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Dec 15, 1985 (Age: 35)
Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
self employed


HI i am your Mistress, Female, 35, from london

oh i see... Jul 29, 2013

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    1. Mascara^Snake
      How much do you get paid if the less savvy members of this site actually do sign up to your website?
      Do you get job satisfaction from it or is it just a bore for you?
    2. Beach-bum
      Hello from Cornwall added on Skype
    3. MistresVeronica
    4. jemima
      hello Mistress, curtsy. You have got the exact same birthday as my Mistress, curtsy.
    5. chimera
      oneline fraud
    6. MistresVeronica
      hi there i am Mistress Veronica and i am 27 years of age.if you are interested to know Me add ME on my YM/skype veronica.parker15
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    Dec 15, 1985 (Age: 35)
    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    self employed
    Chastity devices:
    My name is Mistress Veronica and I am a lifestyle/pro

    domina. I hold many kneeling before Me and they have

    gained much in My service. you have continued on because

    you wish to know more about Me but know that I am not

    your typical domina that you have seen before. There are 3

    things i require which are as follows :




    Know this now or your time will not be long with Me. From

    the minute you speak to me, you will treat Me with respect,

    total obedience, and with absolute devotion. you will

    address Me as either Mistress or Goddess no exceptions any

    lack of respect is a disgrace to Me and shows how untrue

    you are. I will not put up with time wasters and wankers if

    you wish to be Mine then you will prove it to Me by

    following all I lay out for you. you will obey Me at all times

    and when you displease Me you will accept your failure and

    beg forgiveness. you will accept all punishment I give to you

    no matter what it may be, and you will follow all rules and

    regulations I require of all my slaves. I am a strict but a

    true Mistress that gives Her time and attention only to

    those who deserve it, however there is much to be gained by

    those who wish to truly be ones of My favor.

    Subs are not just My property and the ones who prove their

    service and loyalty I will reward in different ways. A sub is

    not just something that should be crushed under My boot it

    is a lost soul that is searching for acceptance. It is trying to

    free itself in a sense by submitting their life to Me. Only

    those who truly are this way though can understand what

    it means and they are the ones I only wish to own and are

    proud to have as my servants…….Even though I am a pro

    domina I consider myself firstly as a lifestyle Mistress, and

    it is this state of mind and style that has led me into

    becoming a professional Mistress. In a sense it is My way to

    satisfy My fantasies, and My own personal desires. I do not

    profess to be done, I am developing new skills and

    discovering new areas of interest everyday.

    As My sub I see your submission as an honor. A sub is not

    something I only wish to crush under my boot although i do

    enjoy that. No a sub to Me is a servant one that is longing

    to be given a purpose that is not their typical life. A sub is a

    deprived one that longs to be owned by a powerful domina.

    A woman who holds their life so tightly in Her hands and

    has the sub waiting in anticipation for more. She excites

    them and makes them feel more alive than they ever

    thought they could be. In their regular life they are this

    person who just exists how they must but in Her world they

    have far more purpose. There are goals to reach and levels

    of servitude that they desire to be. titles to be given to

    those who earn them and early dismissal for those who do

    not. As you can see I see far more in my submissives than

    some dominas may however know that once you entrust

    yourself to Me, I will expect complete devotion. Unlike

    others you’ve known though I am not a harsh and

    screaming Mistress, I prefer calm and sensual sessions, but

    be aware My cruel nature will sometimes surprise you and

    often take hold of you when you are at your most relaxed

    and vulnerable state. I believe it is important to develop a

    precise understanding of you and your needs, but in the

    end My bitch it is all about Me. You are longing to be owned

    and when you are Mine you will wish to be everything I


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