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    It all starts somewhere. For this thread, its this post.

    A few notes about myself- I'm single, age 27 (as of this writing), and not locked. I've got gender issues, too. I'm not so much a masochist as a control fetishist; I like being controlled and losing power, more than pain. As a result I'm a massive bondage bunny and a bit of a humiliation fan as well.

    Not much else to say right now, other than I'm considering buying a CB within the next few months. I've already tried a CB-2k, and found that I'm a little (lot? I don't have much basis for comparison) on the large side. And thus too large for the 2k. I'm considering getting a 3k or Curve.

    Edit: Lockdown ticker is HERE: http://www.chastitylifestyle.com/ticker/

    Adding it to this entry so I won't forget it.
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