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a problem...

Discussion in 'HolyTrainer' started by Anto78, May 29, 2017.

  1. Hi!
    I've been using this device for about a month only during the day and I did not have any problems or annoyances, ultimately with my partner we went to continuous use day and night. We tried it for 4 days and it was very exciting
    The only problem was burning during the wash near the urethra, I think it is caused for the rubbing on the hole of device
    during repeated erections for 4 days. (The burn has passed after 2 days without device).
    Do you have any remedies or tips?

  2. I have been wearing a Holy Trainer for eighteen months and I cannot say I have experienced the same problem that you have. My Wife removes the device at least once a week for cleaning and I regularly shower, cleaning the holes in the tip of the device with a jet wash.

    Are you circumcised? Have you seen any redness developing around the urethra? How warm an environment do you live in?
  3. Hi!
    Thank you for the reply, I'm not circumcised, no any redness, nothing special while I was holding the device, only slight annoyance during the most intense erections near the urethra. Shower regularly and cleaning without device after 3 days.
    The problem after 4 days when i washed it and I tried the burning as described above.
  4. Your issue is a new one on me. The fact that it is your urethra burning would suggest the issue is something other than rubbing. When I get aroused my 'erection' is all outside the device, in the root of my penis between my buttocks. My actual penis, the bit that used to get erect, now sits small and unchanged inside the tube. Is this not what happens to you? If your penis is trying to get erect inside the tube then something is wrong.
  5. Mmm, my penis don't fill all the tube so when i have an erection it fill the tube and the tip bump near the hole of the device. I do not have a complete erection, but certainly the penis occupies the free space.
    Even if the tube was precise i think that during excitement there is more friction with the divice. I'm wrong?

  6. It would appear that something isn't quite right. As I said my HTv2 completely stops any erection occurring inside the tube, even if I am not filling the tube up completely which does happen sometimes.
  7. Never a problem with me. Could be you are not cleaning yourself well after peeing. I use a squirt bottle of water to wash my penis and cage off. Then I use a swab to dry it. I have not had a problem like you have in over 4 years. Is the cage too small perhaps? You can always put a dab of vaseline or similar on the tip of your penis. I usually lube the inside of the cage as well as the area around it. Works well for me.
  8. Thank you very much for the advice. I'll do other tests to see how it goes :)