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Back where I belong

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by denied_joey, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. If you’re new to this thread, it might be worthwhile to take a moment and read my Introduction post. With that said, let’s move forward...

    Recently, I came to the realization that it was time to curtail my stroking. Sure, i’ve been trying to ruin most of my orgasms, but even in that regard I’ve been slipping. So here I am, locked in a new device.

    I am going to take the next few days as a break-in period for it and to retrain my brain about the day to day joys and curses of being locked.

    Friday night, I will be clicking the lock to start a proper denial period. Between now and then, I will be deciding what torment I want to put myself through.

    I’m thinking along these lines: dice determining days, medium-to-low odds of unlocking, low odds of earning an orgasm with a high probability of the orgasm needing to be ruined.

    More to come from my brain .. but no cum from my balls any time soon.
  2. Ideas swirling in my brain regarding my rules....nothing official here, they’re just ideas. However, thoughts on them are welcome and appreciated. Anyway...

    • Rolling six dice to determine the number of days before a chance to unlock. Rolled 1’s automatically become sixes (brief test averaged in the mid 20s)
    • If someone was interested in rolling for me, allowing them to roll 10 dice instead. Maybe even allowing up to 3 re-rolls on the 4 dice of their choice.
    • Permit myself a 30 minute unlock once a week for thorough cleaning and shaving.
    • Unlocking for anything other than the above forfeits that day + two dice penalty roll
    • Chance to unlock day - something with a deck of cards, maybe a coin???