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    Anyone with a few tools and rudimentaery skills can do this. Total cost about $3.00. It is very effective !! Pic may or may not attach. email if you want it.


    Making a Kali:

    Materials required:

    - Empty or partial empty caulking tube
    - Small piece of hardwood X X 3in.
    - Hacksaw - 3/8 staples and staplegun fine 3 point file
    - Small brass screws - 2 small threaded eyes
    - 1 small brass padlock (that will pass thru eyes)

    Cut 2 lengths from the caulking tube each 1 long . (or 2 3 depending on length of family member to be encased.) . . . . . . .

    Cut one piece so it opens like a C

    Cut the other completely in half (2 pieces).

    With the staple gun, shoot 2 rows of staples well spaced down the length of the C piece. Begin and end the rows in. from the ends.

    When completed, place one of the other half pieces of tube on the outside of the C with the ends lined up. This will leave a gap, but will make it more flexible and easy to close.

    Shoot 3 or more staples thru the two pieces toward the inside to hold it against the back of the first piece. When completed, bend the extruding staples used to attach them flat against the inside of the tube to prevent them from separating. A flat punch may help.

    Do the same to the other piece on the other end. This will leave a gap in the center on the outside to give the tube some flexibility. The outside pieces cover the rows of staples (the backs) earlier placed.

    Now, reach in with the small file and take the sharp points off the staples. If left sharp they may puncture the skin. If this is the goal leave as sharp as you wish using discretion. Believe me the flat surfaces are enough to cause great discomfort.

    Place a block of the wood on the outside at the end and attach by drilling small holes from the inside into the wood and gluing and screwing the blocks in place.

    Do the same with the other end.

    Now, in drilled pilot holes, install the two small eyes in the center of the blocks of wood on the outside. These are the padlock mounts for locking in place.

    You may want to cut 3 pieces from the caulking tube the first to practice making straight rows of staples and getting spacing correct.

    When shooting the rows of staples open the C of tube to a flat position. Either place a sheet of styrofoam or carpet underneath for the staples to enter.

    I have attached loops of leather to the Kali that can be attached to a cord or leather strap around the cock and balls. The ring from a CB 2/3/6 or Curve will also work well and can be locked. This will prevent the Kali from sliding off when no erection is present.

    If the family member to be enclosed is small in diameter, a cable tie zipped around can make it more snug.

    Thats it a home made Kali teeth that is very effective. Enjoy!
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    pictures chould help alot here.
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