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Jul 23, 1975 (Age: 48)



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May 10, 2012
    1. sissyslavefiona
      i think you deserve your pathetic fate to become a simpering, mincing little sissy slut slave good for nothing else, pushed so far in your training you become utterly useless for anything else.
    2. CutOffMyTinyCock_4real
      Hello maid katrin...thanks for the post & for your idea of posting a thread (new to site, can anyone post a thread or do u have to pay a membership fee like most sites?)!
      Hope you're right, that I find my perfect Mistress soon!!
      Hello Goddess Lyzza...I'm very interested & will contact u soon when I have a day off work! Thnx!
    3. maid katrin
      maid katrin
      Hello sissy,
      just read your profile, why don't you open a thread to introduce yourself ... there are a number of Ladies from the US and may be you will be lucky to find the Mistress who takes you under HER wings.
      Hugs, Katrin
    4. CutOffMyTinyCock_4real
      Yes, of course AnnaSissyDoll...I appreciate your honest opinion & I agree w/ you that I need/deserve that to happen to my Silly Useless Tiny Cock (& I'm sure many people would agree w/ u as well, especially ex-Girlfriends of mine!!)!!!
      I've been keepin it locked up on regular basis recently, now that I got new CB-6000s.. I need someone to take keys to it...
    5. annasissydoll
      yes yes! silly useless tiny cock must be locked up and cut off! :) *sissykisses*
    6. CutOffMyTinyCock_4real
      I just received my brand new CB-6000s (Shorty), now I just need a keyholder domme!!!
      I'll post pics of it locked on soon!!!
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    Jul 23, 1975 (Age: 48)
    Chastity devices:
    Own the Pink CB-2000, & recently bought the even smaller & more secure CB-6000s (Shorty) which i'm now locked up in!!!!!!
    Chastity resume:
    3-28-11 -Locked myself up until I can find someone to Lock me up & keep the keys!!!
    I'm a Submissive White male who is very Kink &amp; Fetish driven! I'm searching for the right person (or people) to Dominate, Cuckold (force me to watch real hung men plz women in ways I never have or ever could), Humiliate me for having a tiny cock (it's 3-3.5 inches erect maximum), Punish me w/ BallBusting, Feminize me (as far as Implants &amp; Hormones...&amp; even a Penectomy &amp;/or Castration), Force me to serve &amp; plz Hung men w/ my mouth &amp; ass (Pimp me out to men)!!! Also, take PICS &amp; VIDEO of my Submission, Pain, &amp; Humiliation to Post/Sell to Adult WebSites for your financial gain only!!!<br />
    ...&amp; start it all by Locking me in Chastity (Denied sex, Masterbation, Orgasms completely) leaving me Horny, Frustrated, Humiliated for as long as u desire!!!<br />
    <br />
    I'm 100% for real...&amp; have wanted this since i was 15 yrs old (20 yrs now)! If interested &amp; wanna know more then plz contact me...&amp; ask me anything ...&amp; tell me anything bout u &amp; ur interest!!!<br />
    Hope to hear from (maybe even meet u..) you soon!!!
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