Preparing for New Year’s Evening 2023 (episode 1)

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    Sorry if any mistakes, english is no my mother tongue

    This story is the continuation of (reality) fiction «a very good New Year Evening»
    My name is Sarah, I am 24 and my husband is 26. I have been controlling his orgasms and erections for 3 years using a chastity cage. This cage was set up when he confessed to me being addicted to porn sites and masturbation.
    I have 3 friends, Marie, Jennifer and Pamela with whom I am very close, we share many very intimate things and on my advice, they also introduced the chastity cage in their couples. Sometimes for the same reasons as me, sometimes for other reasons.
    We spent late 2022, an excellent New Year’s Evening (see «a very good New Year Evening» and then, we subjected our husbands, throughout the year, to quite intense emotions in groups most often, or sometimes alone.
    Over the past few months, we have met an American couple, Pamela and her husband, who have also been practicing chastity for a long time. This couple allowed us to discover the site They are older than us and have a great experience. We kept in touch and exchange messages, photos and videos on a common WhatsApp account.
    In our group, all women know that men are in cages, none of the men know that other men are in cages.
    We decided to meet again for the New Year Evening at the end of 2023.
    Pamela suggested that we reveal to all the men that they are all in cages on New Year’s Evening. We would like to show them that they are at our mercy, under our control, in our service.
    For that, there is a preparation work to organize the dinner, the meal, the decoration… This is a job for women, but Pamela also suggested that we prepare our husbands as well, it’s also a job for women. Decidedly we must do everything

    In early December, Pamela sent us the preparation program for our husbands to prepare the next New Year’s Evening.
    The instructions were very precise
    - Tie your husband to your bed, arms and legs wide apart, leaving his cage
    - Leave alone for 20-30 minutes, let his mind warm up.
    - Put on your heel shoes and come back making as much noise as possible with your shoes, this usually excites them well
    - When you return, remove the cage.
    - Whisper in your husband’s ear, “ask me to shave your sex and purses and take a picture of you when shaved.”
    - If he refuses, leave him alone again for 20-30 minutes.
    - When you return whisper the same request… in case of refusal leave 30 minutes, do this until he asks you...for my husband, I made three round trips
    - When he finally asks you to shave and take a picture of him, make him repeat this very loud request
    - I advise you to make a small souvenir photo of his sex with his hair before shaving, please post it on WhatsApp
    - Use the trimmer, razor … to give him a nice smooth sex
    - Take the photo he asked for and send to WhatsApp right away, we want to follow this live
    - As a reward, give him a ruined orgasm by collecting the sperm on a plate.
    - Then do the tricky part, ask him to lick the plate
    - If refused, offer to choose between
    I’ll send the pictures to my friends
    Or you clean the plate, immediately and without saying my experience, in general the plate is very quickly cleaned
    - Put the cage back on and release your husband

    Pamela asked us to do this two or three times between the first and the 15th of December.

    From December 15, no orgasm will be allowed in order to have husbands very excited but also very obedient. And a day or two before New Year’s Evening, a final shaving session must take place in order to have beautiful, well-shaved sexes for the New Year.

    So we followed exactly Pamela’s instructions, we knew what the other women were doing using the photos sent to our WhatsApp account. I must say that it was quite exciting to see our husbands so humiliated without them knowing that we all followed their «preparation» practically live.

    From December 15, the only orgasms allowed will be ours, and I think there will be a lot. However, the cages will remain closed...
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    Sounds like you have a great idea going there
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