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Jul 26, 2017 at 3:22 AM
Apr 25, 2016
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New Member, Male, from Netherlands

Locked again since 31st December 2016, by a woman on Emlalock. And she likes the hard way for me. Jan 17, 2017

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Jul 26, 2017
    1. yentlbdsm
      Locked again since 31st December 2016, by a woman on Emlalock. And she likes the hard way for me.
    2. yentlbdsm
      Locked since 1st January 2016
    3. yentlbdsm
      Locked until at least 9th november 2016
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    I am locked inside a Carrara chastitybelt. It has a weight of about 3 kgs and designed by Walter Goethals (Belgium). It's very 'comfortable' to be locked in 24/7. I can do anything in it, beside 1 thing :)

    But it is even a bigger torture than I expected, but that is what I have chosen.

    My max locked in this belt is about 2 months.

    I can clean everything very easilly, as where this belt is designed for.

    The hardest part of beeing locked is the torturing hornyness. Now, after 3 weeks I don't get aroused a little less. But IF I get aroused it's very, very strong and lasts very long. The last times about 4-5 hours.

    My chance to get a new girlfriend is so much smaller than I am used to. I doubt if I ever will have a girlfriend that accepts this situation. A girl/woman locked in chastity would be a possibility, but 99,99% of them seems to have a D/s-relationship. But 'subbing' with a girl/woman that is 24/7 locked is my biggest fantasy. Starting to realise this fantasy begins getting locked up first. First a girlfriend and then getting locked is not smart was my conclusion.

    The risk not finding her is big, but it's NOT that is HAS to happen. On days as today flirting with girls/women became such a different experience. The impact is enormous. Every inch of my body is extreme sensitive 24/7. This extreme high state of sensitivity together with the feeling of the big pressure of Lust is a torture, but in my head I try to turn it over to a positive thing. That's not easy, but for example: body to body-contact is much more sensational in this sensitivity. That is something what easily can be used to try to get positivity out of.

    My biggest challenge will be training in 'achieving orgasms without touching, but by using the power of the mind. It is the only possibility which I have, so I'd better use it. :)



    A Sadist is someone who is friendly to a masochist.
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