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  1. SissyslutAmanda
    The belt showed up working on making it fit
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    1. StubHub
      Hope everything fits and works well for you.
      Oct 15, 2021 at 10:14 PM
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  2. Alexfemchastity
    Closed in honor of Loktober
  3. Cfnm4me
    Cfnm4me Maddison Rain
    Wow! That’s an incredible profile picture!
  4. BelindaMark
    BelindaMark gingers_sub
    Nice to meet you. Very good Flickr page. We are flr couple, new here, would love to connect.
    1. gingers_sub
      Send a friend request and flickr will have more pics
      Oct 15, 2021 at 5:53 PM
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  5. SissySlut4ever
  6. SissySlut4ever
  8. Whiskey05
    Gone all week been good and not cheated on myself. Just that I'm not leaking precum as usual. Strange.
  9. HT89
    Partner called me a submissive puppy dog...I was in shock. I'm far too cocky for that Lol
  10. HT89
    2 weeks in locktober, night boners are crazy strong!
  11. Ms Maree
    Ms Maree
    Good morning CM hope locktober is going well for you that are locked
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  12. MistressAMA
    MistressAMA asastype
    Yes, she did and my worm held the car doors open after kissing our feet and kneeling in observance. Nice work asatype
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  13. morgan46
    morgan46 Shelbycd
    great photos, hot babe
  14. morgan46
    morgan46 Shelbycd
    Great pics and you look beautiful
  15. Chastie_MM
    Chastie_MM Shepherdsflock
    When I looked at your profile the thing I noticed is that you look happy!
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  16. 4herlocked
    4herlocked Anonoman
    Your profile pic is sweet
  17. Jonie
    Jonie L-u-c-y
    Id like to commit to the chastity offer you have posted. I have a porn addiction and i think id be unable to continue if i was locked…
  18. Chastityjackdontcum
    Chastityjackdontcum MissyB
    Hi how are you
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    1. MissyB
      Fine, thanks for asking.
      Oct 15, 2021 at 1:00 AM
  19. steviepie
    steviepie L-u-c-y
    Kneeling in the (virtual) presence of the One True Goddess.
  20. jemima
    jemima morgan46
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  21. lost dog
    lost dog SissySlut4ever
    are you still locked? lets message , I am locked and have been for sometime now , yes I also feel an urge to release a huge load
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  22. 4herlocked
    4herlocked Jail Bird
    Thanks, Which photo did you like best ?
  23. castitas
    Horny, naughty, happy
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  24. Whiskey05
    That was a hard night. 4 times got woken up trying to get a hard on. It's a pain but I like it.
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    1. MissyB
      It is a good reminder of your status
      Oct 14, 2021 at 3:10 PM
  25. Chastityjackdontcum
    Hello I'm Jack I'm in to chastity and I would like to know sum of the people on here
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