One Year without an Orgasm

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    One year without a real orgasm. That was my first thought yesterday morning as I woke up. My wife echoed that point when she wished me, Happy Anniversary.

    In many ways the year went by quickly. In other ways it felt like a lifetime since I had had a spine tingling, scream inducing, ball emptying, gut wrenching, curl your toes orgasm. I had had many many releases as we have come to call them. Once every two weeks my wife would religiously massage my prostate for my health and well-being. My dick would drip the fluids that had built up. It felt good but, I had been without that one sensation that I most craved for a long time.

    This had all started a few years back. After 15 years of happy married life, things had gotten routine for us in the bedroom. Most nights we kissed each other politely and curled up to sleep. About once a month one of us would suggest something more and we would spend 10 to 20 minutes making one or both of us cum.

    Things changed when I was on a business trip and came unbelievable close to having an affair. She was a beautiful young woman I met in a bar and she was recently divorced. It took ever bit of will power I could muster not to bed her. Especially after she made it very clear that she was willing. When I got home, I was feeling guilty and I confessed what had almost happened. My darling wife sat in stunned silence for the longest time and finally told me that she would divorce me first and then kill me if I ever did cheat. We started talking about it and I made a joke about maybe she should lock me in a chastity belt when I traveled so that we had nothing to worry about. She gave me a wry smile and the subject dropped.

    This was a turning point for us though. We started to talk about how boring our sex life had become. My wife admitted to spending lots of time masturbating while I was at work. She said that we had to spice things up again. Needless to say, I was shocked when a month later as I was preparing for another trip, she produced for me a small package. Inside it was a CB6000 model chastity device.

    I put a lot of research into this, she told me proudly. I think this is a good starter model for us to see how we both like you being chastised. Its plastic and has a plastic lock that will keep you secure but wont be a problem for you at the airport. Of course, setting off a metal detector because you were wrapped in a chastity belt might be fun to make you explain, she had to add.

    I was amazed at how matter-of-factly she was addressing this. I was also sexually thrilled.

    We fooled around with the various rings and sizing arrangements for a while. We were both like a couple of randy teenagers. Several times she had to get a cold washcloth to press to my groin in order to shrink my dick so we could try a different set up. I gave her two orgasms with my tongue and fingers as we played and eventually she removed my chastity and fucked me to a huge orgasm.

    I think I am going to like this, was the last thing I heard her say that night as I fell into an exhausted and happy sleep.

    When it came time for me to pack and leave, she brought out my chastity and locked me up. She used a numbered plastic lock and made a big production of writing down the number so that she would know if I had taken the device off. I thought that was silly. I was sure that I could wear the thing for the three days I would be away without any troubles. I could always snip the plastic lock off if I needed to and I was sure that I would not even think of cheating on my wife. After all, she had become a wild woman in bed. She was the only woman I wanted and was too much for me to handle anyway. Besides, I have to admit that this was bringing out my naturally submissive side. I was enjoying her taking more control of our sex life. I wouldnt risk what we had together for anyone.

    I was good that trip. I had no choice. I did find that it took some adjusting to wearing a chastity device. Sleeping was a challenge. Getting to sleep was hard because I usually fell asleep on my belly and I couldnt do that with a chunk of plastic around my cock and balls. Staying asleep was a challenge because I would awaken in discomfort from the semi erection I had developed. As my cock would harden, the chastity would pull on my balls and I would wake up thinking that someone was trying to pull them off my body. The worst adjustment was going to the bathroom. I tried to pee standing up the way men are lucky to be able to do. After making a mess of the front of my pants twice, I gave in and started sitting to pee. My darling wife thought that was amusing and gave me the Now you know what we women go through speech. I also learned that taking a bath instead of a shower made it easier to keep my encased cock and balls clean.

    The weeks and months that followed were a true joy. I would wear the chastity whenever I would travel and whenever my wife wanted to lock me up at home. She was getting all the orgasm she wanted either from my tongue or fingers. I was getting less then she was but a ton more than I had been getting over the last few years of our marriage. When I did get to cum, I found it to be much more intense and satisfying.

    One night as we both lay in bed enjoying the afterglow of our great sex, she said, I love being able to lock you up. It makes sex so much better for both of us dont you think?

    I agreed and I told her so.

    I like being able to determine when you will get to cum too, she giggled.

    I know. I can tell, I replied

    I wonder how long you could go without coming. One month? Three? Six? A Year?

    I dont think I want to find out, I answered.

    I think it might be fun to find out, she said with a little too much conviction for me.

    I suggested that we go to sleep. I was hoping that she wasnt too serious.

    Nothing more was said about long-term chastity for a while. Then out of the blue, my wonderful wife asked, Do you remember my friend Sandy?

    The nurse, I asked.

    Yes. I asked her how long a man could go without an orgasm. She said that as far as she knew it could be a lifetime but that complications with the prostate can occur from all that backed up fluid unless you do a prostate massage or are prone to wet dreams.

    I wasnt sure how to respond to that. I was a little afraid and a little excited about where she might be going with this topic.

    I think we should see what it is like for you to stay locked up for a few weeks or maybe a month. What do you think?

    Im not sure I could deal with that. What is in it for me anyway, I asked.

    Oh come on, where is you sense of experimentation? If it feels good to finally cum after going without for four or five days think what it might be like after a week or two.

    OK. It might be fun to try that once. Can we start with a reasonable time? Say one full week? I offered.

    One week doesnt seem long enough. Youve gone 5 days before. One week is only a couple more days than that. I think we need to go for two weeks as a minimum, she countered.

    I gave in. All right, you win. Lets see if I can stay sane for two weeks. But I need to cum right before we lock me up.

    My wife went to the calendar on our kitchen wall and wrote Big O on the date two weeks from then. She then came and took my hand and lead me to our bedroom. The sex was great. It was obvious that my wife was excited about the deal we had struck. I made her cum with my tongue and then she climbed on me and made me cum. What really surprised me was when she moved her body up mine and pushed her cum filled pussy into my mouth so I could give her another orgasm.

    The two weeks went by very slowly. Usually when I was locked up I didnt focus a lot on when I would be getting out. There was something about seeing that date marked on the calendar every morning at breakfast that made me so much more aware of what I was missing. There was also the fact that my wife was insatiable and had me giving her oral sex once or twice a day the whole time. She kept telling me how much she liked this and how much I was going to enjoy fucking her again when my sentence was over. And, of course, she was right.

    After two weeks of constant stimulation without release, making love to my wife was an oddly new experience. I came fast the first time and it felt like I pumped a gallon of fluid into her. She commented on how much cum I had produced. We joked about my balls getting bigger because they were so full for so long. We rested and talked and played and I managed to get another erection and fuck her again. That was something that I hadnt been able to do in a long time. It was a spectacular night.

    The next morning over coffee, my wife asked, Should I mark another two weeks on the calendar?

    She had a big smile on her face. I couldnt say no to her.

    She jumped up and marked another Big O. Then she asked, Do we have time for a quickie before work so we can get you locked up now?

    Yeah, I answered. I can be a little late. It doesnt have to be a quickie. But Im not sure that I have any more fluids in me after you drained me twice last night.

    We raced into the bedroom and stripped most of our clothes off like desperate lovers. It turned out to be a quickie after all. I came fast and apologized to my wife but she was OK with it. She wouldnt let me give her oral because she didnt want me going to work with a messy face and as I hadnt taken my shirt off, I would have had to wash up. She said that she didnt want me to be too late. She also said that we should get me locked up and off to work and that she would either make myself cum or wait for you to get home . . . or maybe both.

    I collected my chastity belt and put it on as my wife lay in bed watching me and fingering her pussy. With my belt locked on, I bent down gave her a big kiss, pulled her hand up so I could suck on a finger, told her how much I loved her and then left for work.

    Our pattern of denying me orgasm for two weeks at a time became a fairly regular routine for many months. For two weeks I would think I was crazy for doing it and then when I did finally cum I was glad I had waited. My wife loved every part of it. She especially liked writing on her calendar. She would remind me how many days were left frequently and she had taken to making a note each day of how many orgasms she had had while I was awaiting mine. Most of the time, I was locked up with a real metal lock and my wife put a nail in the wall next to her calendar so that she could hang my key there in plain sight for us. If I was traveling she would switch out to a plastic lock.

    The first time I had to go longer than two weeks was partly an accident. We were on day twelve of my lock up period when I had to go out of town for business. My destination was close enough to drive so we didnt change to a plastic lock and I was supposed to be gone for only two nights anyway. I should have asked for an early release but I didnt. Unfortunately, two days and nights of work turned into a week. I was getting desperate. Keeping busy was a saving grace as it kept my mind off of my cock for most of the day but the evenings were hell. I tried to figure out how to make myself cum while still locked but was not successful. My wife seemed to enjoy my predicament and would tease me over the phone. She would even masturbate as we talked just get me hard and remind me how bad I had it.

    I broke a few speed limits getting home finally. I was now at day 19 without an orgasm. I was sure that that was the longest I had ever gone without since puberty. I had a serious case of blue balls and was sure that I would take my wife on the floor as soon as I walked into the house. When I did get home, I was surprised to find the house empty. In the kitchen near our calendar was a note from my wife saying that she had to run out to help a friend and that she wouldnt be home too late. I read the note and was a little mad but resolved to awaiting her return for my much needed orgasm. It was then that I realized that the key was not hanging in its usual spot. I actually laughed, because I assumed that my wife had taken the key with her so that I wouldnt unlock myself and jack off while she wasnt home.

    I grabbed some dinner and unpacked my clothes. They needed to be laundered because I had worn everything for more days then I should have. I had gone out and bought some new underwear at least.

    When my wife did get home, I rushed to greet her. We kissed and hugged and I literally raced her to the bedroom. We stripped and fell into bed together. I kissed my way down her body and began to lick her clit. She moaned and said that she had missed me. I got her off and after giving her a minute to recover, I asked, where is the key? If I dont get off soon I think I am going to burst.

    I thought you had the key, she answered me seriously.

    What? You know I didnt take it with me. I couldnt believe what was happening and as I didnt think my wife was that good an actress, I assumed she was serious. I flashed on trying to use a hacksaw to cut off my lock or to having to explain to a locksmith why I needed him or her ASAP.

    I guess I noticed that it wasnt in its usual place the other day. I just assumed that you had taken it, she answered too casually.

    It clicked in my head that my wife was having a little fun with me. OK. Enough fun. Please baby. I am desperate here, I pleaded.

    Im sure it will turn up. Ill look for it tomorrow, she replied.

    I dont know if I can go another day, I said with a bit of whine in my voice.

    Another day? You must have a lot of faith in my ability to find that key, she said. Ill look. I promise. Ill even offer you a reward for being patient until I find it. You have always wanted me to shave my pussy. Ill do that tomorrow before I look for the key.

    Arggggg, I growled in desperation. I knew I wouldnt get very far with her and I had always wanted her to shave. I longed to see her bare and to see what it was like to go down on her without her pubic hair getting in the way. OK. I give. I just hope that you have some luck finding the key tomorrow.

    Of course, she took her time finding the key. She made me wait two more days before her discovery. But, she was true to her word and I couldnt get over how erotic her bare cunt was. I loved giving her oral and I think she was even more sensitive without hair. I did have to be more careful about shaving my face closely. She could feel my 5 oclock shadow when I pressed my face to her pelvis.

    Cuming for the first time in three weeks was almost painful. I was exhausted after we did finally fuck. We talked about how it felt after two weeks versus after three weeks for me. I mentioned that it was both pleasurable and painful. My wife made some comment about maybe that is why men need prostate massage after a longer period of abstinence.

    I stayed unlocked for a week or two. Both of us started to miss our old routine so I made the suggestion that we lock me back up finally. My wife agreed readily. She also brought up the fact that I seemed willing to trade favors for chastity. She thought that it was fun that I had earned something I had always wanted (her shaving) for an extra week of lock up. You should make a list of what you want and I will put a timeline to each so you can earn your rewards, she told me.

    The next day, I was useless at work. The only thing I could focus on was my wish list.
    I must have written it and re-written it 100 times. I was a kid at Christmas. Dear Santa, I would like to take nude pictures of my wife, I want to fuck her in the backseat of our car, I want her to walk around nude in our backyard in the daylight, I want . . . I called home and suggested that my wife meet me for drinks and dinner so that she could see my list and we could start the timing negotiation.

    I made a reservation at our favorite place and printed out a copy of my final list. I wasnt sure how she would react to many of my suggestions. I was worried that she might be mad about a few of my more unusual wishes but I figured she could always say hell no or she could put a really, really long term of chastity down for something she didnt want to do knowing that I could never go without for that long.

    We had a drink in the bar while we waited for our table. She was dressed very sexy and was in a flirtatious mood. We made small talk and only after we were seated in a private booth and had ordered did the topic of my list come up.

    Before I give you this, I started. I want you to know that I just let my mind wonder. Dont get mad if there is something here that you wont do. I will be happy with whatever you think we can do and I promise not to negotiate your timeline, too much. At least I think I will. Going three weeks almost killed me.

    Well if we go that long again, or longer. I should massage your prostate every few weeks. Remember what Sandy told me about needing to do that to keep you healthy. I asked her if she could teach me how to do it the other day, by the way, she said with a smile. So let me see the list.

    Nervously, I handed her the paper. I sat in silence watching her read it. As she worked her way down the page her expression went from a smile to a frown to a look of surprise a number of times. She laughed at a few items and started to comment on some things but she stopped herself. Finally she said, OK. Ill put some times on this list and we can see where we go from here. But right now, I need to excuse myself for a minute.

    I rose and watched my wife walk toward the restrooms. I had to admire her ass and couldnt help but think about how lucky I was to be married to her. She returned a little bit later with a sexy smile on her face. She sat down and leaned over to whisper to me, You are now on a three week lock up schedule. I just did number 7 on your list.

    I must have looked excited but a little confused. I had worked on my list for hours but I didnt memorize it. She realized that I didnt know what she meant so she took my hand and pushed it under her skirt and into her lap. I realized that she had no panties on. I left them in the last stall, she told me. I thought that was the safest.

    What she had done finally dawned on me. Item 7 on my list was Leave your panties in a Mens room. Go see for yourself, she suggested. Theyre hanging on the hook behind the door.

    I kissed her, stood up and tried to casually walk to the restroom. My cock was hardening as I went into the mens room and went to the stall door. Stepping in, I closed the door and sure enough, my wifes pink panties were hanging there. I laughed and shook my head at what my wife had done. I also had a flash of terror at the thought of what I might have turned my wife into.

    I couldnt help but take her panties down and sniff them. They smelled of her and her perfume and my cock tried to grow to full extension but couldnt because of my chastity. I hung them back up and headed back to our table.

    My wife was sitting there with a sly look. Our eyes locked and I smiled. Well?, she asked.

    Well done, I replied. I wish I could be there when someone finds them.

    You didnt keep them? she gasped.
    No. Did you want me to? Are they a special pair?

    Not really, she answered. I just didnt realize that you wanted them left for someone else to find. I might have to add a few days to that three weeks.

    Just then our salads arrived. We didnt talk about the list in much detail after that. She asked about a few items but mostly we had a conversation that anyone in the restaurant could have overheard and would not have raised an eyebrow. We had a wonderful night and left for home with my wifes panties hanging in the bathroom. I liked imagining someone finding them. Maybe someone would take them home and jack off with them. I loved thinking of another mans cum soaking my wifes underwear.

    Over the next year or so, we played along with many items on my list. Most of them were priced at 3 weeks of chastity. I got to enjoy sex with my wife in some unusual places, a few times we almost got caught which added to the fun. I got to take pictures of her naked, she did go for a short walk outside nude for me and she came home with a large vibrator from an adult toy store that I had never thought I could get her into before the list. Seeing her pleasure herself with it wasnt even on my list but I got to see that many times anyway.

    I started to get used to going without an orgasm for three weeks. I think like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. My wife continued to keep track of when and how many times I got to cum versus when she did. The numbers were way out of balance but we were both happy about it.

    I started to ask her about some of the items on my list that we hadnt done yet. She had put down 1 month for a few things. She had put down longer times for quiet a few more. One of my items, Have sex with another women had 1 year listed and the last item on my list Have sex with another man had NEVER written next to it.

    I suggested that I was ready for a try at a longer chastity period if she was willing to try a new item on the list. Which one were you thinking of, she asked.

    Maybe number 15 or maybe 18, I offered after reviewing the list. Both required my wife to be a little more dominant than she usually was and required a month of chastity.

    Spank me for masturbating and Tell me that I am a lousy lover and that your boyfriend is better hung while we fuck, she read off. Hmm. We should talk about that second one. You know that I could never fuck someone else, dont you. I cant believe that you put that on the list.

    I know, babe. It just turns me on to think about. I am sure I would hate it of you did and I would never want you to leave me for someone else.

    OK, she answered appearing to be satisfied. I think we can agree to try those two, but you have to agree to prostate massage about half way through the month.
    Are you going to do it? Do you know how?

    I think we should have Sandy come over and teach me how to. What do you think of that?

    I . . .Im not sure, I answered. Part of me was excited as hell, part of me was terrified.

    Well, if you want to get started, we can see how the first two weeks go and then see if Sandy can help us out. I thought you might like the idea. There is one item on your list that I thought of Sandy for as well you know.

    Is that the one that would cost me a year of chastity?, I asked.

    Yes, it is, my wife replied.

    I got such a rush thinking that my wife might be willing to have sex with a woman. I never thought I could go a year without fucking so it didnt seem like a possibility but the thought of Sandy coming over to teach my wife how to milk me when my wife at some level was attracted to her made me hard as hell.

    We decided that we would start the next day on my first month-long period of chastity. My wife marked the calendar and she commented on how many orgasms she was going to have before I had my next one. She really seemed to like this math.

    The first two weeks went by without anything special happening. Our routine became, me giving her oral most mornings before work and then again when I got home and often again before we fell asleep. The orgasm tally for my wife was rising quickly. As we approached the two week mark, my wife called Sandy and arranged for her to come over for dinner. She didnt tell me how much Sandy and she had been talking about our sex life for the last year or so. Sandy knew it all and thought it was great.

    Dinner was uncomfortable for me at first. Sandy and my wife chatted and for the most part ignored me. I couldnt help but sit there and imagine them in bed together. I was rock hard and in pain as my cock grew to that thought. Finally, after dinner and drinks, we cleaned up the table and my wife suggested that I go upstairs and shower and wait for them on our bed.

    I did as told and debated with myself about what to wear after my shower. I guess I finally rationalized that since Sandy was soon to have her finger up my ass that I didnt need to be modest. I dried off, wrapped a towel around myself and sat down on the bed to wait.

    It wasnt long before the women joined me. Sandy was curious about my chastity device so my wife suggested that I take off my towel, lay back and let her see it.

    Sandy examined it and me. She asked the usual questions about comfort and how it felt and I answered her. She was very professional. Guess it was her training as a nurse. Satisfied with my chastity she instructed me to get on my knees with the towel below me. She had me put my face to the bed and push my ass high into the air. She had brought my wife a box of latex gloves and they both put one on. With a little lube applied to her finger and my asshole, Sandy pressed her finger in. She told me what she was doing every step of the way and she explained to my wife how she was feeling for the walnut sized lump that is my prostate. It felt odd and wonderful at the same time. She felt and rubbed my prostate for a minute or so then she pulled her finger out.

    Next was my wifes turn. She pressed her finger in and Sandy gave her some idea of where and what to feel for. It took my wife a minute to find her target. She began to rub me and Sandy asked if I was feeling the same sensation as a minute ago. I said that I did and that in many ways it felt like I needed to pee but couldnt. Sandy said that was common. My wife continued to rub my gland asking Sandy questions about safety and frequency. She was beginning to think that she couldnt get me to release when I suddenly felt an unusual sensation in my balls and asshole. I was about to mention that when I felt a mild muscle contraction and a slight burning sensation. Suddenly, fluid was running out of my cock and dripping out of my chastity. It felt good and bad at the same time.

    Congratulations, Sandy told my wife at the site of my release. You have milked your husband. It will take him a little while to build those fluids back up so you can keep him in chastity for a while longer.

    My wife and I both thanked her and she left us to clean up and talk. My wife was very curious to know what it felt like for me. I tried to describe as best I could. She admitted to being turned on by the whole thing so it didnt take long for her to get naked and join me in bed. As I went down on her I mentioned that I had enjoyed watching her and Sandy at dinner. Just before she came my wife confessed, It might be fun to get her into bed. Maybe you should think about a year goal. Bet it would be worth it.

    The strangest thing about being milked that night was that I was in some ways still horny but my urge to orgasm was significantly reduced and I wasnt sleepy the way that I usually am after we have had intercourse and I have cum. For once, my wife fell asleep before I did.

    As with my shorter termed chastity sessions, I found a month without an orgasm doable. The mid-month release helped reduce the sense of urgency and the reward of having my wife do things and say things that rocked my submissive world but that I never thought she would do was worth the suffering. I even came up with some new items for the list since I hadnt thought there was a possibility of her agreeing to do them when we started.

    One that took some debating and again some help from Sandy was incredible. I had to agree to three months of chastity and Sandy had to convince my wife that it was safe but I was eventually honored with the opportunity to have my wife urinate into my mouth and slap my balls around. That was wonderful and the definitive sign that my wife had become much, much more open to kink and fantasies then she ever had before. As a matter of fact, it was her idea that I go without for a year. She agreed that she thought she could see herself making love with Sandy at least once. In many ways they had become very close. They obviously could talk about anything and often did. I didnt ask if Sandy was in on the deal before we started or not. I guess I didnt care as long as my wife was willing to consider it.

    So we started on a one year period of chastity for me. We agreed to biweekly removal of my chastity for cleaning and checking and to prostate massage for my release. As the weeks turned into months my wife began to fuck me when she would remove my chastity. She was complaining of missing penetration so she would ride me for a while always reminding me that I wasnt supposed to cum.

    Those sessions were especially difficult for me. I was treated to the warm, tight, slippery feel of her pussy but denied the pleasure of climax and reminded over and over what I was giving up for the pleasure of seeing my wife with another woman. More than once I begged my wife to either rely on her big vibrator or go and find a guy to fuck if she needed penetration. I couldnt stand to be teased and tormented that way.

    But finally the big day had arrived. We decided that we would have dinner and see a movie to celebrate. I had to go to work so I spent most of my day just imagining finally getting to cum in my wife again and then imagining what it would be like seeing her in bed with Sandy. I had made my wife promise to fill Sandy in on the deal. I didnt want to go a year without and then not get my big reward, although I assumed that my wife could find another woman to do if Sandy wasnt willing.

    Through dinner and the movie my wife was wonderful and flirtatious. I felt like a very lucky man who knew he was going to get luckier later that night. At the movie, the theater wasnt very crowded. We sat in the back and as soon as the lights went out my wife started to squirm in her seat. She had worn a nice dress and she was trying to discretely as possible pull it up and pull her panties off. As the coming attractions rolled she handed them to me and whispered in my ear, This is how we got started, isnt it? Me taking my panties off and leaving them for someone to find. Why dont you toss those over a few rows so the cleaning crew will find them after we leave.

    I tried to focus on the movie but it was not easy. There were a few good sex scenes and a fair amount of female nudity. My wife would frequently reach her hand or guide mine under her dress for a minute or two. She didnt climax but I know she was close.

    We raced home after the movie. I was naked as soon as we were inside our front door. My cock was as hard as it could get and I couldnt wait to get free and cum in my wife. She said that she shouldnt do it but that she wanted to make me wait until after she had cum. She said that it might motivate me to do an especially good job. I think my tongue moved faster than ever and she was bucking with her first orgasm for the night in minutes.

    After she had recovered, she produced the key and made a small ceremony of freeing me from my device. It was a bit of a struggle because I was so engorged. My cock didnt want to cum out of its cage. But we both wanted it to and we won the fight finally.

    I climbed up her body and positioned myself to slip into her. She had stopped teasing me with her short bouts of intercourse many months before so I hadnt felt her wrapped around my cock in a very long time. She let me slip in and pump back and forth a few strokes.

    Slow down speedy, she joked. Let me get on top of you. That way you wont cum so fast and we will have time to talk about something I want you to consider.

    I rolled off her and lay down on the bed. She climbed up and squatted over me, impaling herself on my cock.

    As she rocked very gently on me, she looked into my eyes and said, Darling, I love you so much. I hope you know that. I feel like we are closer now and more in love than when we first married. Our sex life is incredible and you have made me think about sex all the time. That tongue of yours is so talented. You are the best at oral sex. No doubt about it.

    Ive had a lot of practice, I interrupted smiling and arching my back in hopes of speeding up her slow grind.

    Dont cum yet, she ordered. Let me know if you think you are close.

    OK. Ill try.

    See that is something else that I have come to love and crave. Thank you for putting your pleasure in my complete control and thank you for suggesting such wild rewards for your good behavior. You have made me think of doing things and you have made me do things I would never have thought of or done on my own. I hope you know that you have created a sexual monster. I hope that you are happy with your creation.

    I am, I moaned. Please let me cum. I am so close.

    She stopped moving at that. I still felt her pussy muscles contract and squeeze my cock. I was convinced that she could make me cum at that point without riding up and down on me.

    Here is what I wanted to make you think about, she continued. Today is the one year anniversary since you last had an orgasm. You have given them up for me and I have agreed to bed a woman for you. Youve gone a whole year. That is a big sacrifice. Ill stick with the bargain. Ive spoken with Sandy and she is willing to help me fulfill your wish. I can make you cum now and you will get to watch us together. But that will start your clock all over. We can go back to a few days of lock up, a few weeks or a few months if you want to repeat some of the items on your list. I know that would be fun but I would sleep with Sandy only once. If that is what you want Ill make you pump me full right now. But, here is a deal I have to offer. If you agree to go for one more year without a Big O, I will promise you that Sandy and I will get together at least a few times a month. She can take over your milking if you want. Youll get to watch us together every time. Just imagine all of that.

    I could do nothing but stare at her and imagine them. And imagine another year without a real climax. I dont know . . . Im not sure I could . . .

    There is more to the deal, she interrupted. I never could have imagined doing this a few years ago. I think you know that. But, if you go for another year, if you give up cuming for me for that much longer, in addition to doing Sandy frequently throughout the year, for your second anniversary of celibacy, I promise that I will do another man. Your first orgasm in two years could be a sloppy second if you want. I know that you would like to see me fuck someone else. You put it on your list and many of your other items had an element of that to them. I know how much you enjoyed it whenever I would compare you unfavorably to my boyfriend. I started to imagine myself doing some young stud and I began to love the idea. I thought you might like it too. So what do you think?

    It took me a minute to comprehend what she had just offered. The first thing I said was, you had better get off of me or I wont have time to think about it.

    She slipped my cock out of her and moved beside me on the bed. My cock flopped onto my belly, erect and an angry shade or purple. It glistened with her juices.

    I turned my head to look into her eyes and I told her that I loved her but that this would be a big step. I told her that I wanted to cum more than anything but that Id have to think about it for the night.

    She agreed that in the morning, if I wanted her to, she would fuck the daylights out of me. She said that it was my decision.

    I told her that Id need a cold shower if I was going to get to sleep. She told me that she would lock me back up if I didnt think I could be good. I promised not to jack off, so I didnt think I needed my belt.

    I spent a long time in the shower. I started with the water as cold as I could stand it and then warmed the water up as hot as I could. I let the spray run down my body and thought about how the last few years had evolved. I was a happy and lucky man. The last year had been difficult but I enjoyed the sexual aggressiveness my wife now exhibited. Could I go another year, I asked myself. I tried to weigh seeing my wife with Sandy once versus seeing them together dozens of times. Wouldnt it be fun to have my wife watch Sandy milk me. Wouldnt that be wonderfully humiliating? What new and creative domination techniques might the two of them cum up with? And ultimately, what would it be like to see my wife making love to another man. Could I handle seeing him put his cock into my wifes body and filling her with his cum after I had not been able to do that for two years?

    I turned off the shower and dried off. My wife had fallen asleep while I was showering. I went to the bedside table and locked my chastity back on. I decided that I wasnt sure I could trust myself tonight. I snuggled into bed behind her and wrapped my hands around her. She always enjoys it when we spoon and she can feel me all locked up and pressing against her.

    I tried to sleep but I couldnt. I finally got up and sat down at the compute to write all of this down. As I have done so, Ive come to realize that before I get to cum again, another man will fill my wife with his seed.

    It is going to be an interesting year.
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    I would love to know more about how it all progressed.
    You are very lucky!
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