Mistress Heart
Feb 25, 2019 at 11:55 AM
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British Columbia

Mistress Heart

Darling and dominant can go hand-in-hand. *smirk*, Female, from British Columbia

Having preferences and boundaries doesn't make someone a 'bitch' or 'stuck-up', it is a reflection of self-awareness and self-love. Apr 17, 2023

    1. Sakurah87
      Hello mistress heart have not heard from you in bit want to chat
    2. TangoSub
      Hello Mistress Heart... I found your profile description so honest and inciteful. May I respectfully ask if I may follow you?
      1. Mistress Heart
        Mistress Heart
        Hi Tango. Thanks for the kind word. Yes, you may follow me.
        May 17, 2023
    3. Lovemetal
      You will see from my profile page and photos we love metal cages
      Mistress Heart likes this.
    4. John Runknown
      John Runknown
      I love the gloves, i'm ready.
    5. Ispitis
      May i follow you
      1. Mistress Heart
        Mistress Heart
        Yes you may.
        May 8, 2023
    6. John Runknown
      John Runknown
      Thank you for being so kind. I hope to chat with you again some time. I don't know how to send a private message but thank you for being open.
      1. Mistress Heart
        Mistress Heart
        You're welcome! :) I hope you are doing well when you read this message.
        May 8, 2023
        gentleman zig likes this.
    7. Tuberoch
    8. Mistress Heart
      Mistress Heart
      Having preferences and boundaries doesn't make someone a 'bitch' or 'stuck-up', it is a reflection of self-awareness and self-love.
    9. Ms Angela’s Sub
      Ms Angela’s Sub
      As a tough country boy turned business exec, you have no idea how much a safe sanctuary is truly special.
    10. Mistress Heart
      Mistress Heart
      I don't want to be merely a Boss, Domme or a Keyholder; I want to be a sanctuary.
      1. gentleman zig
        gentleman zig
        that is a lovely sentiment, Mistress Heart
        Apr 7, 2023
        Mistress Heart likes this.
      2. 2bkeptforher
        What a nice comment Mistress Heart. You’re a life raft in a sea of turbulent emotions. Love the visual.
        Apr 7, 2023
      3. aching_balls
        Someone who holds their sub's hand and gently leads them to the most blissful subspace
        May 11, 2023
        Mistress Heart likes this.
    11. Mistress Heart
      Mistress Heart
      The world should not revolve around your penis or a cage. It should revolve around manifesting love to the one you want in control.
    12. Junebug15
      Nice avatar, hello and welcome
      Mistress Heart likes this.
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    Location: (Country, Region - and perhaps even City?):
    British Columbia
    Your chastity role:
    • Domestic Keyholder
    • Domme
    Chastity resume:
    I tapped into My dominance when I was 30. My first in-person chastity was in 2014 with My former long-term partner/submissive. I now seek to share this with someone whom I'm deeply bonded to and that takes time.
    In 2010, I entered a time of self-reflection that many of us have. It was at that time I realized how truly deep the need and desire to hold the reigns ran within Me.


    "Do not confuse compassion and empathy with weakness!'' ~Me


    I am innately dominant in a gentle and nurturing way but I am also silly, geeky, highly-intuitive, stern when life demands it and protective. The stereotype of a Domme being a cold, hardened bitch that is angry and unleashing her rage on others, is just that: a stereotype. Sure, those types are indeed out there but it's most certainly NOT Me.

    I treat those in my circle VERY well, including those who are under My guidance and locked.

    I'm out here in search of connections with those that seek power dynamics in their relationships and then everything else will fall into place from there, be it a friendship or otherwise. Without this as the foundation, nothing else will form.

    This takes time. If you aren't interested in investing some of your time, then I am not an amicable fit for you.
    For me, a connection with someone starts in the mind. If I don't feel safe with someone or feel a connection, then I'm not advancing onto anything kinky no matter how real and strong any carnal feelings may be.

    Random Stuff

    *My favourite show is Battlestar Galatica

    *I am a theist that embraces people of ALL walks of life, cultures, and religions. I have a strict rule of ''Don't shove your beliefs at me and I won't preach about mine.''

    *Silliness is a gift and I embrace it often

    *I identify as ENM

    *I am a vehement ally to the trans community. However, I am straight and have no interest in keyholding for or dating trans women, as a result of this. Friendships are VERY much welcome with anyone though regardless of how they identify. <3

    NO THANKS!!!

    *People that have no interest in what works for me and are only pushing their own agenda. Mutual and healthy friendships/partnerships have to be a two-way street!
    *One night stands
    *Pushing my buttons to get a rise out of me. Trust me, I don't respond to that. I retreat instead. You will NOT win at that game with me and it will push Me away
    *A running stream of profanity (We all let a few cuss words go from time to time , including myself, but I try and filter myself when I'm out and about.)
    *A lack of manners.
    *One minute men, unless you can handle being laughed at. ;)

    If you are intrigued by what you've read, feel free to drop Me a line and tell Me about yourself. I am not on very often so if it takes a while to hear back from Me, be patient, please.

    If you've read this far, then you are ahead of most by caring enough to read through people's profiles. Please reference 'pickles' in any messages you send to me including any chat room messages, so I know you read my profile.

    In closing, a few of my favourite quotes are:

    ''You can't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.'' ~Author Unknown

    ''Some talk to you in their free time and some free time to talk to you.'' ~Author Unknown

    ''The carnal things of this world are temporary but kindness resonates eternally.'' - Me

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