“You’re in a for a real treat!”

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    "Oh yes, so, here’s the deal," Verity said with a mischievous smile, her voice dripping with anticipation. "I'll continue with the Tinder dates I have, seeing who I want and enjoying a varied and fulfilling sex life." She paused, savouring the power of her words before continuing.
    "And you, foofoo," she said, using the nickname she had playfully given him, "well clearly, you'll stay pussyfree in your chastity. But in return for being my promised forever virgin, you'll get to indulge in your foot fetish fantasies. You'll have the opportunity to sniff, kiss, and lick the same feet." Verity's eyes gleamed with a mixture of satisfaction and excitement.
    "But that's not all," she whispered, her tone brimming with seductive allure. "For not ever popping your own cherry, I promise to reward you with something truly special. As you indulge in your foot worship, I will divulge all the juicy details about my uninhibited escapades on those date nights and even the intriguing mornings after." Verity's voice lowered to a tantalizing whisper as she leaned closer to him.
    "I did say foofoo, you'd be in for a real treat," she murmured, her words laced with mischief. With a knowing smile, she left him to his housework with the promise of secrets, pleasure, and forbidden desires…

    When I wrote the above prologue to 'Her Modern Day Cinders' my 1st eBook, it was a retrospective vignette into a beta-male living under the yoke of strict, hardcore tease and denial and constant CFnm supervision in a Female-Led domestic setting… the scene setting for the multitude of femdom frolics and experiences explored in the eBook series since; capturing the ongoing trials and tribulations of a submissive beta-male's 'happy ever after'… little did I know, this scene setting with Nikki introducing her friend Verity to her FLR / Femdom domestic set up, would lead to Verity playing such a big role in the story arc as foofoo's crush but looking back I am very happy it did. It has made his pussyfree status in tight chastity all the sweeter... for me to write

    But then, all the boys love Verity...
    So, foofoo is no different from all the other boys, it's just that he's Never Been Kissed, Never Been Blown, Never Been Laid and quite frankly Never Will - the disappointment between his legs is locked up tight, social distancing from the privilege of pussy; gifted instead an almost Puritan lifestyle of devotion, diligence, discipline, and chastity, grounded in service through completing Nikki’s chore list day after day, seven days a week; there, of course, being no rest for the wicked

    Poor boy... lucky beta boy.

    If you like the sound of this, then I dare say my eBooks will be right up your street, they were and still are inspired by the notion ‘Real Women Don’t Do Housework’ through female domination & subjugation of the male as little more than a domestic skivvy or working livestock, toiling away, with his toes pointed skyward and oh-so chaste, kept a desperate virgin just for the giggles of it; providing menial work around the house, sans clothing.

    twitter Verity Love Story.jpg

    100% GUARANTEED to have no Fairy Godmother coming to rescue the poor boy from his endless trials & tribulations!

    Enjoy Erotica for non-stop-ecstatic throbbing.... @ http://amazon.com/author/mhmacdonald
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