Birdlocked fixed (first night)

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Schmunzie, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Some of you may recall i purchased a Birdlocked, only to have the common problem that the fastening broke within hours. Ihave at last solved the problem. The transparent strap has been replaced with a tough nylon cable tie, of the type that can be tightened and released. Having found the right length for the tie, I drilled a small hole in it to accommodate a luggage padlock - an attractive one with softly rounded corners instead of the nasty sharp one supplied with the Birdlocked.

    So.. last night I got locked into it and delivered the keys to She Who Must be Obeyed.

    Damn! She turns out to be as good at this as I feared.

    She got undressed as if to come to bed, handed me her dirty knickers ("for company"), took her vibrator and went to sleep in the spare room, with instructions that I am to bring her a cup of tea first thing.
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