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Wait. I have followers? Sep 19, 2021

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Sep 27, 2022 at 4:44 AM
    1. vengash
      Wait. I have followers?
    2. vengash
      I'm getting that pervy feeling again - punishment will surely follow.
    3. vengash
      Chastity Mansion needs a faster server - much faster. I'd be willing to pay a monthly fee for that.
    4. vengash
      I think I'm a sexual & visual fetishist. However, I do enjoy making people happy - giving flowers or baking cookies for someone.
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    Your chastity role:
    • Submissive
    • Other - (Explain in "About You")
    • Vanilla
    • Switch
    Chastity devices:
    The Curve made by CB-X
    Full Disclosure

    It's about my penis.

    Let's just get this out of the way first.

    I enjoy chastity because I get aroused by it. (especially when under the control of a woman) It's nothing more than a sexual fetish with me. Call it augmented masturbation. Or, maybe it's best described as Orgasm DELAY. For the most part I'm mostly a soloist and calling the shots. But, I have given control of my bits to past partners in real life and also online during the past 15 years to a hot and sexy Dominate woman.

    At this time I don't want a relationship with another human being. Intimacy for me is through a computer and the automated pain machines that I've designed.

    Now, if you're still reading, let's continue.

    I'm vengash from I'm a real person who likes chastity - since the 90s. Mostly, I like to use my own inventions and try to make my adventures entertaining to others by producing videos, photos, and writing about experiences - with an occasional tilt toward humor.

    Oh, I suppose I should say that I never use a chastity device. I go by the honor system. Besides, I'm reasonably sure you can defeat many chastity devices anyway.

    That said - I have recently contacted a couple of custom manufacturers asking if they could produce a chastity device large enough to accommodate a full erection. I believe this is how I found Chastity Mansion - Google searches for cages. This forum seemed a bit more modern compared to OrgasmDenial - so I thought I'd join and give it a whirl. Why not?

    I have recently purchased something called The Curve directly from the manufacture CB-X. It isn't something I wear 24/7 or even over night for that matter - at the moment I wear it when I'm getting too fidgety with myself and on the verge of having an accident.

    A little deeper:

    I need fetish devices between intimacy. I need pain to relieve the guilt. I need to repeat these things to relieve some unconscious trauma from the past. I consider it therapy - but, you might see otherwise.

    Your Role in the Chastity Lifestyle:
    • Typically, I say I'm a "switch" - because I do enjoy dominating - although I haven't done much of that at all.
    • I didn't check "Pro Domme" because I'm not making money doing that sort of thing (that's how I interpreted the meaning)
    • Yes, I'd be happy to be your key-holder if you're not incredibly needy or annoying.
    • I don't produce chastity equipment. I produce punishment machines using my hardware skills as an engineer in my real life.
    • Mostly it's Chastity combined with creative genitorture
    • Sex for me is the Punishment Pussy


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