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Birthday games

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Sublifter49, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. So next Tuesday I turn 50. To me birthdays aren’t a big deal. This year though our 31 year marriage has changed as my wife has become my KH and the boss and says “ we are never going back to vanilla. I like this too much!”
    So she tells me Tuesday that she would be giving me surprises morning and night for a week as a lead up to my birthday. On my birthday she told me to skip the gym (something I hate to do) will be going to dinner with a surprise after.
    I’m not one who likes surprises.
    Wednesday morning the first surprise was new panties. Gray with pink lace that would be my attire, under my work and my gym clothes later.
    After work, the gym and chores(making dinner, packing lunches, cleaning up) I went to get my shower. She followed me into the bedroom where 6 helium balloons floated.
    She told me inside each balloon is a surprise. After my shower I would pick one balloon and pop it. Whatever was inside was my surprise. She said it in a way that made me nervous.
    So showered and naked I popped my first balloon (after sucking out the helium and singing a prince song with my altered voice)
    Frist surprise? 50 smacks to my butt with a wooden spoon!

    Now some of you are used to regular spankings like @Mash2214@Mash2214
    For me it’s something I have showed interest in, and we’ve talked about, but up until last night wasn’t something my wife had done much of.
    WOW that spoon stung! After the first ten I was ready to quit! She paused after every 10 and rubbed the spoon around building anticipation. That wasn’t fun either!
    After 50 she climbed on my red sore ass and had an orgasm with her vibrator! My ass was burning and sore an she got an orgasm!
    After I cleaned her vibrator we went out to watch a little tv and as most nights I served her wine. I must say I felt hummbled and more submissive after 50 wacks dispite my alpha nature. As she headed to bed she tells me “well you got the easy one out of the way! Goodnight!”
    Easy one? What is a tuff surprise gonna be???
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  2. Sounds like she went out of her way to make it nice for you. My b day is coming on October 10. Will let you know how it goes.
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  3. So what happened when you popped the rest of the Balloons? Turning 50 is an event to remember I'm sure your Mistress had more planned than 50 swats to your backside
  4. I'll have to mark that on my calendar. How old 29 and holding?
  5. One night was tied to the bed for an hour with a butt plug face down and she had a few orgasm on top of me with a vib and grinding on me..it drives me nuts not to get to participate or touch her when she comes..
    One night it I had to stay fully dressed in drag all night (kids where home so I was stuck in bedroom)
    One night I had to give her a long massage.
    One night was 30 minutes of ass thigh worship
    One night I had to wear a butt plug all night.
    It ended with a surprise birthday dinner and after she took me to a fully nude strip club and even bought me a lap dance! That was a great night!
    We are always limited in time at night. By the time I get home from the gym and make dinner and she gets home from work and visits and messes with her horses it's usally late and she is close to bed.
    Now we are on a mini vac in fl with her company.
    It been a hell-of-a 50th!
    Thanks for asking @Mash2214@Mash2214
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  6. I have had an orgasm in about 5 weeks and of course she's had about 60...it's also been along time since she has given me a full blown blow job. She like to suck it and play with it but of course no cumming.
    That is suppose to change on the vac..sometime she has told me I will get a full on blow job..but as we all know our ladies are in charge and sometimes they enjoy mind fucking us and/or can change their mind if the mood strikes them..
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  7. It sounds like you had a Very Exciting Birthday with a very Special Lady. That is what makes this all worthwhile being able to share it with someone that we Love.

    I understand what it's like when you live a busy life it's always interesting.
    Thank you Very Much for your response
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