New chastity device maker??

Discussion in 'CB Range' started by sissyamber, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Hi everyone.

    I've been lurking around for a good while but never participated in the discussions before. I've had few devices for almost 7 years now (since I was 20) and my most recent is a Neosteel belt.

    What I have in mind is to start making my own chastity devices. Since I'm no computer pro I need some help.
    I'm looking for someone who can make a 3D drawing out of virtually anything and sketch up new ideas from others.
    If you also have the knowledge to make and maintain a website will be appreciated if not I need to find someone else for that.

    This is a big investment for me so my goal will be to make good quality products at competitive prices and specialize in making custom orders. That's all the info I can give at this moment and if things run smoothly I'm expecting the first products to be available next fall.

    If you're interested in this kind of business and have the required skills please feel free to contact me.
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