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Am I having fun?

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by C J Hopper, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. We do this different I think. I love it and she is really into this play.
    J likes me to offer her to guys by giving her a back-rub/massage with her target in the room with us.
    I will rub and move her clothes around to expose her body to him/them and then motion him an offer of her. First is usually a touch. Then it will become more her touching them as I watch.
    This can take up to an hour to complete the undressing if the guy is shy or just a new friend she wants to play. The thought will get through to most guys.

    i Love the look in his eyes as he gets realities of what we are about to do.
  2. Sound very interesting.
  3. I don't know, are you having fun?
  4. Only You can answer that question. Are You having Fun ? It sounds like it could be.
  5. Why are you asking us?
  6. Don't care and never will
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