Tom, the Irish Angel

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    Tom, The Irish Angel

    I wasnt always a size queen, and certainly, I wasnt a wanton slut for black cock. Not menot this demure little girl from the Deep South. But things change, and now, Im both. This is the story of how it happened.

    I first cuckolded my hubby over 25 years ago. At the time, I thought it was without his knowledge. (I still think it was, but things have happened since then that makes me question it). We married after college and both of us went to workhim as a young engineer, and me as a college administrative assistant. We still partied when we could with a lot of (mostly his) single friends. After about a year our honeymoon fire extinguished, and our sex life went out with it. He worked a lot, including at night, and I still wanted frequent sex, but wasnt getting it. Dont get me wrong, I loved hubbys ambition and the income, but I thought 3 times a week for newlyweds wasnt asking for too much. I was lucky to get it once a week, and a quickie at that.

    One Saturday we were invited to a picnic at the lake by some of his single buddies. We rode out there in his friend Johns new royal blue Chevy sedanme in the back seat sandwiched between Tom and Rob, and hubby in the passenger seat next to John. Tom was a tall Irish redhead, a sort of boyish Tom Selleck without the mustache. Rob was a little shorter, but broad shouldered with a typical fraternity guy looksquare head, soft belly, buzz cut, wolfish smile. And then there was John. John was black, the shortest of all three, but cute as a button, compact solid lean muscle, built like a steel safe. (I believe he was a fullback in high school, but as I found out later, there was nothing little about him where it counted).

    John wanted to show off his new Chevy, and there were a lot of curves in the winding road to the lake so he took them like an Indy racecar driver. We werent wearing seatbelts in those days so I was sliding back and forth, pressing and rubbing up against Tom and Rob on every curve. They didnt seem to mind, and we were giggling like school kids. I wore a short little strapless sky-blue terry cloth cover-up for my two-piece white bikini and it was hard to keep the bottom from riding up and the top from slipping down. And, of course, Tom and Rob got a great view of lots of leg, not to mention the rubbing and pressing up against each other on every curve. They were also trying to sneak peeks of my boobs when they could. All this made me hot and wet, but I wasnt too worried because I had the bikini swimsuit on underneath.

    The talk in the front seat started getting a little sexy and John mentioned a hot little number named Tammy to my hubby that he saw at the last party and how he would like to get into her panties. My hubby was laughing and acting quite the stud, which I knew to be different of course, and he said, Why, if I werent married to Julie, Id bet $100 that I would get there before you.

    This infuriated me, and out of a combination of pent-up frustration and arousal I blurted out, Well if you dont start doing me more often, Im going to find someone else who will! My hubby turned around and looked back at me in shock. He was speechless and so were the other guys. Except for a little laugh from John, we drove the rest of the way in awkward silence, my hubby staring straight ahead at the road.

    The rest of the day was uneventful. The guys didnt want to look like they were flirting with me in front of hubby, so they were sort of standoffish. But, I was the only girl there and they were still trying to sneak looks and they loved it when my bikini top slipped down when I tried to ski behind the boat.

    It was all good fun, but guess who called me the next day? If you guessed Tom and Rob, youre right! And if you guessed John, youre still righthe called me a week later!

    They all wanted the same thing: to help me in my time of need! They knew that my hubby worked a lot and they offered to come over or to meet me somewherediscreetly of courseto keep me company. It was the least they could do!

    I was scared but excited at the same time. What if hubby found out? I was on the pill and we didnt have any children, and I knew that hubby was a passive and non-violent person. I felt that the worst that could happen was that he would ask for a divorce. At that time I had my own job, and besides, the way things were going, I thought maybe that wouldnt be the end of the world. It wasnt that he was mean, or that I hated him or anything like that, it was just the fact that he neglected my sexual needs, which at the time were prodigious. If I had to be a single girl again, so what? Even my lecherous boss at the college was hitting on me!

    So I decided to take the chance. I chose Tom. He was the cutest of the three, had a good sense of humor, and was in between girlfriends. I washed my hair, shaved my legs silky smooth, applied some bright red lipstick and gloss, and then simply dressed to kill: pleated mini-skirt, revealing (partially unbuttoned) white blouse, black heels, lace-top black hose, garters, lace panties and allwent to his apartment while hubby was working late. (I didnt want Tom coming to our apartment since there was a slight chance hubby might come home early). I waited until dark so no one would see me visiting him. Tom gasped when he saw me and actually hugged me at the door! I got turned-on and wet immediately.

    After a couple of drinks and some flirty conversation one thing led to another. He was very romantic. He dimmed the lights, put on some soft music, and we started kissing and making out on his leather sofa. His hands caressed my sensitive legs, and then went under my blouse. After unbuttoning it, he soon had my blouse and bra off and started sucking and licking my nipples (something I love!) going from one to the other keeping them constantly erect. (It made me laugh because it reminded me of those plate spinner performers who try to keep all the plates spinning at once). Then he French kissed me as he removed my skirt and slipped off my panties. I helped him and also grabbed at his shirt and pants to urge him to get them off while we continued to stay locked in a wet kiss. When his cock finally popped out, it was one of my first wow moments. Yes, he was bigger than hubbyprobably two or three inches longer about a half inch thicker with a cute upward bend to it. (Of course, I found out later that my hubby is considerably below average at about 4 inches erect, so Tom wasnt really as gigantic as I thought at the timemaybe a little above average). All the kissing, caressing, undressing, and nipple play had put into my slut state and I grabbed his cock and started licking and sucking it while he rubbed my pussy and clit with his long fingers. His big cock felt really good in my hand and tasted good toospongy, but hard with a shiny circumcised purple head and a nice dribble of pre-cum. Finally, he pulled me down on the sofa, spread my legs, and rubbed his cockhead on my wet pussy to tease me. He asked if I really wanted it. What a time! What a question!

    I looked right into his eyes and said, Yes, yes, I want it Tom, please put it in me now. When his big cockhead popped past my entrance, I thought that I would orgasm right then! Then, he began teasing me again by pulling it out and pushing it back in only an inch or two. He asked me if I was sure that I still wanted it and I said, God, yes, pleeeease. Yes, I really, really want it in me, right now! Please Tom!

    Then he plunged in very slowly, until I could feel his balls against my pussy lips, and he started rotating, grinding against my pubic bone and up high on my clit. I started squirming and moaning, and then bucking and humping like a wild woman with my legs wrapped around him tightly to keep him from pulling out again. I had never felt so uninhibited and lusty. Maybe it was the naughtiness of it, but it was soooo erotic! I had a couple of the most satisfying toe-curling orgasms ever.

    Oh, Id had some orgasms with hubby, but never from his cock alone, and never like this. I needed a lot of my own finger actionhis licking helped too when he had the energy to do it. Sometimes he left me high and dry after he came and he gave me a towel and just rolled over and fell asleep! (That was years before I had a pocket-rocket to cure that!)

    Tom not only didnt fall asleep, he kept on kissing me and did me again while kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. It was like a dreamone Ive had many times sincewhere a sweet red-haired angel boy makes love to me all night, leading me from one uncontrollable orgasm to the next in a continuous blur of dreamy sensuality.

    As we lay there cuddling on the sofa talking in whispers I thought, Oh my God, I married the wrong man! (Of course, this turned out not to be true, as I probably couldnt have had the funnot to mention the incomeIve had in the intervening years with anyone but my dear cuckold hubby).

    I know this is pretty tame, but it got me wet from re-living it. If theres interest from the group maybe I could be coaxed into telling about my experience with Rob, then my first going black with John, and what happened when my hubby eventually found out (or, at least admitted that he knew).

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