Vinnie and the girls

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    Trio of fun

    I’m Vince 34 and for all intents retired. Let me clarify that.when I say retired, what I mean is that I don’t have to work. I made my fortune in the city, and my successful father passed away when I was 20 leaving an inheritance that will keep me comfortable my entire life. I still do my bit though. I work for an international charity on a freelance basis organising balls and events.

    I was single and enjoying the finer things in life and keeping myself extremely fit. With my wealth comes benefits such as the best parties and nice homes. I was invited to a “special party” by a close friend Tracy. She is an absolute stunner, about 4” shorter that my 5’11” completely extroverted and always dresses to kill. We’d had the odd intimate moment but never anything serious. It was summer when Tracy and I had arranged to go out for a meal at a secluded restaurant. I arrived at her apartment a little early but decided to ring the intercom anyway. She buzzed me in saying that she’d be 20 minutes and to let myself in. As I shut the door Tracy called out from her bedroom that she was having trouble with a zip and could I help. The sight before me was something that started to give me an instant erection. Tracy was dressed in a tight leather bustier with shiny leggings and knee length PVC boots. Trying to do the zip on the back of her bustier. I guess it was the gormless look on my face and growing bulge in my trousers that gave the game away.

    “Now now stud you can get those thoughts out of your head” she said as she looked at me in the mirror.

    I came to my senses, “Sorry but you look absolutely stunning “

    “I aim to please she replied, but this fucking zip is stuck, can you be my knight in shining armour and get it for me. I don’t want us to be late”

    There was a small bit if the material stuck which was easily freed, and as I pulled up the zip to the top I slapped her arse with a jovial

    “There you go Madame “

    All through the evening Tracy mocked me about my face and hard cock back in her apartment.

    I could only apologise but told her it was only a visual compliment, but I liked what I saw.

    “If you like what you see, I’m going to a party next weekend and I think you’d have fun if you came too”

    “What sort of party do you mean and why would I have fun? I replied.

    “Look, don’t ask any questions, but if your open to having your mind and eyes opened, be at my place at 6.00pm on Friday and I promise you a weekend to remember” she said as she got out of the car, laughing as she shut the door.

    I wound down the window just in time to hear

    “See you soon lover boy and here’s one for the VWB” blowing a kiss to me.

    All week I thought about Tracy’s wardrobe at dinner and her invite. What did she mean “weekend to remember”

    Friday arrived and at 6.00pm precisely I pressed the intercom.

    “It’s open” Tracy said.

    As I went in I noticed a strange smell about the apartment but couldn’t put my finger on it. It was slightly chemical but not unpleasant, quite arousing if I was honest.

    I heard Tracy busying herself in the bedroom as she shouted to me to make us a drink and that she’d be right out.

    “Are you ready to have your mind blown and all your dreams come true at the same time” Tracy said as she walked in.

    She wasn’t kidding. A vision in black entered the room. Tracy dressed in a tight red latex catsuit, with a corset over the top. There were no visible zips except between her legs.

    “Oh my fucking god that’s hot. How did you get into that, its sexy beyond words”

    Tracy said that it was a neck entry suit because she doesn’t like anything to spoil the fit. She asked me if I’d ever worn rubber.

    “The only rubber I’ve ever worn was as birth control “ I laughed.

    “Well, tonight lover boy you lose your virginity if you’re open minded.

    I agreed to go along with it as she let out a wickedly sexy chuckle.

    “right then let's get you suitably dressed. Into the bedroom with you”

    As Tracy opened the door the smell was intoxicating. Pungent rubber filled my nostrils. Why was it my cock started to stiffen immediately.

    Tracy opened her closet and picked out a bundle of “black”

    “get those clothes off and I'll help you get into this one “ as she handed me the rubber catsuit.

    10 minutes later and after lots of teasing I was zipped into the shoulder entry suit. The fit was absolutely fantastic. I looked like a black condom with an additional erection sticking out from my waist. There wasn't a wrinkle to be seen and Tracy had rubbed me all over creating a high gloss finish.

    I could tell that Tracy was turned on as well. She was stroking my cock really slowly while I was rubbing her pussy at the same time. She suddenly stopped stroking, as her orgasm erupted and she groaned into my neck, causing goose bumps all over my body. As she slowly came back down to earth, Tracy kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with her tongue. I wanted to bend her over the table and fuck her there and then but I was good and held back.

    “Fancy a drink before we go out, I make a mean cocktail “ Tracy said as we gathered our composure. Of course I agreed.

    Tracy scurried out to the kitchen telling me to put my feet up.

    5 minutes later she returned with 2 tall colourful glasses and handed me one, taking a sip from her glass. The drink was delicious, a mixture of coconut and chocolate with a kick. I started chatting about the party and what to expect. Tracy did her best of ignoring me and changed the subject, saying that she had a male corset that would finish the outfit. Feeling slightly euphoric and fucking horny, I readily agreed, saying that I wouldn’t want it to be too tight but would love to have a try. She explained that it was chlorinated so it would slide over the catsuit easier and make it more comfortable to wear. I was soon laced into a waist cinching rubber corset, then I heard a faint click, but thought nothing of it, little did I know at the time, she had locked a padlock onto a hidden buckle at the back.

    As we left, Tracy said that we had to make a stop on the way to pick up her colleague. I was a bit scared about being seen and recognised outside. Tracy said that as I’ve gone this far and obviously enjoyed it, that she would put a hood on me that would cover my head and face leaving only my eyes uncovered. I had to agree that I was definitely horny so what the fuck, in for a penny in for a pound, and let’s go with the hood. She disappeared into the bedroom and a couple of minutes later she returned. I was told to close my eyes to make it easier to put on the hood, so I obeyed. What I didn’t see was the anaesthetic mask attached to the hood or the lock that was going to secure it to my head. By the time I knew what was happening it was too late and I heard another click of the lock.

    “That looks hot on you” she whispers, stroking my cock again. I was soon at bursting point, only for her to stop short again.

    “Oh fuck!! Don’t stop!! I screamed.
    “I told you to hold on” she said. “Liking the smell of that rubber are you?”

    I have no idea why, but I couldn’t stop myself saying, “not as much as poppers” where the fuck did that come from? I’ve never told anyone that. My ex-girlfriend and I got into poppers which led into light experimenting with bondage and anal play.

    “No shit!! I fucking love poppers” Tracy yelped enthusiastically. “Stay the shit still and wait there, I’ve got an experience for you”.

    She ran into her bedroom and I heard a lot of rustling. A minute later she returned with some things in her hand.

    I was told to close my eyes and trust her, something I found easy to do.

    “Not that I don’t trust you not to look, I’m gonna put a blindfold over your eyes” Tracy whispered in my ear.

    Soon blinded, I could feel Tracy pulling at the mask over my nose and mouth, I guessed she was attaching something.

    Suddenly I had the first whiff of poppers. My head was spinning and my heart thumping. My cock wanted to explode but it couldn’t. I’m fucking horny, and with the poppers whizzing around my head didn’t help the situation. I gradually relaxed and heard Tracy telling me to stand up and lift one foot off the ground. I felt myself stepping into something rubbery. The other foot soon followed and the garment was pulled over my hips. She tugged at my cockade I felt it being pulled through a hole. Tracy then told me to put out my arms so she could help me with a jacket to go out in. I willingly obliged. My arms slid down into the sleeves but I couldn’t feel the ends. Tracy leaned into me bending me forward as I felt her doing up a buckle. Whatever this thing was, I wasn’t gonna get out of it anyway soon. That’s when the thing started to get tight. Tracy was doing up a zip at the back. As it got tighter, my arms were stuck. She suddenly forced my arms across my body, giving myself a tight hug. That’s when I felt her adjust some straps around my back. The straitjacket was snug. My arms giving me a secure hug, and my hard cock fastened in a rubber tube. Why was I so fucking horny.

    “I’ll adjust the drip rate for a while and let you enjoy a nice trip. While I finish a few things off. Oh, wonder why you’re feeling so fucking horny, coz I think you are, it’s because that cocktail you had was laced with viagra, and a small dose of E’s”. Tracy said.

    The poppers kicked in and I was in heaven once again. I closed my eyes and was having a wonderful dream when I heard Tracy enter the room. She was wearing a full faced gas mask attached to a rubber hood. She was wheeling a cart with two cylinders strapped to it and some black hoses coming from it. 2 were attached to her mask and another two were loose.

    I vaguely heard her say that she wanted to have my cock first, but Katie FaceTimed her and saw what Tracy was doing and ordered her to put on the “punishment mask”. I looked puzzled while Tracy explained that Katie sometimes took on the dominant role and tonight was one of those times.

    “While I was getting ready, Katie contacted me, told me to bring the iPad in here so she could see what was going on. I had disobeyed her order not allowing me to get you high. So she’s coming over straight away. I’m sorry but you are part of the punishment too. These cylinders are nitrous oxide and oxygen. The delivery system is remote controlled and Katie has the button”.

    Tracy went on to explain that she has been ordered to attach both of us to the system then lock her hands behind her back and lower herself onto my hard cock. If she managed to make me cum then she would be forgiven. She turned around and bent over. There was a metal plug in her ass, with a purple gem on the end.

    “This is my other punishment. It has to stay in until Katie gets here.”

    Tracy busied herself beside me, adding my hoses to the cylinders. Then she screwed a small bottle to the underside of the system.

    “This is a bottle of poppers, it’s now integrated into our hoods and we will get a constant whiff, regardless whether the gas is on or not. It’s drawn into our masks through a demand valve on the control unit. “

    As soon as Tracy started to tighten the bottle, my head began to spin. God only knew what it was doing for her concentration. Within a couple of arduous minutes and a fair amount of fumbling, Tracy had tightened both sets of hoses to the control unit and turned on both cylinders fully. The oxygen was constant but the nitrous oxide was controlled by Katie at her whim. Tracy began to slowly stroke my cock. There was no way that fucker was going soft. When she was satisfied that I was hard enough, she cuffed her hands behind her back with magnetically locking heavy leather wrist cuffs, secured to her corset. Then she positioned herself over the head of my cock and slowly lowered her dripping wet pussy onto me. Letting out a long sigh as she fully embedded herself on me, she began to slowly rock back and forward. No sooner had she started, she slumped forward.

    “You bitch” I heard her say as the gas took hold of her and she fell into a relaxed slumber.

    I was stuck, as horny as fuck, rock hard cock deep inside Tracy’s pussy, and totally helpless and completely unable to move. I sat like this for what seemed an eternity, but was probably no more than five minutes and the smell in my mask changed. It was a slightly sweet musty smell, with a background smell of rubber. My head began to spin even more and my ears began to ring. Sounds became a bit distant and muffled. Then darkness hit me.

    I have no idea how long I was asleep for but I was having the most erotic dream about these two women. I gradually became aware of voices, one was Tracy for sure, I had to guess that the other voice belonged to Katie.

    Tracy was saying sorry and begging forgiveness. I was sat in a chair, that I was sure about. I couldn’t move a muscle. Something had me pinned. Feet, legs, thighs, hips, waist chest, absolutely everything was strapped down. I was blindfolded and a tight hood covered my head. It felt a bit thicker at the ears, but that could be my imagination. I was suddenly plunged into absolute silence. It was if someone had pulled a switch and turned it off. I was still hooked up to the machine I guess, because I was constantly smelling poppers. In pitch black and total silence, I felt very vulnerable, I have no idea how long I was left in total isolation. Someone was tugging at the hood, my head was pulled backwards and tightly strapped to the back of the chair, there was something stopping me moving my head in any direction, then I felt something touching my cock, I couldn’t be sure what it was because it felt cold, as if my cock was numb. Sound suddenly came flooding back into my ears.

    It was Katie, she explained the situation I was in, how struggling was totally useless. She said the reason that my cock seemed cold was that it was anaesthetised, she didn’t want me to feel pain as she gave me a piercing. She was so right, struggling? Absolutely no way.

    5 minutes later, “there we go, done” she said. That’s not coming off without some serious tools.

    The mixture changed in the mask, it was sweet but not overpowering. I became insanely horny, and completely addicted to it. My mind was a total fog, as horny as fuck, as high as a kite, and completely locked down.

    Katie’s voice changed, it seemed slower and sexier, soft music played in the background, directly into my ears, no other noise at all. As she talked I started to relax, listening to every word she said. She was telling to picture in my minds eye, something and somewhere that I enjoyed doing. I couldn’t get the here and now out of my mind, and slowly I drifted off to sleep. She kept on telling me how much I loved rubber and bondage, how I wanted it every day, that I wanted to be locked in chastity, and be allowed to get an erection when she said I could. As I started to wake up, I was aware that I wanted to listen to her voice like this more and more. I was hooked. As she snapped her fingers I was wide awake.

    Feeling the straps being undone, I was glad to be able to move once again. Katie and Tracy were guiding me across the room. They left the hood tightly laced to my head, although still pitch black, I could hear what was going on. I was still covered head to toe in latex, sweating my fucking bollocks off. I was instructed to lie down on something soft and comfortable. It felt like a mattress but it was on the floor. Getting comfy, I spread my arms and legs out a bit, like a snow fairy. That’s when I felt a very slight weight all over my body, and before I noticed what it was, it was too late. The zip was fastened, and the air was being sucked out. It was a fucking vac-bed. In an instant, I was stuck once again. These girls were having their fun at my expense. One thing they didn’t stop was the euphoria I was feeling.

    Katie’s sexy voice started again.

    “Vinnie, we have a proposition for you. Knowing that you are stuck now should not have any influence on your final decision. “

    She said that her and Tracy have been bisexual lovers for over 5 years, and that they have been wanting to find an open minded third person to live their life with them, and that they feel that I was the person that they would love to live with. That, if I was in agreement, I was to remain perfectly still for the next 5 minutes, if I wanted to back out, and that they would be heartbroken but fully understand, I was to struggle within the 5 minutes. I have no idea how long I laid perfectly still, it seemed a split second. Then I heard Tracy speaking right in my ear.

    “Oh lover boy, you’ve made two very kinky, horny girls extremely happy, we’re gonna make a great family.”

    I was let out of the vac-bed only to see my cock locked in a chastity cage. I couldn’t see any lock to undo, and no way of getting it off. They had indeed pierced my cock, and a bar went through the end and into the Chasity device, I couldn’t even pull it out of the back. It was fucking stuck. Katie was definitely taking the lead here. She told me that she would keep it numb while it all healed, but it would stay locked on until it does, and that should take a few weeks. Although horrified, it was totally beyond my control anyway. I knew I wouldn’t be using it anyway, since it had to heal whatever. So I just accepted my fate. That didn’t stop the. Teasing the fuck out of me while it did heal.

    Give them their due, they did keep to their word and had me locked, tied, strapped, gassed and teased every day. Each day, Katie or Tracy would lock the thick hood on me, and play the soft music and voices into my ears. Gradually, they were hypnotising me to love whatever they were doing to me.

    By the end of the “few” weeks, which actually turned out to be six. I was let out of the chastity cage. I had a hard on within seconds. I was led to the vac bed and eagerly got in. My cock was pulled through the sheath, which only leaves the head and half of the shaft exposed, which means that the seal isn’t broken when the vacuum is switched off and suction isn’t lost. I was teased relentlessly for well over an hour. Finally exploding my load into someone’s welcoming mouth, just as they switched on the nitrous, and my world went blank.

    That was 7 years ago. We are all still together. We agreed years ago that none of us were at all family orientated. The girls were not maternal, and we all love the life we are living.

    Continued in “Vinnie takes control….sort of”
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