we?"

    "Yes, My Mistress." Danny replied politely and set about unpacking their luggage.

    "Once you've finished doing that we'll go for a walk along the river and then see if we can find somewhere nice to eat. Have you tried Mexican food yet Danny?"

    "No, My Mistress."

    "I know of a nice little Mexican place not far from here - the burritos are to die for and way nicer than anything you'd ever get from a fast food place."

    "That sounds lovely, My Mistress. Have you been here before, My Mistress? You seem to know a lot about the area."

    "My cousin lived here - I used to come here to visit her and my aunt when I was a girl." Rebecca replied wistfully, recalling her childhood, "It's a pity neither of them are still with us. They both died at sea while Aunty Paula was sailing her yacht across the North Sea to Sweden. Her male survived though, a beautiful boy called Victor, although I don't know what became of him. I think mother told me that since his owner was dead he became the property of the state and was packed of to some home or other. Pity really, he was a gorgeous looking creature and so wonderfully obedient too."

    Danny continued to unpack their bags and placed everything in the drawers and wardrobes provided.

    "But he wasn't as good looking or as well behaved as you, my precious boy." Rebecca added, and patted him softly on his rump.

    "Thank you, My Mistress." Danny replied, responding to her compliment politely.

    Their walk along the River Tyne as the sun set in a dramatic sky had been a pleasant stroll past the preserved remains of the old Sage arts centre and across the river by way of the old Millennium Bridge to where the Casa En El Muelle Mexican Restaurant stood on the quayside overlooking the river. The warm glow of its lights invited its patrons inside from the encroaching evening with promises of spicy burritos, tacos and tortillas, all accompanied with plenty of Tequila (for female patrons only of course) and a selection of mineral waters for males. Danny discovered that he liked Mexican food very much and wondered if there was a similar establishment closer to their home. They exchanged stories about their childhoods and Danny listened with interest as Rebecca regaled him with stories about her childhood visits to her aunt and her cousin. A brief interlude of hysterical laughter occurred during one particular story about how they had taken her aunt's yacht, a small sailing boat only just big enough accommodate four people at a squeeze, up along the coast to the remote settlement of Lindisfarne, or Holy Island as it was commonly known. She recalled how her aunt had fallen in the water whilst she tried to clamber into the little dinghy that was towed behind the boat and enabled them to get to dry land if they had to weigh anchor offshore.

    (. . .)

    It was long past curfew for Danny by the time they left the restaurant. It didn't matter however as it only applied to unaccompanied males. However, Danny's heart skipped a beat when they came across two Enforcers coming in the opposite direction. All they did however was to scan his identity chip and they then sent them on their way back to the hotel.

    As soon as they returned to their room, Rebecca instructed Danny to undress and put his clothes neatly away. As soon as he was naked his mistress opened the door to the riding room, signaling to him that it was time for him to do his duty and submit himself for a riding.

    He dutifully followed her inside the windowless room and she closed the door behind them. She stepped over to the riding bench and set about tearing off the plastic wrapping and the 'Sanitised for His comfort and dignity' sash. With a deep sigh, Danny then laid himself back on the riding bench and placed his wrists and ankles into the restraining straps. Rebecca wasted no time in strapping him down.

    As soon as she was satisfied that he was suitably secured and unable to escape his bonds, she took a step back to admire the sight of her young male helplessly restrained and with no choice but to submit himself to her totally. She loved the sight of the brilliantly shiny chastiser that encased his malehood in an impregnable sheath of titanium alloy. The sight of him in such submissive vulnerability inflamed an emotion inside her that she had not felt for many years and which she had tried to suppress in order to live up to the ideal of being a progressively minded woman.

    Rather than unlock the device and free Danny's penis from its titanium incarceration, she decided to have a little fun instead. She started by softly caressing his testicles - she knew he was delightfully sensitive there. She adored his testicles, even though his vaccination against the Andrasta plague had chemically neutered him and rendered them, from a purely reproductive standpoint at least, effectively useless. They still produced testosterone however - or at least, a carefully controlled measure of the male hormone as allowed by the hormone-suppressing drugs he was required to take every day by law.

    She knew that his body's natural reflexes could not resist this stimulation and fairly soon she noticed his penis begin to come to life within the confines of the chastiser. She of course knew about the metal studs on the inside of the device, about what their purpose was. They were there to inflict pain upon him - to cause him severe discomfort if he were to become erect within it.

    She noticed Danny exhibiting the first signs of discomfort and the sight of him squirming in his bonds ignited her suppressed dominant streak.

    "Shhhh... can you feel the studs Danny? Can you feel them?" She said as she stroked her boy's hair lovingly whilst she stroked his testicles and delivered him pain at the same time.

    "Y-Yes... hahhh!! M-My M-Mistress!" Danny gasped as the studs began to dig into his soft flesh.

    "Goooood!!" Rebecca replied with a wicked glint in her eye.

    "Hahhahhh!! M-My M-Mistress!! P-Please hahh!! It h-hurts!!" Danny cried helplessly.

    "Gooooood!!" Rebecca said again, "Feel the studs Danny, submit yourself to them. Feel the pain they deliver! Embrace it!"

    "Arrrghhhh!! P-P-Pleeaase M-My M-M-Mistressss!!" Danny bawled as the studs dug deeper and deeper into his skin. Just as they had been designed however, they did not puncture his skin in any way.

    Years ago, when chastisers were first being developed, they were tested on young males who had been purchased by the manufacturers specifically to test their latest designs of male submission devices on. They had been previously tested on anatomically correct artificial penises that would react in a similar fashion to the real thing, but there could never be a true substitute for a real penis that was attached to a real living, breathing male. There had been occasions in earlier prototypes where the studs were too sharp and had caused bleeding, and other occasions where the severity of the pain had caused test subjects to pass out. But eventually, and after much trial and error, a successful design had been produced which delivered a strong enough level of pain that could be safely endured whilst not sustaining any injury at the same time.

    And it was this carefully, almost scientifically measured level of pain that Danny was experiencing at that moment. Since he had been first made to wear the device a couple of weeks earlier, he had managed thus far to avoid becoming erect within it. But now, with Robson's words ringing in his ears, he knew exactly what the receptionist had meant when he had said how much pain the device was designed to inflict.

    "Nnnnngggghhhh!! Hahhhahhh!! P-Pleeeeaaase M-My M-Mistresssss!!"

    "Can you feel the studs my Pretty Boy?"

    "Y-Yesss M-My M-Mistress!!"

    "Do you like your chastiser Danny?"

    "Y-Yes My M-M-Mistressss!!" Danny bawled, by now he was sure that the only way that his pain would end was if he obeyed and submitted himself totally to his mistress and answer how he knew she wanted him to.

    "Goooood boy!" Rebecca said, "Do you promise to submit yourself to me Danny?"

    "Y-Yes hahh!! M-My M-Mistress!"

    "I can't hear you Danny! What was that?"

    "I-I s-subm-mit m-my s-self to y-you, M-My M-Mistress!!" Danny called out in abject agony.

    "Would you like me to remove your chastiser Danny?" Rebecca asked.

    "Y-Yes p-please hah!! M-My M-Mistress!"

    "Ask nicely, like a good boy, Danny." Rebecca said, "You are a good boy aren't you, Danny?"

    "Y-Yesss M-My hahh!! M-Mistress!"

    "What are you?"

    "I-I'm a g-g-good b-boy My M-Mistress!"

    "Whose good boy are you?"

    "Y-Your g-good boy My hahh!! Mistress!""

    "Goooood!! So ask me very nicely like the good boy you are!"

    "P-Please My hahh!! M-mistress, c-can you r-remove m-my ch-chastiser so that I c-can s-serve you My M-Mistress!!" Danny stuttered and snivelled in reply, tears streaming down his cheeks as the unrelenting pain burned at his loins.

    "Very well, since you asked so nicely." Rebecca replied, and she placed her thumb against the biometric padlock. It clicked open and she dismantled the device carefully to release Danny's penis and free him from its painful grip.

    Danny sighed in exultant relief as his erection, now covered in many dimples caused by the studs, was freed into the open air.

    As soon as he was free, Rebecca removed her trousers and her underwear and she rode him. She rode him hard and fast and with an animalistic fervour. As soon as she had cum however and experienced a prolonged and wonderful orgasm, her rush of hormones dissipated and she came crashing back to her senses.

    "Oh my Goddess Danny!" She gasped as she rose up from his helplessly supine body, "What have I done?!?"

    Even though he had endured the painful torture of the device on his penis, even though he was forced to denigrate himself and pledge his total submission to her, even though she had simply mounted him and ridden him rather than end his suffering, he still managed to deliver her an orgasm before allowing himself to erupt (. . .)
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    Rebecca knew that it was only right that a woman's male had a healthy level of respect and fear of his mistress, but she had crossed a line she had always pledged she wouldn't cross. This was the kind of behaviour her friend Emma displayed, the kind of thing her own mother had subjected her male to. As she looked down at Danny's helplessly constrained body and saw his tears of pain and sorrow, she collapsed onto her knees and erupted into a violently heaving fit of sobbing.

    Once she gathered herself a little she stood up and released Danny from the riding bench.

    "I'm so sorry Danny!" She snivelled, "I'm so very, very sorry! Can you ever forgive me?"

    "It's okay, My Mistress." Danny said tearfully as he sat up, "I forgive you."

    "No, Danny - stop. I know you're just saying that because you're afraid of me. Afraid of what I might do to you." Rebecca sobbed.

    Danny looked his mistress in the eye and saw her expression of sincere contrition on her face.

    "I forgive you if you promise never to do that again." Danny said.

    "Oh Danny, of course I'll never do that again!" Rebecca replied tearfully, "I promise you, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart, that I will never put you through that ever again!"

    "Then I forgive you, My Mistress." Danny said.

    "Oh Danny, I really don't deserve to have you!" Rebecca cried and she hugged Danny tightly to her chest.

    "Fill bath!" She called out, which engaged the room's voice-command system. It was a common feature in most hotels and domestic residences - voice commands could be given to perform any number of tasks from changing TV channels to switching household appliances on and off and adjusting heating and air conditioning controls.

    She gathered Danny up in her strong arms and she carried him to the bathroom. She carefully lowered him into the rising water of the bathtub as it filled and then she removed the remainder of her clothing and stepped naked into the bath beside him. She spent some time bathing him softly and lovingly, taking care to avoid his sore genitals. As the water eventually drained she towelled him dry and then she gathered him up into her arms once more and she carried him to the bed.

    She climbed in next to him and whispered in his ear.

    "I promise you I will make it up to you tomorrow."
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