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    i had a most vivid dream last night resulting in my being forced awake by a erection that hurt sooooooooo bad due to the cock cage.

    You were over here doing Your thing to me and when You were ready to go home You had me naked, locked in the cock cage, handcuffed (in front of me), padlocking a short chain to the handcuffs with the other end of the chain locked around my neck. Because of the chain i couldn't reach beyond my stomach without bending over, something that, while not impossible, is hard to do because of my physical handicap. You then made it very clear to me that You would beat me if i did not give You ALL of the chasity, handcuff/shackle and padlock keys. Once You seemed assured You had all available keys You put them, along with my car keys and cell phone, in the kSafe lockbox setting the digital timer for FIVE days and then drove off leaving me alone, naked, handcuffed, chained and scared.

    i was scared for my safety but mostly i was scared that You would not be back to use Your boi again for Your amusement and pleasure.
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