Comments on photo id Who wishes this was them? in the album "L-u-c-y" created by L-u-c-y

  1. Melers
  2. Junebug15
    Where do I sign up?
  3. winstonmacgregor
    Your quality of submissive has drastically improved. Looks like a 0%fat, perfect posture, and well behaved boy.
  4. tdk34
    Id like a fit body like him. I dont think id wear those trousers. But in a good place to lick those heels.
  5. L-u-c-y
    @[37539:@tdk34] You need to get some exercise tubby, you might look like him one day :) His trousers are better than what you are wearing lol
  6. tdk34
    Yes Mistress, Thank you, he's probably not wear panties and likes fem dom training.
  7. tdk34
    He may like to suck youre heels.
  8. Doublejay
    I definitely do.... And I'm prior military
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