Anyone heard of LateKate?

Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by Dumb1, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Hi i was just wondering if anyone on this website knows the whereabouts of another poster on NetDoctor who calls herself LateKate. The reason i am enquiring is that i have read her posts there and found them to be very informative as have many others , i know she is a member on this site as well as she has mentioned it many times. Unfortunately recently someone started a series of posts in the Netdoctor article on male chastity casting doubts over LateKates experiences it seemed and i think she has ceased to post there any more. I should very much like to continue to correspond with you LateKate as i found your insights into this lifestyle from a wifes point of view very refreshing and i hope if you read this or anyone else does who knows you that you will let me know all is ok with you .
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