TW (blood) urethral opening not always lined up

Discussion in 'Difficulties with wearing a device?' started by Galacticsurveyor, Jul 3, 2020.

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    1. I went to pee without checking if I was lined up. I wasn’t my head had slipped back just a tad and my opening was against a bar.
    I got to pee and it’s powerful feeling with some burn and I stop. I notice I can’t find my hole. I pull the cage away from me a little to alleviate pressure and find it and pee is just rushing out me without even pushing. Some minor blood that I’m gonna chalk up to the pressure build up.
    if anybody has info on the urethral blockage/blood situation let me know.

    Im wearing the cherry keeper short. It fits well. At this point, would you say go with a headlock to fix that? Go smaller? Other options to guarantee or close to guarantee I’m facing the opening so this doesn’t happen again?

    tl;dr I need my urethra opening to face the correct way always.

    Uploaded pic to see how you think about sizing. You can see even on the short my head isn’t feeling the entire space out.

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