The Trap - One night that changed Steven's life

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    Here is my first ever real story, let me know what you think. Work in progress :)

    Chapter 1: The trap

    Caroline was chatting with her best friend, Susan, over a Cosmopolitan at the bar when she saw them walk in from the corner of her eyes. A group of four young guys, who probably just came from their annual company Christmas party and had one drink too many already. Susan saw them as well, and said “Oh here we go again, drunk bankers who think they are the kings of the world. How long do you think until we have the pleasure of meeting them?” “Five minutes, max.” Caroline answered.

    And indeed, they headed straight for the bar and, after receiving a drink from the very annoyed bartender, they scanned their room for prey. One of them immediately got stuck with his gaze on Caroline, who was indeed a sight to behold. She wore a dark copper shiny dress that hugged her body perfectly. Her shoulders and neck were completely exposed, you could even see the dimples above her butt. She had her legs crossed so the short dress didn’t give it all away, her right foot dangling playfully in the air and showcasing her new high heels. “Here he comes”, Susan said, and Caroline smiled devilish “Let’s see how he fares”.

    Indeed, Steve made his way over to the two girls, shooting a “I got this” wink back at his mates on the way there. He introduced himself very overconfidently and drunk. “Hello Ladies, the wait is over, here I am”, he said. “We can unfortunately see that”, Caroline answered. “I am Steve, nice to meet you”, Steve said and held out his Rolex-clad hand towards Caroline, who ignored it and just said “Hi Steve”. Susan smiled at Caroline and they exchanged a knowing look.

    Steve was visibly confused by this, he was used to more excited reactions from New York’s golddigger girls in the bars he frequented. “My friends here” – he pointed at the drunk bunch he came in with – “and me just celebrated a big deal we closed on today”. “So now you are looking to close on one more deal tonight, is that right Steve?” asked Caroline smilingly. Steve smiled broadly “well, this one would be even sweeter than the one we did with the company”. “I bet it would be Steve”, Caroline said, still smiling. “You know, we are at this huge trading company, and the deal today nets all of us a huge bonus, so I would like to celebrate. Can I get you a drink?” Caroline pointed at her still full glass “How about you get Susan a drink? This is Susan by the way, you must have forgotten to introduce yourself, and while we are discussing what the evening might hold for both of us, let’s at least get Susan a drink to go with the show”, Caroline said. Susan laughed out loudly, and Steve blushed slightly. “Oh, uh, sorry, hi, I am Steve, what do you want to drink?”. Susan, still laughing, also introduced herself and ordered another Cosmopolitan. She knew how badly Steve was misjudging the situation and was waiting for how badly this would end for him.

    Steve just had a sudden realization “You never told me your name”, he said towards Caroline. “Caroline”, she answered. “Pleased to meet you, Steve”. He was now smiling again and already imagined Caroline stepping out of her dress in his hotel room. “So, Caroline, what do you do for a living?” he asked. He was expecting the usual – Influencer, Yoga Teacher, Fashion designer etc. – and didn’t really listen. “I am a Dominatrix Steve”, Caroline said. Due to him not really listening, he coughed on his drink “I am sorry, did you say you were a Dominatrix?” he confirmed. “Yes Steve, you understood that right. Is that scaring you, Steve?” she asked playfully. She could feel him sizing her up, she was a petite girl of around 1,70m, very fit but not very scary. “So, uhm, you tie old guys up and give them a handjob?” Steve asked. “Yes Steve, that is basically what a dominatrix does, it pays good money”, Caroline answered. “I do like to show boys who is boss”, she said, smiling. His overconfidence was visible, she could tell how he didn’t take her seriously. “Well, I like to be boss in bed”, Steve replied. “I bet you wouldn’t command me around”.

    There it was. Now she knew she had him. “Well, have you ever been tied up by girl? Don’t hate what you have never tried Steve, maybe you like it. You know, I could tie you onto the bed and then slowly tease you…..all night”. With this, she gently tapped her foot against his crotch and felt a rock hard erection “well well well, looks like someone likes the idea”, she said. Susan was also smiling broadly at this point. “Well, uh, no, I have never tried it, but if I don’t like it then…” She interrupted him “…then you could still do to me what you want, tell you what, this is making me really horny by now, you are hot Steve”. Susan giggled silently while Caroline stood up and touched Steve’s chest and rubber her leg in his crotch.

    He looked over to his friends, who gave him a thumbs up. “Tell you what Steve, why don’t we go to my place, we can play there all night without being disturbed and I have a bed huge enough for the three of us – or don’t you want Susan to join?”. Steve couldn’t believe it – Jackpot. “Let’s go”, he shouted, and payed the bills for all three of them. They walked out, Steve in the middle, one girl on each side, under the jealous eyes of his coworkers.

    Caroline told the drive the address to her place and Steve still couldn’t believe his luck. He was sitting between those two bombshells on the way to a night of an amazing threesome. “You know, this dominatrix stuff is probably cool and all but I don’t believe that girls can really dominate a guy” he slurred. Susan shot Caroline a knowing wink. “We are much stronger, and hunters, while women stayed at home” he continued his downfall. “I mean, if we are fucking, I can throw you around like I want”, he said. “That’s what I love”, Caroline lied. “when a strong man really throws me around”. She massaged his rock hard erection through the pants.

    They arrived at her place, and Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a full fledged dungeon, not what he had expected. “Wow, this is your place?” he asked. “Well, you got a nice corner office I bet, and this is my office”, she smiled. “Now Steve, ready for something new?” “Hell yes” he said. Caroline kissed him wildly while Susan massaged his cock. “Now Steve, how about you have a look around while we slip into something more….fitting….to make your first dominatrix visit more realistic?” “Don’t be too long!” he shouted, while the girls disappeared into a small room full of clothes. “He is overconfident and cocky” Susan said “How badly do you want to fuck him over?” “All the way”, Caroline replied. They both laughed and changed into their workwear. In this case, this meant a black latex catsuit for Susan. She left the zipper open just wide enough to showcase her clevage nicely. Caroline decided for a black leather dress and red overknee stiletto boots. “Guess this should make him drool” Caroline said. “Let’s go break a new toy in”, Susan laughed.

    They came out to Steve just curiously holding a whip in his hand. “Don’t you dare whip me”, he said, before turning around and taking in the view. “Oh my god you look ho..” “SHUT UP, STRIP” Caroline bellowed. Steve was confused, but even more confused how he stripped somehow automatically to his underwear. “Did I say “to your underwear”, Steve? I said strip.” Caroline asked. He smiled and took of his boxers, revealing a raging erection. And something else - a prince albert piercing. “Now look at this Caroline, he is pierced”, Susan exclaimed. Caroline gave the piercing a slight flick with her finger “now this is hot Steve” she said. “It makes the girls scream in pleasure” he exclaimed. “Oh this will give us a lot of pleasure Steve, I am sure of that” Caroline snickered. “Now Steve, here is how this will go. We give orders, you follow. You want the real experience before fucking us, right?” “I guess?” he replied. “Wrong answer” Caroline gave him a playful slap “It’s yes Mistress. Have you understood that?” “Yes” He got another slap. “Yes, Mistress” he replied quickly. His erection was betraying him, this was really hot and nothing what I had ever experienced before. “Now, on your knees, Slave” Susan ordered. For some reason, he immediately followed orders “Yes Mistress”. “Good boy”, Susan said, and gave his cock a playful stroke. It was rock hard. #

    In the meantime Caroline fixed a leather collar around his neck. “A good slave has a collar, so Mistress can drag him around during sex, don’t you think so Slave?” “Yes Mistress” he replied. She clipped a leash into his collar and dragged it. “Follow me, slave. On all fours”. He obliged and was lead around the dungeon. “Give my heels a nice kiss Slave” she ordered. He kissed both heels and got even hornier. “Stand up. Arms stretched out”. He stood up and stretched his arms out in front of him. Susan locked a metal cuff around each wrist, then got on her knees. She looked up at him and licked his penis once. He was twitching and shivering. Then she proceeded to lock ankle cuffs on him as well. “Do you like this, Slave?” Caroline asked. “Y-yes mistress.”. Steve was shivering. “Then you wouldn’t want this to end, slave?” she asked. “N-no Mistress”. “Goooood boooy!” she replied, gleamingly. She gently pushed him backwards against a cross. “This is what we use for making sure our slaves don’t stop us from playing with them, you don’t want us to stop teasing you, don’t you?” “Never, Mistress”, he replied. “Very good”, Caroline said, while fixing his arms to the cross while Susan took care of his legs. Now he stood spread out like an X, unable to move more than wiggle. Susan also fixed additional belts around his legs, arms, torso and neck. Now he was only able to wiggle a little bit, couldn’t turn his head and was at their mercy.

    Susan and Caroline looked at their work “Well, he is excited, don’t you think?” Susan asked. Caroline looked at his raging erection “I think he likes it”. “Well, shall we begin Susan?” she asked. “Definitely”. She went off behind Steve’s back and he couldn’t see what she was doing.

    Caroline stood in front of Steve and started speaking “Well Steve, here is the point where this evening takes a turn. You know, I thought it was really rude how you talked about throwing girls around and how we could never dominate you”. “Well I didn’t..” “SHUT UP”. He immediately shut up. “You see Steve, girls are not as strong as you, but we are smart. And one thing that always lures the prey into it’s demise is a nice trap. In this case, would you think that the promise of a threesome with the two of us was a good enough trap to capture an arrogant young jock?” “I … I don’t understand…” Steve stammered. “You will soon enough” Caroline continued. “JACKPOT” Susan shouted. Steve tried to turn his head but couldn’t move it one centimeter. He heard Susan return behind his back and suddenly had his phone in front of his face. To his horror, it unlocked. “Face-ID”. Susan said. “Very secure. Unless you are tied up”. Steve shouted “hey, woah, put my phone down and untie me, what the fuck, you bitch”. He stopped talking the second he felt searing pain in his side and heard a crack. “What the fu…” Another one. “This is a caddle prod Steve. This was level ten of fifty. Keep talking and you can try them all” Caroline said. “Come on you…”. Zapp. “Level 15”. Searing pain shot through him. “Ok what do you want? Money?” He asked. Zapp. “Level 18”. He was on the brink of passing out. “Steve, how about you shut up and let us do the talking?”. He shut up. “There, all done” Susan said triumphantly. “All security measures disabled, no more unlocking the phone, Face-ID or Fingerprints. Steve’s face turned to horror as she pointed the phone towards him and he heard the camera shutter. “Just some memories for Facebook or LinkedIn Steve” she said, laughing like mad. “STOP THIS SHI—” ZAPP. He saw stars in front of his eyes and couldn’t move for a second. “That was level 20. The next sound you make WILL make you pass out Steve”. He looked at Caroline in Horror. “Now, Steve, Susan here will now change your passwords for basically your life. Facebook, Linkedin, your Mail, your bank account, you name it. Your will be locked out of EVERYTHING. Us, however, will have access”. Susan showed Steve his Linkedin, Tinder, Facebook etc.. Then she opened his banking app. “My my Steve, looks like you are loaded. Tell you what, for your rude behavious, let’s make a donation”. He watched her send 500 USD to a charity supporting women who have falling victim to sexual violence. “See Steve, doesn’t that feel GOOD?” He nodded. “You may speak now, but choose your words carefully” Caroline said and pointed at the cattle prod.

    Steve needed a moment and then started “Well….I am sorry if I was rude to you, I didn’t mean to…I was drunk and you were so hot so…” ZAPP – he sumped in his bonds. “Poor choice of words Steve. It looks like you are objectifying women still and only take us for human fleshlights. Well, time for some measurements against that”. At just this moment the doorbell rang. Susan ran off to the door. In came a girl in skintight dress, highheels and fishnets. She wore a lot of makeup and had long blonde hair. She walked towards Caroline and got on her knees. “Good girl. This is Tamara Steve. Tamara, meet Steve”. “Hello Steve”, Tamara said, with a voice that sounded a bit off. “As you might have noticed, Tamara is a crossdresser. She used to be a tough guy, like you Steve. Then, Susan and me convinced her, that women are the stronger sex. Tamara, didn’t you forget something?” “Of course Mistress”. Tamara opened her purse and handed Caroline a stack of dollar bills. “This is this week’s revenue from clients”. She said. “See Steve, Tamara here is now a famous Onlyfans model and also meets clients in person for live shows and….favors.” Caroline said. “Tamara, would you like to explain to them what happened?” “I was a lawyer once, a long time ago” Tamara said. “Then I met these two kind Mistresses who helped me live a better life. I fought it at first, which cost me my job and professional reputation as well as my house and car. Now I live in a small apartment and live as a woman, making Onlyfans shows for a living and sometimes service clients. The mistresses are kind enough to give me a little allowance from the money I make”.

    Steve shuddered and looked at Tamara in horror. “Now, Tamara, honey, can you help us with Steve here? You remember what we do, right?” “Of course Mistress. Shall I begin?” “Yes dear”. Tamara came towards Steve and whispered into his ear “I am sorry”. Then she started applying lipstick to his face and fetched a wig for him. He tried to shake his head but it didn’t work, he was helpless. Susan in the meantime grabbed a red ballgag and shoved it in his mouth. “Silence is golden, my dear”, she laughed. In the meantime, Tamara reached around him and fixed a bra to his chest with padding. Susan was still taking pictures. “And now Tamara, for the really good stuff.” Caroline said. Steve watched in horror as Tamara got on her knees and started sucking him off, despite his dick not being erect any more from the fear. He mumbled into his gag, but no real words came out. Susan took more pictures and videos, making sure to take closeups of his face. Then she brought his wallet and took pictures of his drivers ID, sometimes holding it next to his face to make sure he was easily identifyable. “Tamara, stop”. Caroline ordered. “We have enough”. “I will quickly go upload these pictures to the cloud”, Susan said. “Just to be sure”. Steve was in horror – what was happening, how did he end up like this? What do these women want from him?

    “Now Steve, can I quickly sum up where we are right now” Caroline said. “We have your name, ID, access to all your social media, bank accounts, we have videos of you in drag being sucked off by a crossdresser. One could argue we have you by the balls, is that right Steve? Nod.” He nodded. She continued “As you can see, we do not want your money. What we want is to turn you into a better human being. A man who respects women. Do we want to turn you into someone like Tamara? Maybe, but she ended up this way because she didn’t listen or learn. We have also learned from her training, so the last three slaves were much easier to train”. Steve panicked even more – they do this frequently!

    “Tamara, get his cage. PA version.” “Yes mistress”. Tamara started doing something to his penis but he couldn’t see what she was doing. He felt his Prince Albert piercing been taken out though. Caroline continued: “Steve, I do not wish you harm. I want to help you become the best version of yourself. Right now you are a cocky young rich guy who treats women as sex dolls. This has to stop. We have looked at your Tinder as well, you have apparently broken quite a lot of girl’s hearts by promising them true love and then ghosting them after sex. This is unacceptable. We will now ensure this doesn’t happen again”. Tamara returned with a little cart. “See Steve, those are chastity belts. There are many versions – penis cages” She pointed at some small metal objects “or full belts” She held up something that looked like a medieval metal unterpant with a string in the back. “You see, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Full belts are very restrictive but take a long time to get used to. They are great for the psychological breaking of a man, he won’t see his penis and have a female crotch” Steve was in full panic mode now. “These devices here are called a ball trap device. They go around your balls with this ring and your penis goes into this shaft. However, they are not very secure, you can easily pull out the back most of the times. UNLESS of course….” She smiled at him “UNLESS you have a piercing. A prince albert piercing for example”.

    Tamara looked at him with pitiful eyes. He was fighting in his bonds. “Stop struggling, this is happening. If you keep fighting I will even brand you, and this is no joke. Tamara, show.” Tamara obliged and pulled up her dress. Steve couldn’t believe his eyes. She had a huge C branded on her buttock and a tattoo that read “Slave Tamara” and “Mistress Caroline” tattooed over her crotch. Her Penis was in a tiny metal device without a visible lock. “I was not joking Steve. This is what happens when you don’t follow orders. Let’s not let it come to this Steve. Tamara, hurry up!”. Tamara did something to his penis, then he felt the touch of cold metal, both around his balls, encasing his cock and then suddenly going through his piercing. “Now would you have guessed, Steve, you are so lucky! One of my slave’s old cages fits you perfectly. This should be comfortable – well as comfortable as it gets”.

    Susan returned and smiled. “All set up, including security”. She turned to Steve “See Steve, the pictures and information I collected are all safely in the cloud now. Funny what you can do with computers, for example you can set up a script that automatically posts these informations and pictures on Reddit, BDSMLR, Twitter, hell, even 4chan and LinkedIn unless someone enters a password and resets the timer for another week. Crazy, isn’t it Steve? Now, where does that leave us? Well, for starters, you can have your phone back. Some things you need to know. First of all, there is parental control software on it that allows us to track your GPS, monitor what you do, see random screenshots of what you do and limit your internet access. Secondly, all your passwords are now “IobeymistresscarolineandmistresssusanorIgetexposed” – rolls right off the tongue eh? Our little script also checks if any of these passwords change, in case they do…..big Oops Steve. You will be famous. I wouldn’t want to be you when it happens.”

    Steve was crying at this point. Caroline took over: “Now we have your cock locked up” she released the belt around his neck “take a look at it. It’s a titanium cage with a little pin through your piercing so you can’t pull out. Erections won’t be possible any more, if you get one, it will hurt. Masturbation and Sex are of course out of the question, and so is peeing standing up. We want you to stop focusing on your penis Steve, it is time to focus on your character. So now, you are surely confused, scared and wondering what will be next. Do you want to bribe us? Do you want to call the cops? Surely someone must be willing to help you…..but Steve, take a long hard look at Tamara darling here. She thought the same thoughts and acted on them, now she blows truckers for 5 USD on rest stops. Think carefully and act even more careful once you are released. Speaking of being released, it is time for you to go now Steve. However, not like this of course”.

    Susan started undoing his bondage and took off his collar and cuffs. He tugged at his penis cage in disbelief – it didn’t move a bit. “Now Steve, I think you might have learned your first lesson today. But to really – drive it home” she laughed “it’s time to get dressed”. She held out a pink dress in front of him. “You have two choices. Naked or in a dress”. He reluctantly took the dress and put it on. He looked hilarious and was ashamed of himself. “Now Steve, there is a taxi waiting outside, which will drop you three blocks from your apartment. You better walk quickly after that….men are praying on girls in short dresses. Oh, Steve, just a gentle reminder. If you take a cab after this one, we will be able to tell…GPS and such. You don’t want to do this. We have programmed our numbers into your phone and added you to a chat group, if you get an order, you follow it. Five minutes without confirmation means serious punishment, make sure to be able to hear your phone, always! Understood?” “Yes Mistress” he stammered. “Good. Get out now.”

    He stumbled out of the building and into the waiting cab. “Rough nite man?” the driver asked. “Drive please…” Steve said, before starting to cry uncontrollably.
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